1. I think this is my favorite of all games still I love the old version and so many great ways to win! thanks for posting and great hits!

  2. Really nice on buffalo jackpot. I have to try this machine if I can find it. Looks fun. Thx for posting, congrats on JP for Stinky Rich. 👍👍👍🌹🌹

  3. I watch you on here… I think the other guy not subscribed to you. I think he was BS you ? I been subscribed to you for a long time… I do not always comment…lol…. Nice wins…

  4. Oooh whee Sarah!! Im SO glad u got a good machine for a change. I love your videos and I'm ALWAYS rooting for u to win some BIG moolah!!

  5. We played at Comanche Red River Casino in Oklahoma just across the border from Burkburnet ,Texas/Wichita Falls area
    It amazzes me that you are playing that 4 corners/wonder 4 machine at the amount you are playing and cant hit a jackpot bonus or more super bonus play
    I have played these and really enjoy this machine but same thing ,cant get anything but the free play .Seems they do the same all over even in Louisiana and all over Oklahoma
    The Stampede power machine,I played for the first time Thursday night the 11th of Jan 2018
    Ran a 100.00 thru it and nothing in return. Played it again Friday morning roughly 6 hours latter and it was a different story
    Started out at 3.52 and went down. It started hitting and I finally moved up to 880 a pull
    and then down . Hit several times for 160.00 to 180.00
    Pullling at 1.76 and hit for 400 and then at 5.28 for a 900 major jackpot
    That put me up to 2400.00
    I played back down to 1500 and never got another big hit
    Once it does start hitting it really did great
    Seems the free spins and the buffalo bonus came more often at the higher play amount of 5.28 and 8.80 with the one I played
    The Major on yours had been hit as it starts at 800.00 and yours was only at 810
    Mine was at 903 or more .Once I hit that ,it started taking more than giving
    So watch these and see where the minor is and maybe the major
    Enjoyed watching

  6. I would love to go live and play only .25/50 3 coin machines I do enjoy triple double diamond,is this even possible?

  7. CHECK OUT THESE HUGE JACKPOTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg9lHolr45Q&list=PLFoBm1w25gNyeVFFvy1fihYviZrlDMgVR

  8. Hey wow nice hits very enjoyable to watch look like my channel you win them and lose them congratulations

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