Stellar Lumens XLM – Central Banks To Adopt XLM First? – IBM Confirm XLM Is Being Used & Live Today!

hey YouTube welcome back to love for
Crypto, today’s episode is going to be a very interesting one in respect of
stellar lumens and I what could potentially be the first digital asset
to be used by central banks so first of all or what are our subscribers of the
Nationals to make a stellar Lumines video and I don’t think it could be
better point transfer breeze and that’s to talk about Stella special with the
current news that’s around Stella lumens obviously at the moment it’s been
following the same charts as I’ve pretty much all digital assets at the moment
you know we’re on that bear trend and so we can see some significant change in
the market some respects were boron but more important where IBM VP confirmed
Stella lumens will be used as a bridge asset now just just a quick one first
before we do go into that just a little brief understanding if you don’t know
exactly who Stella why are you not too sure about exactly what their approaches
in never in their sort of business business model but as you can see yeah
this is Jack Jed McHale lab and he was a co-founder of ripple and due to disputes
I think within the ripple team he’s obviously branched off and he’s
obviously cold finally Stella lumens now they’re very very similar image spectral
ripple if we have a lock in respects of white total supply ative obviously
contracts not a same similar amount of what ripple of comfort which is unit of
billion mark and which is also believed is what’s needed in respect of the
amount of tokens are coins so basically what we’re gonna talk about this is is
absolutely unbelievable news value still rolls out there I’m first of our IMAX or
a hold or stole as well bought and all this is this is this is information
coming directly from IBM and just a little recap of what has actually been
said about it IBM is already using Stella lumens live
the cheap art and faster cross-border transactions the world is very very
close to seeing central bank issued digital currency token and there’s a
very good chance of it being on a stellar network first
Stella lumens have intended to be the primary bridge asset in IBM’s Universal
payment solution the Stella distributed exchange will be sent a piece of future
strategies I being currently has no plans to issue its own token and instead
pushing Stella lumens as the calling for its clients this is a
massive massive point here first all women’s holders has been talks within
the community of maybe IBM releasing the role on digital assets it should be used
as a bridging bridging tolkien bought by the sounds that IBM and I’m really
sticking by cell lumens and it really looks very very positive for X LM going
into the future Stella is an integral part of IBM
strategy for the future and iBM is building its own solutions on top of the
stellar system no I think what I’d be able basically calling for is a sort of
a similar approach of in respects what ripple have got with the rest current
system and reading deeper into the lines I mean what I will do is I’ll sit there
and leave the links for these two articles which I believe a very
enlightening if you outsell Estella Loomis hold of anyway but I think what
IBM the strategy for the future is I think it’s going to be using the stella
lumens as it’s basically as its exchanged process for its clients on the
cross-border transactions sector it’s absolutely massive news for stella and
like i said the community have been asking for something to do in respect of
Stella and I just don’t believe it could have been a better time than now
so actually talk about the positives of Stella lumens any person has a ripple
Dona Stella holder the reason for being is the two very similar business models
both attacking the same sort of market IBM aims to you Stella to corner the
International payment system in direct competition with ripple and already
there’s a long list of clients let’s go live with lumens international payments
in q2 2018 this is massive this is the potential of excellent being live in
production base it within the net sort of for three to four months which was
absolutely massive but we’ve seen ripple have got a massive client basis you know
touching way past 230 respective clients out which were all using that current
system as we speak trials are going very well we’ve never
really had any talk of in respect of XRP being used as the bridge in exchange
asset and it does seem to appear that that idea maybe maybe a little bit
further forward and that’s where convincing banks were actually used a
digital asset as an exchange process it’s absolutely massive news yes for
Stella and absolutely massive news in respect so you’ve probably seen this
chat if you have watched our before videos bought
this is the market that we are trying to corner in respect of Global Payments you
know with Swift Fedwire ships Western Union money ground transferwise all the
payment sort of combined into the grand scheme scheme the scheme of things is a
2.7 quadrillion annual market it’s absolutely massive it’s currently you
know Swift that perform an awfully over this market at the moment but with
advocacy with this innovating technology that we have got moving forward we are
going to see some absolutely massive shifts in respective disturbances of who
banks are going to use for these settlements IBM obviously I’ve got
massive foundation behind who yeah it’s unbelievable I mean there is on our page
here and we have got a video of Jeb McAuliffe and what goes on to talk about
in there in which specks of snow and all that moving forward I think we’ll be
seeing this man a lot more now on the media respect to CNBC
fast money at Bloomberg I think I think still have really got a good bit of
traction behind him again it’s unfortunate because you know if we was
back in you know if it’s let’s just say this week December January the price
will be out the roof but obviously there’s been a lot of confidence not
within the market as a whole in respects of the bear market it would seem Bitcoin
talks you know quite close to 20,000 dollars coming all the way back down sir
so start the center 6900 Meyer I mean even lower at this point sorry this is
Stella triatic dollar and but yeah as a whole you know the market is going
through the sort of the pull back from the initial surge outside its
consolidate and it will see a change it will reverse eventually nobody can claim
where the bottom is is it seven thousand six thousand five thousand three
thousand for Bitcoin nobody knows we can only just take that into into the future
and you know we use the knowledge and and the information around us to start
make our best judgments around that against Tel lumens and ripple the reason
why invest in both of them is because they do real genuine believe that global
market is is really in need of an upgrade and all Swift there’s been you
know his piece of that the for monopoly of the market for 40 years it’s an
outdated system I’m going to be doing a video on Swift in respect to the fact
they’ve actually just closed down their blockchain sort of trials and they’ve
done basically turn it back on it they can’t it’s a tough question to talk
about but we’ll go into it in a further detail into a different video of this
one we just want to concentrate and a stellar
Estela in my eyes is very good you know it’s basically riffle did the co-founder
of ripple you know and the obvious love the difference is and he’s basically
comes to make his own business model basically attacking the same thing
shortly two of the same kind if you have a look at the market here you know this
is an absolutely massive market there will never be no one individual sort of
business that would be that would get full control of and it’s now moving
forward into the future but if Stella if ripple can even can say Tempest and
15% each that alone is absolutely phenomenal as you can see Stella lumens
is a similar price of where ripple was before while the massive FOMO and surge
just before December time it’s exactly the same situation as ripple and respect
a total supply you’ve only got 18 billion out at the
moment which is a little bit of a concern for me in which better bat you
know the it does go to talk about in respect of like fairness you know still
women’s have a nonprofit organization but you do after you after I was
questioning things in respect that it’s a pre mankind he’s only 18 billion in
circulation yet maybe the rest move might be used for this or the business
model of what it’s trying to achieve further on into the future but there is
no scene in which bets on out but I also believe Stella with the tired o’clock
with IBM you won’t be doing anything silly in respect to trying to sink the
market by just folding it with the tokens I think we’ll see an even
distribution go out to this but as a whole it’s absolutely phenomenal for
Stella this this news is is I mean we knew about the partnership with IBM but
that nothing really got spoke about we’re now we’ve actually getting full
clarification from IBM themselves through you know it’s very one guy call
will leave them in the links for you to read but and they’re do is a lot of key
points that I made and it’s especially this one here you know it’s basically
like a sit down and there is a lot of good quotes from themselves as you can
see it’s it’s great news it really is great news and for everyone that I’ve
been holding Stella you know there is a sort of a neck-and-neck in respect to
Stella and ripple about who’s going to achieve what but I think both the both
making great progress now you know ripples got an absolutely massive
you know clientele you’ve got you’ve got more of a money Graham and Western Union
on the Box currently in trials we’ve got stellar alongside that that I’ve got IBM
and doing all these types of potential of being the first
digital asset to be used by central bank now that alone will be absolutely
massive it’s it’s walking very positive as a whole for the digital asset class
remember price is temporarily progress is permanent we won’t always be at these
are these all T so are these lols we will see past the point of the art of
the all-time highs but I fingers of-the-moment Stella at sweat one sent
by considering built Bitcoin he’s pulling all the altcoins down with it
it’s an absolutely steal don’t get me wrong it could potentially fall even
further I’m not trying to say go out there and invest what I am trying to say
is keep an eye on it because doing all the Bitcoin is going down through a very
critical point where we could potentially see a bounce but as a whole
I think Stella lumens have done it’s all very very proud and respect at this this
is this is absolutely massive news it’s massive news long-term short-term we’ve
not seen the effects with the prices that we do but like we used to before
the new year expects of partnerships I think I think there has been a lot of
fear put into the market like I say it’s only the retail investors like ourselves
like I’m in the markets really at the moment we haven’t got any major large
institutions throwing in the millions and trillions of billions of dollars we
just haven’t got that at the moment it’s basically a market for ourselves as
previously stated I mean currently at the moment the overall market is 300
billion dollars for the innovation in technology behind it believe me we will
not be staying at this price long-term we will be absolutely you know as we
have just spoke about I’m expecting I think this market is it’s a massive
market and we’ve got two big main key plays at the moment out attracting we’ve
got a stellar lumens on we’ve got ripple I’m not biased towards ever all the
terrific they’ve both got great business models and you know personally I’m
invested in both of these in these digital assets I but I think the use
case forum is there and I think moving forwards I think it’s going to be
absolutely massive disruptions in in respects over the the global transfer
markets it just really is yeah so obviously through a lot of comments that
were getting through our report videos people have asked to do we stellastot
lumens video if it now was the it was a really great point to do it in respects
of the news that was come out and yeah basically we will be keeping up-to-date
with we’re going to be covering a lot of different clips all conferences
throughout our time going forward because visit a keen interest in all
sort of different types currencies we’ve got the verge we’ve got
the Tron’s we’ve got a stellar we’ve got the ripples we’ve got the light coins
you know this is a lot to cover so first of all what to say is obviously if you
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thumbs up for the video subscribe turn on that bow notifications it just means
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this basically is like the theme of what we have at the moment your final is on
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community just that’s an informative community that that can basically give
information to people as it’s released in respect to stuff like that
but yeah I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this one again thanks again forever
obviously tuning in and listening and then we’ll see you next time

6 thoughts on “Stellar Lumens XLM – Central Banks To Adopt XLM First? – IBM Confirm XLM Is Being Used & Live Today!”

  1. Jed got himself a golden goose of a deal with IBM and it's a good opportunity for quicker gains. I'm happy as SWIFT going to be hit from two fronts. XRP will still gain much broader spectrum in a long run. We as investors have a opportunity 😉😁

  2. Ask yourself a question. If central bank are going to issue currency on the stellar network why do you think the price is so low? 100 billion coins will not be nearly enough. Most of the coins have been purchased. The prices are low so the banks can get in at a low price. The game is about to be over.

  3. Understand what this is. A central bank loans money to countries. Now think of a country's budget, now think of every country on earth. 100 billion coins is not enough to support the world. People have total missed the point on stellar. At a 1 for 1 swap 100 billion coins would be Amazon ceo net worth. They're 7.5 billion people in the world

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