Step Away From The Trading!

You know what’s frustrating? When you copy a guy … The second you copy
him “Booom” he starts losing money. All the other months, green, it’s green! Last 11 months, 12 months, everything green
– big green bars, that looked good, you start copying him and booom he’s losing… What can you do, you know. His statistics are good, the guy’s a good trader,
he’s diversified, he’s got an overall sort of good system. It just so happens that sometimes you copy
a dude, or a lady, and they start losing money – there’s nothing you can really do about
it, you’ve just to kind of wait for it to pick up again… I guess. It’s the weekend. It’s Saturday. Thank God that cryptos can still be traded
on Saturday. I remember before cryptos could be traded
it was like the Saturday and Sunday – the weekend was this barren desert of non-tradiness. Cryptos kind of took care of that, but, at
the moment cryptos are consolidating. Consolidation is another thing – very useful,
it’s when the stock’s going sideways – it’s not going up, it’s not going down, it’s going
sideways. Really good, can support, you know, form support for the future, but it’s boring. It’s frustrating. And I can sit there for like hours watching
a consolidating stock do nothing in price, and I’ll just sit there clicking around for
hours, you know, reading about the stock but it’s doing nothing for now… Like I used to think, obviously trading is
something really active – when you’re trading you’re like ‘buy’ ‘sell’ ‘buy’ ‘sell’ and
all the rest of it. Sometimes it’s not though, sometimes it’s
just boring as hell, sometimes you just have to watch … Especially when you copy people
because you sort of put your money on and that’s it – once your money’s on, you’re just
like watching “Did it go up?” “Did it go down?” and that can become really tedious, you know, you can like just sort of sit there clicking for hours just watching
– has it changed at all … And generally people will make money slowly. You know, they’re not going to like “yeaaaaaaah
I’m rich in like 2 weeks” or a month or even 2 months. They make money slowly, so you’ve kind of
got to have something to do – I mean I know that copytrading is kind of for people who
want to not be active, who want to not be engaged, but it’s weird because I kind of,
I really – I love copytrading, I don’t have enough experience, I want to copytrade, these
people are amazing, thank you Jay, thank you to the others, but sometimes it’s boring,
because I can’t trade myself. Which is why I think I keep getting sucked
back in, you know, and trying to do it myself. But in the meantime whilst I’m not doing that,
I guess I just have to find other things to do, like this – come out, make videos, look
around. It’s October, it’s October in Malta and I’m
still wearing shorts – that’s magnificent… In England I’d be a popsicle by now, I’d be
blue, there’d be police all round me, I’d be a dead man if I was wearing shorts in October. But thank you Malta, it’s still nice, it’s
still cool, I can still run around. But sometimes you have to pry yourself away
– I have to pry myself away, you know. Find something to do – it’s hard to let go,
just step out, you know. Set your stop loss, set your take profit,
whatever you want. Go outside, do stuff, meet friends – get a
life, you know. I have to do other stuff during that. Make videos I guess … Keeps me busy. Find something else to do, because I can just spend hours clicking. I do nothing, I’ve spent 6 hours “Trading”
– I’ve done absolutely nothing. My Rite Aid trade… what’s up with Rite Aid! How boring is that, you know, I’ve had it
open for two and a half months, and it’s just, it’s sitting there you know, I thought it
was going to make a loss, saw the support level, I put my stop losses low … And now
I’m just waiting for it to go back up. Like loads of money’s tied up in that. There’s nothing I can do! I just have to wait… It’s really, it’s frustrating but it’s kind
of… I’ve got $60 in fees because I used a lot
of leverage. what do I do? I can’t sort of you know, force the Rite Aid
board to get better at their job, or force people to go and buy from Rite Aid in the
states. What I have to do is wait. And it’s frustrating, you need to learn patience. I think it was Warren Buffet who said trading
is like the transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient. So, patience is difficult, patience is difficult,
I want to be clicking and trading and doing something, you know. I mean, when I’m on a stock or when I’m in
a trade, sometimes you know it’s going up – it’s exciting… Even when it’s going down it can be exciting
– you’re engaged, you don’t want to lose money so you’re engaged. Sometimes when it’s completely flat it’s a
bit boring… I guess that’s the gambler in me again. See… I’m going to turn this camera around and just
show you what I’m looking at, just hold on quickly. This is what I’m looking at… If you’re going to do nothing somewhere, this
is a pretty good place to do it really. Water just got me …

18 thoughts on “Step Away From The Trading!”

  1. nice video as always mate!
    You know, maybe you could explain to me how refunds work, it get that when you open a leveraged position you pay fees, but when you're selling, doest matter leverage, you get refunds! I just can't understand..


  2. Now, Malta looks like my next place of choice. Just gotta keep the green rising, jump on a plane and there I am.

  3. Nice video! Malta looks lovely. Haha I totally get the struggle – even when I'm out – in my mind I am planning and strategically thinking about my trades. So true about the weekends and cryptos – at the weekend all focus is on cryptos, and yah it's so boring when it's ranging – going through a channel, everyone is frustrated – and it's like – go down even – so then you can go back up again. Haha So yeh I totally agree about having other things to focus on – and things to do. Because most of the time trading is about controlling your own psychology and emotion, and being very very patient. A trader on YouTube said – ranging is a very good sign that a big move is coming soon.

  4. I know what you mean. ever since I started trading this year. Its always about trading. makes me feel like a small child again. Only solution is keeping busy outdoors. 
    btw, have you ever heard of this trader, currently eToro is not allowing anyone to copy him/her. I think because of the killer gains.

  5. im new to buying stocks. i dont want to do short term trading i want to be buying stocks and shares for the long term. can i do that on etoro??

  6. It's indeed very hard not to watch your investments all the time…
    But as Warren Buffet said, "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."
    I sure know on what side of that equation I want to be.
    Also, could you make a video that describes the withdrawal process for eToro? I think a lot of people don't know how exactly that works
    – thanks 🙂

  7. Same here with Fastik, with Jay, with Tobias (great traders)… I started copying them in September too, and they are still (mid Nov) all in the red, after ~1 year of green… What a luck we have eh.

  8. Etoro had a log in error about an hour ago and having just put in some money I panicked, no wait……I crapped myself.
    It is resolved now but I had started searching the internet and found your videos.
    Your relaxed manner really helped and the stuff you explained really opened my eyes to what it is I have got into.
    I have not invested much but It is a lot to my family. Can you imagine trying to explain it to them if all this goes wrong?
    Basically you got another subscriber because You were actually helpful. Thanks.

  9. We got to go on a trip together one day mate.. but before we do, stop copying traders, and trade your own method ,for real mate…cheers!!

  10. Bro your a guy who should live for many years .I have been following your vedeos bat bro I real like you big up.

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