Stakenet (XSN) – Cryptocurrency Security Guidance

hey guys it’s Kusumi here from steak net I want to do a little video today about cryptocurrency security so this video is here for all the new people the old veterans whatever whether it’s your part of our project or any other project I wanted to give you a bit of guidance and rules to live by when dealing with cryptocurrency the main thing you’ve got to treat it is like a bank account okay because you would never give a lot of the information related to your bank to random people so why would you do it for your cryptocurrency coins so here are my rules when dealing with cryptocurrency the first off is never give your wallet private keys to anyone they yours are secure it’s exactly like your bank account you wouldn’t give anybody your salt code your account number why would you give them your private key the moment they get this they get access to all the funds within your wallet so that’s rule number one rule number two is always try and verify who you’re speaking to there’s been cases of imposters who are posing as devs or team members and not getting you to either input random codes or download these files and send it over to them don’t do it always know who you’re speaking to I’m gonna touch upon this in it later on in the video and I’ll give you some guidance and discord to help you verify who you’re speaking to and how to identify the right person to speak to okay so that’s rule one rule two and rule three is never download any file sent to you chances are it’s gonna be a malicious file and the moment you do you’re gonna lose realigns and nobody wants that so just never download a random file given to you rule number four is always know the link you’re gonna click so if somebody send you a link going hey you can find your fix here don’t click on it go fire an official source or if it’s from an announcement or a team members give it to you you can use it but the best thing I always advise is navigate yourself from A to B so if you don’t know how to do that on that link given to you don’t do it at all you can ask for guidance from like an Paige for instance Xing coined an accent coin to aya navigate yourself from there go to the github download the correct file that way you know you’re getting a secure source rule number five never send anything to anybody so as I said earlier if somebody asks you to input a load of commands from your wallet download a file send it over to them chances are if you do that and you’ve taken a file from your wallet you’re gonna lose everything so please don’t do that so those are the five basic rules to live by there’s a lot more to it than that the whole thing is keeping your passwords secure think of it like this if you go to a website and you’re asking for help the team member doesn’t go to you hey give me your username give me your password they don’t need it that’s not it to help you none of that stuff will make it a better experience for you if somebody comes here and says hey give me access to your I don’t know your VPS server or let me remote connect to your computer why would you do that the moment they do that you’re probably gonna lose everything especially if you don’t know the people so those are those rules there and as I said I’m gonna show you a little trick in discord now so let me switch the screens and I’ll be straight with you okay guys welcome to the steak net discord Channel as you can see I’m in the master notes support Channel now we’ve got various support channels for the different functionality of our coin and when someone’s facing an issue they’ll come to support Channel the team members will work with them to try and resolve the issue if we can’t resolve it in there we’ll ask you to direct message us but the main thing is we’ll ask you to message us we won’t message you out the blue as I said before don’t trust those type of messages always go through the channels itself and don’t direct message a team member out the blue either so how can you tell when you’re speaking to a team member as you can see here Lee Knox is there his name’s in red that means he’s a team member they could also be someone with a purple name and there’ll be one of the admins of the channel so the developer developers the and whatnot you can click on someone’s name and I’ll tell you the roles that are assigned within the channel Li Knox is their team member developer you’ve got me over here and I’ve got the team member as well so we’ll happily help you and you can trust us we’ll try and work to solve the problem as I said some people are trying to copy the names of people and the images and message you out the blue so it looks like you’re speaking to the real person but you’re not now another way you can verify verify someone’s name and discord is we’ve created a team ID verification list so this has got every team members special ID code and the same 30 POS merchants and the way to enable this is you go to discord you click on the user settings you go to appearances and you turn on developer mode now I’m gonna click on to use the settings here to show you how to get that but I’m gonna pause the video for a second because it’s got my personal information on the first screen right so what I’ve done here is it opens up in my account and I’ve just gone to appearance so once you’re in appearance just scroll down and you see developer mode here just click it so goes blue and turns on and just press escape afterwards so the way you can tell someone’s ID it works in direct message and it works in the channel just right-click on someone’s name and copy ID now you can compare it with what’s in this channel here so I’ve just taken Freeman’s as an example I’ll find him in the list over here and it’s over there and as you can see it’s an exact match that’s definitely him so if he was to message you then you can just verify using that information there another example if we go down here we’ll take Ally Knox right click on his name copy ID head over to the list taste it you probably have to paste them into another document to compare but you know you got Lee Knox over here so 3 9 there you go and you can see that’s definitely him so this is a nice way that you can get extra security that you are speaking to who you should be if the numbers don’t match it’s probably an impostor please do not speak to them and please report them to team member well a compared to the other information I gave earlier on in this video I hope you take this to heart and I hope you treat your cryptocurrency with as much security as you do your own bank account if you’ve got any issues if you’ve got any worries please speak to us in discord we’ll be happy to help you thank you

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