Stellar (XLM) To Coinbase & Take Over Ripple In The Charts!

hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and I was just eating an apple you know just reading through the news because operating our news but not reporting on so much because I've just been so busy with everything and um you know it's always the gettin news first and then reporting everything that you can um but this article is so important that I just went out of my way to just go ahead and talk about it because if you look at the title right now you can already see what is going on right there and I guess this is made do to a certain certain development that has been going on this is this one right here stellar lumens coinbase you can see the coin based posted something Queen Mays is exploring a lot of them you can see credo no bat stellar the Z Z classic where Z cash I don't even know and ZRX you can see that there in here and yeah it's actually see cash by the way but it's so interesting and there's a lot of video coming today about Cardano because that's one of our favorite coins but what I saw in the disc or just now which made me laugh which is a little statement about where it's drawn it's over a good quarter will be in there I mean it's actually a funny statement that I just wanted to get out of the way there alright so one of the global leading traditional money transferring companies tempo is working on a world scale cryptocurrency payment network to do so stellar lumens open source decentralized protocol that runs the token xlm is used to support the system and by doing so tempo is not just trying to make exchange is easy but also faster and obviously this is a direct runner up against the popular crypto startup ripple and it's cross-border payment solutions so hopefully you guys cannot hear the planes in the background there's actually quite a lot of them but otherwise who would have to move I guess like 7 feet to close a window but um yeah hopefully it's not too annoying for you guys alright so stellar at lumens – tip no what's this thing called and like and Dutch is just a stray pea I don't know what it's called in English like this stripe like a – is like a space part right or is that is dis dis – or is like a I don't understad Ashe whatever or – based in Paris and reaching across the whole globe tempo with the use of stellar decentralized exchange decks to achieve the needed liquidity wants to be the lead in crypto payments Network networks the project runs on the idea to make crypto to Fiat exchanging simpler stellar Dex is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange functions on top of the seller network as it's based off operation as its base of operations so we already know that the stellar network is a very good base for things like this and here we can see now that still our Dex is gonna be understand our networks gonna be a very cool thing and their goal is to make crypto – Fiat exchanging simpler easier faster cheaper most likely all of that and I see a very good potential in this market or I guess this little niche right there of the crypto – Fiat exchanging because there's still a lot of issues there's still a lot of debate whether or not like hey what if you make so much money with trading how are you gonna cash it out that fast you know because there's always I guess there's a lot of time it's time consuming that's right we're yes time consuming and it mostly costs quite a nice percentage and I guess they might fix a little bit you know maybe they'll get it up and running and maybe they'll also make it simpler so I guess maybe a little bit more easy to do but if I then think about you know just things that have been going on already then I guess they're always kind of simple but a tempo not only allows to feed backwards to exchange the crypto for cash immediately but by offering debit card tempo provides the ability to use cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services tempo offers blockchain payment both offline and online and crypto remittances to nearly 100 destination countries so again that is so amazing to get their debit cards up and running I'm gonna be using this myself I'm gonna be showing you guys this because this is going to be amazing asset I'm really excited about that CTO of stellar Network Jeff McAuliffe highlighted how the teaming up will commence a wider reach for crypto currency and crypto in the general idea or for currency and crypto and general idea tempos early integration with stellar and role as EU anchor is revolutionary revolutionising international payments making global payments faster more reliable and less costly for clients so you can already see how this is really going for the position that ripple has right now they're really known for them one major problem facing the cryptocurrency world is cashing out or liquidity so that's something that we talked about you know like one minute ago we're a major problem is everything out as said before we've talked about this for hours upon hours you know what if you get let's say a hundred million dollars in BTC how are you gonna cash that out and though few companies make cashing out possible it takes days and rigorous processes before finalizing the transaction tempo seeing this sad state of affairs has in place its global payment Network and its mobile app which gives Fiat owners a way out to cash out a way out to cash out without being subject to huge cache of fees of Bitcoin ATM so BIC on ATMs always have a lower price always take like a 5% fee at least the ones that I'm near they are really really too expensive to just utilize it's just not worth my time money or whatever also I don't like cashing out a low BTC price you know so I'm not gonna do that but just to get the theory out there it's always at least a 5% below the market or guess above the market just depending on if you want to buy or sell stellar lumens coinbase so two days ago the leading u.s. crypto exchange coin base with more than 13 million users announced that it is now looking into various digital currencies one of the mentioned is stellar lumens xlm I think you can hear this play right now because it's like louder loudest can be guys but yeah again this is just a little bit of an experiment like if I keep my windows open here again actually in three days I'll be somewhere else again but you know if I keep my windows open hear what you guys hear it or not how good is my microphone and filtering that stuff out today we're going or we are announcing that we're exploring the addition of the following assets to coinbase Carano bat stellar exilim sea cash and ZRX oh I just open it up quickly check here I guess this is just to show that we let me just show just retweet it real quick just to everybody who has not seen it before will see it there we go and they also cautioned that the listing of these five new digital assets was not a guarantee so keep that in the back of your head it might not happen but there's a chance there's a chance unlike the ongoing process of adding e3 amassing which is technically very similar to a theorem these assets will require additional exploring work and we cannot guarantee that they'll be listed for trading so we also know what that way Cardno as an example there's actually quite a lot of things that go into the process of getting that thing listed because there's quite some difficult taking here's what I understand from it to get it working whatever on the exchange because I remember that in one of the live streams that they did Charles was talking about like you know that a lot of people think it's an ear see 20 token Carano and that if that were to be the case so if they were to be an ethereal token and you see 20 token it would be a lot more easy for them to get illicit on exchanges because it would be a very much simpler process so I guess that is really true and I do believe that to the fullest extent that you know it is hard for them to get integrated and I think some of these other ones you know they have a very unique way of doing things so I guess that is also why they really have to explicitly say they're exploring and they don't know if it can be guaranteed I guess do I guess they can always list that you know with a little bit of work let me just close our window now I'm getting annoyed guys that's that's an issue there we go guys now you can finally focus on some more crypto and some of you guys said like hey you're so unorganized well I just I'll put it a little bit too like I know what I want to do from the get-go of the video you know I write everything down thing is though you always got to just let your mind flow a little bit and talk about the cool things that you come up with during the video that's what I personally like about it let me know your opinion in the comment section below though if you would rather just have factual stuff no opinion whatsoever you can also let me know in the comments you know it's always good to give you a little suggestion right there that's where the comment section is for also these little things like closing my window I could literally just cut it out but I don't know it's just sometimes I find it funny you just have a little bit of a personal side in the videos um so yeah I think that guaranteeing as to that they will have the ability to get listed I think any coin has that since the teams are gonna be working their ass off to get it listed on there you know they of course is gonna have to put in some work to get it fixed on coinbase I believe but yet they will always get it fixed that's not the problem I think maybe the Fiat part is gonna be a little bit of the problem that might be a little bit of the problem and also maybe like the the contracts maybe that's one of the problems that they have or maybe like following lawsuit or lawsuits that kind of stuff might be what is in the way because I guess technically everything could work however the declaration had no stop for crypto lovers to start stepping in for their favorite once on that day each coin experienced double-digit gains while for stellar xlm is still looking very good with eight point fourteen percent increase in the last 24 hours various times it has been concluded that speculation are on them are the best catalyst for the price engine to start pumping so now that things have started to get on coinbase let's take the marks out real quick you can see everything is freaking green guys so Tron is actually 11 spot just want to check that out real quick that's actually ok I thought it was actually very close to tether but it's not let's see your stellar way up from Cardno ok O'Donnell again way up from where it was yesterday so that is again I guess 3% but it looks like quite a little bit more am I just in my vision here which one else is getting added so it's bat let's check out where bat is your basic attention token it is up 1.9 percent on the daily here so you can see the align still moving up quite nicely though comparison to that one for right now then at least we have Z cash where would see oh here we have ZRX there we have Z cash so still both o kzr X is still pumping up quite hard that was one coin that we made like 70 percent profit within a discord if you don't know what the discord is is a cool chatroom I recommend you guys to just check that out real quick link is in the description below also guys there's also like a harder wallet and some other cool things that you guys should check out totally reliable all cool all the links that I put there are some things you should just press you know it's not you know no just kidding there's nothing bad in there I recommend you guys to just check that out but yeah the markets are looking pretty pretty nice so you can see the market cap above the 250 billion once again so that is getting very positive for me as well cryptocurrencies are rising quite a ways as you can see right here I don't remember what the threshold is to get listed on this coin market cap I believe that are some threshold don't maybe like a 100k market cap maybe something like that I cannot really remember let's actually check out the full list of cryptocurrencies you should just quickly get rid of that little thing let's turn it let's turn it around and hashtag I know that they they're not gonna show one of them I know they're not going to be showing volume though most likely see if you can turn it around I pressed twice not that was dumb done really good get a little you know get a little snip it up my Apple but yeah I don't think it's gonna work guys so maybe we have to conclude it there that is it with that we got fresh teller right now I think they're gonna be taking over Ripple do it think so no you know I don't really think take over ripple and that sends that it's gonna become higher up that ripple maybe after certain waah because still a lot of people think like hey rip boss the banker cone but yeah stellar you'll see it's quite far behind but maybe it will get there guys that was it for this video hopefully you guys enjoyed check out the links in description and I'll see you later in another video

20 thoughts on “Stellar (XLM) To Coinbase & Take Over Ripple In The Charts!”

  1. Do you realise XRP is third crypto as per market cap without even being listed on Coinbase. Now think what will happen once SBI gets live and Xrapid gets in production stage.

  2. Yes, Stellar will overtake Ripple. Ripple is going to lose market rank, and Stellar is going to gain market rank, and somewhere in there XLM will be worth more in market capitalization than XLM. Jed left Ripple for a reason, and it's already starting to pay off with this Coinbase announcement.

  3. What you are missing is that XRP is planting thousands and thousands of seeds and keeping the price low. then when they flip the cross-border commercial banking transactions It will dominate all Cryptocurrency Digital Assets. XRP is a transmuting Utility for the ripple network, not a security.

  4. I always look for personal opinions as facts can be read in any news clips , where as honest and genuine opinions from someone like yourself can be priceless . My knowledge of charts and crypto in general is almost ZERO ,I have done everything by learning and acting on good info from the likes of yourself , Thanks .

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