StellarX – A New Cryptocurrency Exchange with Zero Fees

hey everyone I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend what I'd like to do in this video is show you a brand new crypto currency exchange called Stella X this is a new exchange as I see it as a new exchange and one of the back out a the biggest selling points about this is that they don't have any fees which is obviously very unique for in exchange so I want to show you the exchange and just show you the design etc and then I want to show you the art article that they publish to the co-creator called question he published an article on the blog and on medium I want to show you that article because a big stone work you know what they're all about and all that but before we do that let's have a look at that to exchange I will hate my webcam so it's not anyway so this is the actual exchange and you see like a landing page etc when you're not logged in but once you log then you know I tried to go back to the home page I couldn't show you that and but when you're logged then you see the markets page and you can see those although it tokens here rapo aetherium cava corinne litecoin euros and you can a photo that's at the top of the page here you've got old tokens crypto theater those fiat tethers native tokens and there's a wallet and there's activity and you can see the deposit and withdraw buttons at the very top as well I like how they've integrated oldest have got the news from the blog at the top right there and of course you know a chat box which they're calling a troll box and I have to agree with them there and okay because bitcoin OC bitcoin foster right we are we first coin I can thank also I've got a photo that's why I couldn't see Bitcoin now they're all markets all tokens take me to bed coin right in so when you click onto a coin or token this is what you'll see you'll see the unit place by insulin or that the left hand side you see the line chart the candle stuck on all that and you've got the order book and there so that the buy and sell orders there and then you've got the recent raise the right hand side what the true box underneath as far as the design goes this is certainly one of the best exchanges I've seen is from a design point of view I really do think as I think it looks fantastic I really I'm a big fan of these kind of Manimal stay or you know kind of wait clean designs but you know from a web design point of view I was a design was always Anita I struggled with but I you know when I see a design I like and I do like it I think they've done really well with a weight nicotine it contrasts well with the weight so it's a very clean design yeah it looks great as I said I have been using this a long time only saying up to it 30 minutes ago I haven't deposited I haven't dead any trades yeah I'm really just browsing around right now but you can see they've got tokens and Fiat air those as well so this fiat currency there's this capital currencies that's like talking see it as well now and the article which I'm about to show you they talk about how in the future that may add stocks and shares and real estate and a lot of other things as well so yeah it's no but looks like that you know they're trying to do something quite big here so the publish an article on the blog host illa X will take over the road and they posted on medium as well things the same article so it doesn't matter where I go here so that's was posted by the co-creator of still at X so saying yeah we're fairly open just been up 24 hours a so that was yesterday by the looks of it um so here okay so here that says I'm showing my webcomic in so I can wave so it says here that Stella X is free but a totally free trading platform now this is what I'm going to be the thing that creates a lot of a change and this is what's gonna cause a lotta noise most exchanges aren't free UUP a percentage for your trays and you pee when you when you withdraw your money as well they're saying here that they take no fees and even above that we defined own network course now I don't know how that I actually gotta do this you know you know obviously the business model I don't know what they're doing in the background maybe they were charging coins to last maybe that's how they're going to make money but yeah certainly interesting what they're doing here and because most exchanges charge a fee for some charge there's a few that charge you for deposits a not much but you know the deposit fee small amount goes ideal but with trophies are a big thing you have to get you know there's a serum withdrawal lemma and you know there's a fee for that and obviously you get charged the percentage of the trees well but not here but don't know how they're doing about here so it says here we are here for a car we are here to redefine how assets move are in the world interesting and we let you treat the anything Stella Dex is a real fear on-ramp a first for a decentralized platform if you have a US bank account you can deposit dollars directly via e CH straight and save that up so yesyes you can a today issue tokens for euros fell upon Philippine pesos Nigerian nida I'm not sure about so you producer Chinese yarn Hong Kong dollar and the British Pound and we'll add an app deposits withdrawals for those for these as students that actually support our standards so yeah it looks like they're going to add a lot more fiat currencies in the future um Marcus transparent transparent for tree those transparent for Israel's a Stella has a bear weight rate so the total but here is a Widow's it here ray okay and we realize that nobody really wants to think about compliance is probably block chains last six see what her platform enables or discourages that has massive effects i'm almost every other platform devices basic truth does gentleman in order to launch the big dollar stable coin had to write the underlying aetherium contract teller and to generate and implement it to lose every photo totally change the implementation right so they'll scene still has a pair we we get that no no your customer as a thing in the world we also understand that smart contracts at the wrong place to bear a fundamental information we allow issuers f they still require to impose no your customer requirements before a person can't read the token we gave holders human readable information about what they own so they can make decisions for themselves to for will the promise of a universal platform and formation as to flow freely between holders and assures no one is going to issue stock over to the blockchain otherwise aim in a warm color India as that they're kind of calling our other exchanges and the fact that they hide a lot of terms or conditions and you know what they're really doing and they're hiding it and the terms and conditions you know we don't in the bottom and they've trying to be a little bit more transparent about that by the looks of it and which is which is good if they are going to actually do that that's very very good and I would support that um we'll see what happens yeah but it says it ain't here coming soon to Stella X late mode I'm available site for great justice continue the improvement to sign up on building a visual design improve talking starts and in fall male speaker multi signature suppor non Elks excellent markets and up deposit with no support for all tokens right I'm I'm sky cleanup scam through a lot out there but my first impressions of this exchange I would see are very positive now obviously when our new exchange launches most of the time you know it's kind of rough around the edges it's a work in progress and that you know I think it makes sense to launch a new crypto currency exchange that is rough around a rough around the edges because they are trying to find the feet they are I need to find themselves and there's a lot of things that they want a taste and try the you know you really need to launch and get it going to then see what problems you have to face from a design point of view I think this exchange looks fantastic seems quick they seem to be quite transparent that's what they're trying to do and that's all no fee thing yes that's obviously going to be extremely popular no not everyone is going to like this design a you know I like cleaner way of designs but I do realize the front PT there's a lot of agree and but they are gonna add what did they say they're gonna add up an eighth mode so it's gonna be a black yeah so they'll have a black background with that but yeah design wise I think it looks really good and it's really well designed and they'll all say they want to support a lawyer fiat currencies and a lot of tokens as well and in the future stocks shields real estate and you know God knows where else so yeah I don't know too much about that stuff from honest guys I've legs I've read the blog post I've signed up to have an Aussie around but my first impressions over a positive so yeah looks like a good exchange I'll leave a link to the blog post and you know the medium one as well you can pick which one to read the exactly the same and I'll leave a link to to the to the website am I talking about heads up master day and what would I do actually as log out just so that you can see the P so when you're actually seen up to it this is what you will see so I had to log there so you can see the speech this is a landing page and when you go to the steel etics website this is what you'll see and you can see all Isis peer-to-peer response tailors Universal order book fast and actually free market maker rewards and then you've got join up now and Chase Utley after you find a possibility that tells you how long it takes to Clark look that will take 10 seconds to collect this password so just you know how to random characters here we go 37 years try and beat that guy's so then I think the website design is well looks really good so leave a link to the stay Linux website check out guys let me know what you think about it as I planned new exchange but I'll definitely keep tabs on this over the next few months and I'll see what they add because it looks like they're balls they're obviously backed by a lot of money and great off the bar you know that they've set a very high standard for them to fall so the design looks great the support our law coins and talking so yeah well let's see what happens and let's see what does say you know how that's actually an fluencies a the capital Constitution because obviously they're not charging any fees there's a lot of other other exchanges the other I'm gonna take a notice with that and maybe this will you know maybe I'll clear shake up I don't know let me know what you think about it anyway guys please don't leave a comment below and I'll speak to y'all and the next one cheers guys

7 thoughts on “StellarX – A New Cryptocurrency Exchange with Zero Fees”

  1. This is right from their website. Since they are holding 5% of the lumens they will potentially make money by driving the demand of XLM higher.

    " covers operational costs in several ways:

    5% of the initial lumens are set aside for operational costs. accepts tax-deductible donations from the public.
    We received an initial infusion of funding from the payments startup Stripe. Our corporate donors include BlackRock,, and FastForward."

  2. I was skeptical at first as well, but I read some more and found that it's created by Stellar Lumens (XLM), currently the number 6 currency on coinmarketcap. They have a great project with lots of backing and I'm doubtful they would be up to anything shady with this.
    I'm thinking this could be a project by them to help increase adoption and also get more people rallying around their own network/XLM. It also dishes out a nice shot to Ripple(xrp), their main competitor.
    I'm currently not a holder of XLM, but now I'm thinking about getting some.

  3. Seems interesting, but I'm skeptical about the free trading. I just don't see a way that they can operate an exchange with no fees involved in trading especially in terms of refunding transaction fees for withdrawals etc. The nice user interface and questionable inner workings resembles a scam, so until there's more information about the business and how it actually works I'm not going to use it. But if everything checks out, it seems like a good idea.

  4. Without having done any research about this exchange myself, I think a fee-less exchange with a well designed front end is a massive red flag. Me personally, I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. Maybe i'm just jaded from being in this space.

  5. Hiya Kev good video iv had a look at StellarX it's promising and the fact it's GBP Friendly from the start is a good thing, Obviously it's just new so aint many coins at the mo but this can only (hopefully grow over time, Only problem is are they "100% Free"? I'm wary they will charge us some how or somewhere along the line that old saying "If it's too good to be true, it's probably not real!

    I googled StellarX to see where they are based (Uk, Eu Or US Etc) found "Stellar Protocol" I take it "StellarX" and "Stellar Protocol" are related? and checked "Stellar Protocol" their Wiki

    and found this…

    In 2014, Jed McCaleb, founder of Mt. Gox and co-founder of Ripple, launched the network system Stellar with former lawyer Joyce Kim"

    and found this on the StellarX site…

    What’s the relationship between Stellar and StellarX?
    StellarX is a third-party client built on top of Stellar’s open marketplace. We’re made and run by Interstellar, a new company formed to make building and operating on Stellar even easier. Interstellar is an independent commercial entity and not affiliated with Stellar Development Foundation.

    "Interstellar" is a new company who runs it? and it's not affiliated with "Stellar Development Foundation"?

    I could have it wrong but it dose look like they are related and any Ex Mt. Gox people's involvement in this project is a concern tbh and after the MT. Gox carry on can anything good come of something Mt. Gox are involved in? If Mt. Gox are involved with this exchange after the MT. Gox Exchange i'l give it all a miss.

    If StellarX is Not affiliated with Mt. Gox or any of it's "employers or Company Reps etc" then by all means worth a shot though

    Cheers again Kev

  6. Not so sure I’m so trusting of any business that offers a service when there is no business model, how do they cover the hosting costs/maintenance/design/technical support? Beware false gods 🙂 I’ll stick with But thanks for the video the site does look nice, clean and simplistic tho.

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