Stone Ledger Install

How to install stone ledger on a wall.
Here are the tools and materials you’ll need to install stone ledger on a wall.
Step 1, prep. Cover the current floor with red rosin paper for protection. Install
half inch backer board over sheetrock. Sheetrock is not strong enough to hold
stone ledger. Be sure to screw the backer board into the wall stud. Measure and dry
lay the stone ledger before installing to be sure they fit the space. Use a damp
sponge to clean off the backer board and ledger, before installation and during
installation, to ensure that the mortar will adhere to the surface. Make a level
chalk line on the wall where the first ledger will be placed. Using a horseshoe
spacer at the bottom of the ledger will help ensure that they’re level. Step 2:
mix the mortar. Before you begin, be sure to read all the technical data sheets
and instructions on the packaging. Pour Ultraflex LFT in correct amounts with
water into a bucket, while slowly mixing. Use a ruby paddle set at a low RPM to
mix the mortar to a peanut butter consistency. Let mixture stand for five
minutes. If mortar becomes stiff, remix without
adding any water. Step 3: Install Back butter the stone ledger with a trowel,
using the notched side. If you are installing on a wall with no
exposed corners, begin at the bottom of the wall and work from left to right. If
you are installing on a wall with corners, begin with the first corner
ledger and place at the bottom of the wall. After you place each stone on the
wall, gently tap into place with a mallet, then
level the stone using spacers if needed. Once the first corner ledger is in place
continue with the flat pieces until the first row is complete.
Repeat this process, always beginning the new row with the corner ledger. No grout
is needed for stone ledger. Let stone set for 24 hours. Step 4: Seal Use miracle
enhancing sealer to seal the stone. Pour sealer into the applicator bottle and
spray directly on the wall. Find a variety of options at your local Floor
& Decor or at

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