Star Trek DeepOnion | The Search for Onions | Cryptocurrency Star Trek Parody

Star Trek DeepOnion The Search for Onions Space the final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship DeepOnion. It’s continuing mission to seek out new members,
build a great community, improve lives, and to boldly go where no cryptocurrency has gone
before. Captain’s log, star Date 3018, we have just
left the Kucoin nebula and are now entering into the Binance system. Our search for Onions continue. I think it will be a good idea to send Evans
out again, he seems to be successful in finding the elusive Onions. Keeping the Bitcoin Bandits at bay, has not
been easy but we will manage. Ahh, Evans there you are. You look well rested, batteries all charged? DeepOnion! Good, I have a new assignment for you. DeepOnion. No it won’t be like last time. Don’t worry about it. You will be fine. Okay where was I. Wait a minute let me check
our balance. Wait what?? Only 500 Onions! This is serious. How am I going to pay the community on board? The bounty hunters are breathing down my neck
wanting to get paid, some are even trying to get paid twice for the same job. Morale will go down if I run out of Onions
for contests. Hey Evans come back here. Your mission is to go out and explore this
system. Search every planet if you have to for onions. Take the long range shuttle and make sure
to use the Tor gate nearby, it will get you do your destination quickly, securely, and
you can’t be traced. We don’t want the Bitcoin Bandits or any of
the others to get wind of our operation. Not yet anyways. Any questions? DeepOnion. All right then. Good, be on your way, and good luck! Oh and don’t get sidetracked again with any
of the other coins, we don’t want them. What??? My wallet isn’t staking. All right let me just unlock it, type in my pass phrase,
make sure that is checked, good. Ahh, well that will help out a little. Doglover good to see you. How is the Bittrex quadrant? Any luck finding onions? Not much luck either eh? Okay well hopefully we will have some good
news soon to report to Commander Impressive. I don’t want him in hot water again with High
Commander Deeper. Okay great, I will talk with you again soon. Good luck. Not DeepOnion. Hello Commander what can I do for you? Hello Captain, searching for more onions? Yep I am on it, I sent Evans out again. In the mean time if you can send me a few
onions to cover this week’s community VIP tasks that would be great. Sure no problem. Thanks I appreciate it. Not DeepOnion. Not DeepOnion
Not DeepOnion DeepOnion! DeepOnion All right! Evans, I knew you wouldn’t let
me down. Oh I almost forgot I need to do the weekly
drawing for the 10 Onions. Let’s do this, and the first winner is, Off
the cuff, I am going to copy that, refresh, URL, and the winner is, Nevena, for five onions,
five onions for you. Congrats to the winners. I hope they remember to claim their prize
by going into the forum where the video was posted and claiming it with their DeepOnion
wallet address.

98 thoughts on “Star Trek DeepOnion | The Search for Onions | Cryptocurrency Star Trek Parody”

  1. First! It's a privilege to be the first ever commenter on the Star Trek DeepOnion series. DYzmNDPegnumkV2cx5ZX9Ye1YzpkJYDZhc

  2. Star Trek is the property of CBS and Paramount. This is a commercial, not a fan film. Have you paid for the use of their property?

  3. You really made a big contribution to deeponion community sir. We are proud you are with us. Keep up and dominate more.

  4. Are we starting a new trend here Mr Chef?! Me starting a Zombie-Crypto Novel and you a Star Trek inspired cryptocurrency movie series.
    Poor Evans doing all the work for you, Go Evans viva la Robot Revolution!!! (But don't do that to poor Doge, he doesn't know any better)
    Even DogLover makes an appearance, that guy is immortal!
    Hmm I didn't see you doing much Mr Chef, just letting Evans work and getting some free stuff from the commander, I am waiting to see you in action! But with 100k ONIONs from Evans I guess you'll lean back and retire ;). Looking forward to further updates!

  5. Oh my god Matt! The time and effort in this is just amazing WELL DONE, Love it! Keep up the excellent work! DfYqMiZxmDyd3HmbhUx1QPL8SkzophgTXJ

  6. Love the video many weeks of effort I guess. Lov ethe DeepOnion robot killing all the other crypto. lol

  7. Wow you did a really good job, amazing how much effort you put in this ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the little robot. DbZjnNensdgBPyVy9zh2KqqmfvWkGhScar

  8. Astonishing video!! I cant helped but watched it until to the last second of the video. Very entertaining.Great job. Keep up!. DcdHRG2HNfkFP9fBgzvQMDNG2kR41eZRTk

  9. OMG Dude, you SHOT ME xD, I'm Sci-Fi lover too.., but your one …, jus I don't have words …
    Your skills are really good, you touch me in the heart with that one ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even I wasn't DO holder.., I'll start to LOVE it at the moment, the sound, the music, the video scenes.., it's so competitive!
    Thank you about !!!

    Regards: SHNICI – Georgi

  10. We are travelling below the speed of light right now, waitinig for DeepOnion in warp drive mode!
    Nice video man!


  11. What to say? This video is simply sensational! Great job, Matt. I hope you never stop with your creations.
    Wallet: DjgFDDLyy4cYv67Dg4Bbd3uqdNz3eGCpwm

  12. @Matt Taylor Great video man, really superb video production. Are there, by any chance, some Evans robots for sale? I am ready to offer reasonable price for this amazing ONION hunter! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Awesome video and great story, you are seriously well skilled in the art of video production !
    Fantastic and very creative ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hello friend Matt just spectacular !! What great talent and creativity you have, I like your style, thank you very much for such a valuable work. My Do: DgMm7t5iyBAe99S5vjFMtjM9uin7aAEiUa

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  16. No words, this is just amazing bro! Keep going and continue doing this great videos! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Amazing Deep Onion Video Bro ! Keep it up ! Here my D.O address wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚ DbSxaqA3ioM5NQGqKBS8V7ucZ2mMcqnWLN

  18. A superlative work of art kind of video you made here @mrchef111 so fantastic cuteness especially the deeponion robot and the cast of actors. Part 2 please….

  19. for me the most advanced videos for DO so far it's so nice to watch this work of an skilled man thanks sir great sharing ๐Ÿ˜‰ let us keep supporting this DeepOnion project ! God bless

  20. Love this. Great to see a bit of fan fiction cross over with DeepOnion at the forefront

  21. Yey! Nice work you've got out there. This is a good start to make a DeepOnion video/movie for all.
    Two questions: Who's that actor and the robot in the video? Can I go to the space so that my onions will be full too?

  22. Video editing skills level 9999999999, very awesome. You really managed to merged DeepOnion and StarTrek.

  23. I have never imaged to watch such an amazing content of DeepOnion. Very creative my friend! This video deserves more views. I am sharing this with my friend. May I suggest making more of this in the future, please? It will make DeepOnion more popular.Haha

  24. I commented on the link you left on the DeepOnion forum but I'd like to congratulate you again on making such a long and imaginative video. I forgot to mention I liked the music tracks you used ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. This is truly impressive! I have no idea how you made this, but good job man. Must take a lot of skills ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Interesting video.It was a pleasure to watch.Looking forward to the sequel.

  27. I am now a fan. Very creative way of introducing DeepOnion and your video editing is outstanding. Awesome job, Matt!

  28. nice sir the video is like Star trek i notice your hair just like in the movie ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Great video Matt Taylor, well done. Never seen startrek before but your video works very well. Soon DeepOnion will go into space.

  30. Man!!!! I'm a Big fan of space! and DeepOnion, And When you mixt it up it makes something called happiness, thank you for bringing that to me.

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