greetings to you if you have ever caught yourself thinking that the time to discover the blockchain technology and understand the crypto topic has come then please accept my congratulations this piece is just the one you need in this video you will learn more about the studyin platform speaking figuratively step in is similar to a subscription service which gives the user a toolkit aimed at facilitating the work with the blockchain world and crypto portfolio manager has the leading place here it is now let’s see how the manager works the system resembles an aggregator where in a single window you get the immediate access to all the top exchanges across the world in the US Asia Europe Japan and other countries specifically you get access to their orders thanks to this you can buy or sell cryptocurrency at the best rates for example we want to buy some ether for Manero press the button enter the amount in that’s it the system will choose the best orders by itself the system is buying BTC on two exchanges with separate orders then selling it for ether on the hit BTC exchange and finally redirecting the asset to our account moreover you can find the available analytics in the same window graphics price changes and other relevant information by the way on the topic of information it is no secret that even the most experienced pros from any sphere need to upgrade their skills from time to time in the crypto world the mean is constant therefore the next product from the bundle is step iam Academy each subscriber gets unlimited access to online lessons where we review and study the most relevant topics from the world of crypto currencies and the blockchain and not only from there in addition to the lessons you get access to one more informational tool which we call news feed let me show you how it works this is your window to the world of crypto news newsfeed constantly monitors the information landscape collects and then broadcasts all important news dedicated to the blockchain without repetition the necessity to go through tons of links and even with the ability to track the news about specific currencies you’re interested in finally the club de PM team has designed an affiliate program that so far has no analogues in the world here any user has the opportunity to earn a cryptocurrency for helping to develop the platform and sometimes these rewards can bring more profits than trading of course this is only the tip of the iceberg and a brief overview of the main functionality of the platform you’ll still have a lot of exciting and most importantly useful things to discover so see you in step you good bye

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