11 thoughts on “Stellar Lumens 2019 Why this is the ABSOLUTE BEST INVESTMENT! Part #1 -Blaze”

  1. I'd go for XRP. Stellar network went down twice in the last couple of weeks. Just my opinion. But Coinbase is a great way to get Lumens for free! Keep the content coming!

  2. Currently have 1000 lumens, hoping to save about $3k this year. (About 25k XLM) then I’m just going to hold it and forget about it, I hope it goes above $4!

  3. Have u heard of ripple which uses XRP? I own Stellar but feel Ripple has more going for it.
    If your familiar with XRP why donu think Stellar is better?

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  5. I'm new to crypto , After the research I decided on Stellar. I'm buying and holding a small investment every payday. I wish I had more, I buy 100.00 every payday. I started at .12

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