Today is the 97th anniversary of August 30
easy to articulate the victory. We commemorate all our martyrs, especially
Atatürk, with respect and gratitude. Today there are stable coins in the Crypto
Dictionary. You know, there are many stable coins that
are indexed to dollars such as Tether, True USD, PAX, guys. With the fall season, which we call the bear
season, stable coins have certainly gained much more importance. Today, we will do a stable coin analysis that
we have not done for a long time, and talk about the recently changed HUSD and compare
it to the most popular stable coin, the USDT. In the coming weeks, we can also analyze other
stable coins such as True USD, USDC and update ourselves. INTRO
I’m Eren Caner. This month’s surprise gift box was completed
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be a mind-opening bonus information. If you’re new to my channel and crypto currency,
I can explain that stable coin is the crypto currency that makes it easy for investors
to escape Bitcoin and other coins and keep their money at a fixed value. They were frequently purchased coins, especially
when Bitcoins and altcoins fell and rose too much. Now the HUSD stable coin was initially an
upper stable coin of the Huobi stock exchange, which consisted of exactly 4 stable coins. Within this HUSD family 1- USDC of the American
stock exchange Coinbase, 2- Facebook was our idea, Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea from
us and received a compensation from Facebook and then installed the Gemini crypto money
exchange in 2014, and the Gemini USD stable stable of the Winklevoss brothers. coin, 3-PAX stable coin and 4-True USD, which
coins were also known to be bought and sold in other popular places, but of course the
stock market said this. He said that if these 4 stable coins did not
meet the quality standards, we could remove them from the HUSD family. HUSD was, in a sense, a control mechanism
for these stable coins, and if you ask me, this is not the investment advice I find most
reliable in the HUSD family, but although it does not have the volume of a Tether’s
USDT, the American stock market Coinbase’s USDC it was coins. Because at least a taxpayer working in the
United States, and even a few months ago in America’s financial center Wall Street opened
an office that may not be subject to American sanctions that already operate on American
soil. Anyway the USDC and the old system HUSD are
a separate part of the job. Now the new system HUSD will work as follows. Just as I mentioned before, it is no longer
a model that includes 4 stable coins and becomes a stable coin working as an ERC20 on the Ethereum. Not all the details of this coin are available,
but as you know, I mentioned in the previous video that you know that Tether has switched
to the version of the USDT token running on the ERC20. He brings it to the forefront and says it
provides faster and cheaper transfer, and that’s why he started to concentrate on it,
and the new standard in stable coins is probably the ERC20, friends. HUSD plans to work in the same way as the
ERC20. In the meantime, they have made a campaign
in the meantime, you normally pay commission when buying or selling, HUSD will not be a
commission until September 26 for USDT, PAX coin, USDC of Coinbase and True USD will not
be such a commission. When these parities are traded, the friends
will not be commissioned until September 26, and when we get into the business a bit more,
they are understood with two companies in the whole production and management process
of HUSD. One of them is Stable Universal. This company will produce HUSD tokens as ERC20,
the CEO of the company says, we are preparing HUSD in a reliable and efficient way. The other is the Paxos Trust Company, which
also owns PAX stable coin. This company will also keep the US dollar
in the amount of HUSD token produced under the control of the New York State Financial
Services Department, and this company will personally manage the anti-money laundering
processes. At this point I would like to comment a bit. Look, forget about everything. Forget everything. You know what’s the most important part of
these stable coins? The most crucial part. Real dollar retention event for each stable
coin sold. The Tether company, for example, is very vague
about it. Tether for every USDT token produced a year
or two ago, I’m throwing it in the corner, not in the corner, of course we’re holding
$ 1, so I was comfortable, but at the beginning of this year, if I’m not mistaken Tether company
came out and changed a little mouth so to speak. Either we don’t have American dollars for
every USDT token produced, there’s one third for fortunes.n said. HUSD has to keep it tight. At this point, he shouldn’t let the suspects. I’ll tell you. We use USDT or something, but we need to know
that we are at the mercy of the company when the questions are in the middle. I said in the previous videos, I do not expect
much from the USDT. This is my only expectation when the USDT
wakes up one morning to 75-80 cents and not to hurt investors. One of the major reasons for the rise of Bitcoin
in 2017, for example, was the fact that Tether bought Bitcoin by manufacturing Tether on
the job without hiding dollars behind. You remember, if you’re old on the market. Imagine Tether introduces $ 1 billion USDT
into the market, and the price of Bitcoin rises from $ 14,000 to $ 15,000. What’s going on, we have to go and buy more. I mean, Tether is still the same Tether, and
nothing has changed in the last two years. I think he’il do it again if he wants to. Looking at HUSD has not been added to coinmarketcap
yet. This may be due to the new manufacturing process as
the ERC20 token. Now this HUSD will be listed on the Huobi
stock exchange, or as I searched, it will be listed on other stock exchanges, ie it
will be opened for purchase. To sum up, the companies behind HUSD are the
Huobi stock exchange, the Paxos Trust, PAX stable coin, which is traded on popular stock
exchanges, Stable Universal. They also receive support from the New York
State Department of Financial Services. You can take a look at the Huobi stock exchange
if you want to say HUSD’ye now let’s move on to the bonus information of this video. You know, at the end of each video, I share
a bonus information that is not directly related to the topic, but related topics. An application I just started. I did your survey. As far as I saw almost everyone loved the
bonus information. Why am I doing this? I love to surprise as much as I can, to open
up the mind, and I also give a few sentences of information in the video. That’s why I’m learning new things. It’s great. Now. When you throw a coin for a coin, you are
statistically more likely to come up. Because there is a picture weight on the face
of the coin, so it is more likely to stay on the bottom. Let me share this with you. In the meantime, I recently twisted my foot
here while playing ball. I shared it with you in a video. Thank you, messages get well past. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m better now. In fact, I would like to show you one foot,
but this place is very narrow. I’m just shooting the video. I would appreciate it if you could support
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you are using, let’s chat in the comments. See you.


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