Stocks Tokenized? Secret To $1Trillion Cryptocurrency Market Cap? Bitcoin BTC Price, Trading, News

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hit our first target for over thirty four percent profit on a day that the
market was pretty much sideways thirty-four percent profit so that means
for every $100 you put it that’s thirty four dollars in profit in 12 hours now
let’s get started with some technical analysis though because we do have some
stuff to cover and what could be leading up to an exciting period for Bitcoin and
cryptocurrencies overall one thing to know that I do right here we are trading
inside well first of all we are trading inside a range that we have seen since
all the way back here so what’s going on is we enter this range here and it looks
like for the moment we are we could be just trading in this range which a lot
of people are calling the no trade zone because of how volatile and how
uncertain crypto currency and bitcoin is acting right now a lot of people are
holding off trading because of being in this region however another thing we
can note is right here which is that prices are starting to get small price
difference are starting to get smaller and smart we are entering the edge of
this wedge right here which could lead us to a significant amount of volatility
now if it’s gonna go up it’s gonna go down that’s where things get interesting
and that’s obviously the million-dollar question well as a trader in this region
what I’d like to do is to react to what the market gives me so I’m not going to
prematurely jump into something try to predict a direction that is honestly
pretty hard to predict at certain times I rather sit down wait till something
happens and then trade according to that but what we could see obviously is we
have the neckline of the inverse head and shoulders which following over here
we’ve been following for some time now it’s not a perfect formation but still
it is something that counts a lot of people are saying the volume is also
something that’s pretty low that is true we’re leading up to the weekend as well
which usually sees even lower volume so it’s going to be interesting to see what
Bitcoin can do in this region however a break from here could bring us up to 1
we hit the resistance um that we’ve previously seen over here right we went
to the resistance we peaked up over here start to correct that down so we have a
resistance that we know and we drew as this red rectangle right here they’re
roughly around 3,800 to 3,900 to around 3,900 let’s just say that around 3900 to
3950 now the neckline of the inverse and shoulders that’s going to act as very
very strong resistance and we also have the daily moving averages which I don’t
have drawn right here coming down as well so that’s something to keep in mind
there’s a lot of resistance in order for Bitcoin and what the Bulls need they
need to break a lot of resistance in order to go up and make what would be
hopefully eventually a higher high because as of right now and something I
do want to point out the reason although there is a lot of interesting patterns
forming and something you know that’s definitely exciting for people to look
forward to one thing we have not done yet is create a higher high and this
goes all the way back if we go to the daily this goes all the way back to when
the Bull Run and so if we zoom out all the way here what
pattern do we see right here as of right now over here or very similar we’re
seeing right now over here all we did was make lower highs over and over and
over again that’s really all we did was just make lower highs and although every
single one of these times that we saw this people started to get bullish again
there was eventually another drop and a lower high was made it’s something that
repeated its cycle over and over again and we saw people get excited every
single time now the reason we have to keep this in mind is because that’s
something we are seeing now yet again before we turn bullish we are going to
have to see her before we officially turn bullish we are going to have to see
Bitcoin make a higher high eventually because looking at it right now all
we’ve seen and I’ve said this before is making lower high and lower high and
what maybe would have been another lower high so it definitely is still room
although people stopped talking about as much for us to see a further drop
there’s no indication that we have entered a bullish valley now everything
would line up perfectly if we do break the neckline resistance over here and
shoot our way back up that would be really cool to see it would officially
give us a higher high which would be something we can use moving forward but
as of right now in the mid term I still think there is room to drop and I think
it’s way too early for anyone to be calling anything in this market bullish
already like I said there’s some interesting patterns but until we do
finish the EM the inverse head and shoulders and we breakout then there is
no full pattern then we haven’t completed this pattern so it’s not there
quite yet so something to keep in mind again we’ve seen this stuff happen
before we’ve seen these patterns happen before it’s important to stay up to date
with what’s going on but as you guys love seeing the technical analysis I’m
trying to bring them in for you on the day-to-day now let’s move on though
because there’s a lot of interesting things number one well Bloomberg is but
is flashing a buy signal for crypto currencies now take this with a grain of
salt because a lot of the times they get this pretty wrong a lot of people who
are commenting on this aren’t really educated enough to comment on it because
they called XRP for example a vine I don’t remember which exact source it was
it those bloom or if it was CNBC or whatever it was but
they called XRP a bi at three dollars and 20 cents and then and they called it
a sell at like 80 cents or 47 whatever it may be either way
well they pretty much just told you to buy high and sell low at that point
which was not a good idea on their part looking at the overall market cap though
129 just under 100 130 billion dollars in market cap with a 51.3% Bitcoin
dominance now like I said was a relatively sideways day in the market
not too much happening a little bit of a drop we see a little more red than green
however a lot of them are very very small percentage and that’s where
leverage trading comes in handy because even though you might have a small
percent gain on here with a leveraged trade you can make up to thirty four
percent profit like like we did with like Cornell etherium looks to have
claimed at the number two spot over X RP for the meantime being up over a billion
dollars as of right now they’re bowing etherium just been outperforming a ton
of crip those crazy crazy outperforming cryptos very very cool to see for
aetherium supporters and holders however like I said previously and I’m gonna
open it up right here for you guys is the fact that x RP is true market cap
being shown on yahoo factoring in everything is thirty five point six
billion not not not the fourteen billion that’s being shown when market cap so
aetherium has passed on point market cap has officially passed x RP well on in
terms of the real market cap of x RP well it’s still it’s still a ways away
if it could double it if there’s more cap a double right now and it still
wouldn’t be at x RP s– true market cap so one thing to keep in mind how the you
know news can be a little bit manipulated here and there they can
suppress certain things and so on well they’re using coin market cap as the you
know the source of market caps however clearly they have been hiding some
effects are peas market cap well good news for x RP as well they have five new
base pairs added five x RP base pairs on bit true so cool to see right there but
that’s not the exciting part i think this is something guys are gonna be a
lot more interested in that’s the secret for a one trillion
dollar crypto market and the secret is very very simple
keep building and this is gonna tie in greatly with what happened in 2018 what
happened in 2018 were prices corrected to what I believe they should have been
that we should have never had the pump that happened in 2017 although it was
great although we’ve got a lot of people into the market although it got you know
a lot of excitement built up we saw 2018 be the year of correction
that’s because things were not built things were not put in place for that
amount of people for that amount of action and exposure at the end of 2017
so the secret to a one trillion dollar market cap and something a trillion
dollar mark F that we can maintain and not see a dump from was we almost gone
to a trillion dollars a lot of people thought we were gonna go to a trillion
dollars we were at the 800 billions before crashing all the way back down to
where we are right now at just over or just under 130 billion now the secret
from building a 1 trillion dollar crypto market and keeping a 1 trillion dollar
crypto market is building putting the things in right places development you
know further adoption all that’s going to play in in 2018 although did not
reflect it in prices was a phenomenal year in terms of adoption building and
overall growth for the market so I wanted to keep in mind I know prices are
down we started 2019 we’re hoping 2019 can be a little bit more bullish than
2018 but 2018 was a very important year year that had to happen in a year that a
lot of people should not try to forget they should remember it as the year of
the building of building what is eventually going to be and what could be
eventually a much higher than a trillion dollar crypto market cap also looking at
these stocks that are going to be tokenized
on a theory ins block chain well looks like Apple Google Facebook Amazon Tesla
are just some of them there’s going to be I believe 10 right now and this comes
from Dax exchange now we’ve talked about this previously haven’t heard about it
in some time well now they’re in the news again saying well basically a new
startup based in Estonia has stated that they will begin allowing the buying and
selling of tokenized stocks starting this Monday so it’s very very soon these
stocks are going to be back to one to one with real stocks which is what the
co o @dx exchange has said now this article didn’t manage to reach out to
them and get a comment but they did obviously go on the website
in local it’s about I believe like I said ten different stocks are going to
be offered at first those included our Apple Google Facebook Amazon I think the
one that most people have picked up on is Tesla so Tesla and other NASDAQ
stocks to be tokenized they eventually do want to move this into the New York
Stock Exchange as well and this is pretty cool for people especially
outside the US who want to be able to invest in this and out that’s why I want
to ask you guys right now is this something do you think this is good do
you think this is something that you would use let me know that in the
comments down below obviously stocks have not been
performing the best recently we can’t say anything we’re obviously in the
crypto market but for everyone who is looking down and everyone who is
commenting on on crypto as before how are your retirement funds doing now for
the most part as most people know you shouldn’t invest in something more than
you’re willing to lose so I’m hoping most people don’t have their whole
retirement fund in cryptocurrency because that would be a very very
high-risk play that I would not recommend anyone do don’t sell your
house for crypto that’s not a good idea either but I will say that a lot of
people do have their retirements fully in stocks and well when stock market
does what it’s looking like it’s doing right now what it has been doing the
last few weeks things could get pretty interesting I know apples down over 40%
since just a few months ago Amazon obviously was at 2000 jumped to like
1,300 now its back at 1500 so you know that’s that’s a lot of volatility
happening in stock I want to know what you guys think if you would use this if
you think this is good let me know that in the comments down below I’d love to
hear your guys thoughts on like I said they’re going to be um they’re going to
be allowing ten renowned nasdaq listed companies those are going to be Apple
Facebook Tesla and so on like we’ve already said and they look to be adding
more from the New York Stock Exchange and so on in the future as well so
pretty cool to see lastly but not least over overstock which has been one of the
earliest adopters of crypto bleeding start accepting Bitcoin payments in like
2014 which is good for them now they’re going to pay a portion of their taxes
using Bitcoin in Ohio so further giving a little bit more exposure to the elbow
to to the overall market obviously no one likes paying taxes but
they’re going to be paying a portion of it using Bitcoin that’s gonna be for the
news hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up
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  2. Stock tokenization sounds like a great idea for those who can't afford to buy whole shares of companies like Google, Amazon, Tesla and other high priced stocks.

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