In this video I’m going to show you how I
personally save over two hundred dollars each month. Stay tuned. Welcome
back. Subscribers to a WhiteBoard Finance! My name is Marko and I’m the host Today creator
director pretty much everything. You get the idea. Welcome
back to WhiteBoard Finance where I help you master your money and build your wealth. Today we’re talking about five simple ways
to help save you. Two hundred or more dollars each month. Now some of you may know each one of these
ways and that’s quite alright. But for some of the people out there they
don’t know. This isn’t to be a great video to help them
save some money every month. Let’s get into it. A lot of people talk about living paycheck
to paycheck and having a lot more month at the end of their money. So I figured I put together this video on
how to spend less each month and also kind of how to save a little bit of money as well. So essentially what I’m going to start with
is number one switcher cell phone provider or at least evaluate your plan. I used to be an AT&T paying sixty five dollars
a month on a single line and I was only getting about three gigabytes of data so I switched
from AT&T. Believe it or not to Crickett wireless after
I did a little bit of research. Cricket Wireless is actually owned by AT&T
and they use the same network the speeds are essentially the same and the quality is essentially
the same. I’ve had no calls drop on me. I’ve had the same amount of service in the
same areas that I’ve always been in with AT&T. And again the quality is not dropped off whatsoever. So the numbers on that switch. I was actually paying 65 dollars a month for
AT&T I’m now paying 35 dollars a month for Crickett wireless. That’s a savings of 30 dollars per month which
equates to 360 dollars per year. That’s an easy way to save 30 dollars per
month. And I went from having three gigabytes of
data on AT&T to having five on cricket. And there’s no overcharges for going over
your limit every month. So that was definitely a win win. Number two Internet service provider. I actually switched from AT&T again to another
company called wide open West. I was paying about 65 dollars per month with
AT&T and now I pay about twenty five dollars per month not only for better internet. It’s actually more consistent the customer
service is better and it’s faster internet. So all three of these benefits put me in a
no brainer situation where I made the switch. I did read some reviews and read it and I
looked up some reviews on Google as well but I’ve had it for about a year now and I’m super
happy. So now I have Cricket Wireless and wide open
West for my Internet service provider and I couldn’t be more happy. So take a look at number two and re-evaluate
your Internet service provider number three cut cable get rid of that freaking cord. There is nothing good on TV. The
days of old Discovery Channel and Animal Planet and all that good stuff that’s all done it’s
nothing but fluff. It’s nothing but B.S. that you’re not going
to learn anything from. Yes it’s nice to indulge every once in a while
and watch an episode of the Kardashians. Just like my wife does. I think my IQ goes down every time I watch
it consider other alternatives. There are so many other alternatives out there
now. There is Netflix Hulu there’s streams there’s
so many different things. Amazon Prime has their own streaming service
now. Cut the cord. Save the 40 50 bucks a month isn’t easy one
that’s a no brainer. And not only that you’re going to have much
more time for other things whether it’s reading books whether it’s studying finance whether
it’s watching this incredible channel with this great host in front of you. Reconsider Having cable in my opinion I haven’t had it
in 3 years. I don’t miss it whatsoever. If I want to go watch a sporting event I’ll
either go down the street to a bar or I’ll go stream it or I’ll go to a friend’s house. Not only does it help me get out of the house
I just don’t need it anymore. Simple as that. Number four do it at home. Anything you can afford to do at home whether
it’s prepare food make smoothies make coffee wash your car anything like that. Do it at home. Because when you’re paying for this as a service
you’re paying two three four five times what it would cost you to do at home. Let’s take a simple example that effects. I’d say hundreds of thousands of Americans
per day. If you want to go to Starbucks that coffee
isn’t a cost to you. Let’s go on the low end. Three dollars. If you buy a coffee every other day. Let’s just call it 15 times a month. Forty five dollars a month just on coffee. That’s hot water and some ground beans. Is it really worth it. I don’t know. Let’s let’s take me for example. I used to pay for robotics robots as a smoothie
chain here in the Midwest. These
smoothies cost seven to eight dollars per smoothie and I was getting them three times
per month. That’s twenty four dollars for one drink. When I can go buy the fruit myself. OK. That would have been a fraction of the price. I’m also a car guy. Let’s take washing your car for example. What do you have to pay for a little bit of
soap and some elbow grease. And not only that you get the pride of ownership
when you wash your own car but let’s say I didn’t do that. Let’s say I went to the car wash. And let’s be conservative I’ll say ten dollars
per month times lets say three times per month. That’s fair. Thirty dollars guys. So 45 plus 24 to 69 plus 30 you’re at ninety
nine dollars per month just and drinking coffee having smoothies and not washing your car. So almost 100 dollars a month to do that. You multiply that times 12 in a year. That’s twelve hundred dollars. That’s a pretty decent vacation just by sacrificing
three things that you can easily do yourself. So do it at home when possible. Number five impulse purchases stop with impulse
purchases. You need to understand the difference between
wants and needs. I
need shelter I need oxygen. I need food. I need human interaction. I don’t need that. 800 years old for KTV that massages your back
and makes you breakfast. I don’t need the new iPhone 37 I don’t need
the Samsung 28 guys you need to know what the differences between wants and needs. In this day and age it’s so easy to go on
Amazon or your favorite online retailer. Click the button and just make that purchase
and it doesn’t even feel like you’re spending real money until you get the bill at the end
of the month. So please be cognizant about that and stop
the impulse purchases. Just like grandma used to say a penny saved
is a penny earned. And just like my grandma used to say come
back here before I beat you with this wooden spoon. All joking aside I hope you guys got something
out of this video today. If you did implement these tips I save literally
twenty five hundred dollars per year or more just following the tips that I shared with
you today. I spend less money every month. I understand the difference between wants
and needs. And guess what that twenty five hundred dollars
per year goes to a really nice vacation. I’m not saying that to brag I’m just saying
it because it’s a real result. If you’ve got anything out of this video today
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comment and like below as well. I actually do have a question of the day for
you. What are some ways that you saved money that
I didn’t mention in this video today. I’d be happy to learn these. That way we can save even more money together. Thank you for watching and have a prosperous
day. I think my grandma could take on an army with
this thing right here. This thing. It’s like she’s got the aerodynamics see the
hole that’s for aerodynamics. That’s how they get you to buy. The spoon.

47 thoughts on “SPEND LESS MONEY EVERY MONTH 2018”

  1. This video is very helpful. Their is already a few things that I thought of that I spend money on multiple times a week that I am going to cut back on to save money! Thanks for this video!

  2. The wooden spoon builds discipline, and if that means spending less money per month, then its worth the pain. Your grandma knew what she was doing!

  3. Its crazy to think how some small monthly changes can save you thousands in the long run. Personally I have a tough time saying no to friends and coworkers when invited out to restaurants. Recently started cooking at home more often. Already see the difference in my bank account. Great stuff keep it coming!

  4. Came here from minority mindset, and let me tell you I do not regret it. Looking forward to more of your videos 🙂

  5. Great video I'm really terrible when it comes to impulse purchases, my vice is designer jeans . Is there any more tips on what one can do to stop this behavior. It's like when I see a pair I really like I just have to have them.

  6. The minute you said a penny saved is a penny earned – I went in my clothes hamper and pulled a penny out of my robe’s pocket that I forgot to take out to put in my piggy bank!!! ?

  7. Great tips Marco! I Eating out often or even buying drinks out often is a major money thief. I have a series of videos on how my wife and I are able to save over 50% of our monthly income. Check them out here if you get a chance: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSofnwEEZdUwlo8jPYic9obOyGjB7vn8Z . Thanks for sharing these tips!

  8. Awesome video man. Hope to see more great video from you! I can tell we would be great find I hate the Kardashian, my girlfriend loves them.

  9. I love your videos man! I cut the cord a couple of months ago and have learned alot of things since I did. Keep up the great work bro!

  10. My husband and I save money every year by not doing Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or Valentine's Day gifts for each other. As a result, we take the money we would have spent and spend it instead on nice vacations.

  11. LOL Marco you must be either Italian or Portuguese all you have to do is spend a week with your Grandparents and you find out plenty of ways to save cash.

    All joking aside you brought up some great points all in which I have been practicing for years. I used to go to Tim Horton's (Canada) for coffee daily until I added up the cost of a cup of coffee, I bought myself a coffee machine with a timer, prepared my coffee the night before and set it to be ready by the time I got downstairs in the morning to leave for work.

    In regards to cell phones if you don't care about the latest and greatest phone buy a slightly used one from kijiji or Craigs list you may spend a bit more initially but your plan will be cheaper and you won't be locked into a 2 year contract, this allows you to switch to whom ever has the best rates at any time.

    Another good tip is stick to one gas station preferably the one that you know has the best intensives. I use Petro Canada all the time because they partnered up with my bank to save me .2 cents a liter at all their stations plus I accumulate points to use towards car washes and .5 cents per liter cards on top of my 2 cent savings.

  12. Yes to doing things at home! Getting charged 3-5x as much just for having someone else blend your smoothie or pour your coffee is ridiculous!
    – Financial Freedom For Millennials Channel
    Subscriber Goal 119/250

  13. I saw a deal to detail a car for only $100. Then I though, what would it cost me to do it? $30 in materials for several details. Say I pay myself $12/hr. It if takes me 2 hours. It still only cost $54 plus I now have $24 I've earned and can do what I want with.

  14. Hello Marko! I'm cracking up on your comments about watching Kardashians lowering your IQ, best comment of the day!!! Lol!!!

  15. great tip#3 is cutting back on cable…considering the fact that sports games,movies and television shows are all on you tube anyways(that someone uploads), the commercials are taken out, plus they have behind scenes/personal interviews that cable won't  broadcast

  16. Bro iwaste at least 500 dollars s month on things like cable and phone bill alone imake 58k a year and still live paycheck to paycheck ineed help man ??

  17. Bravo Marco
    Great attitudes positive happy.
    And teaching absolutely necessity.
    Wich i didn't know either for years .
    Has to learn wrong way to relearn myself. Thanks to my senses I come to the realisation . It is absolutely necessity there is no way to do well.
    Wishing, washing for lottery or business more money .All loses if one
    never learn discipline personal finance. Amazing for the simple step INSPIRATION.
    Time for me make one like your 🙂

  18. Any tips what to look at to examine.
    I don't trust many advice very careful had small incident with Meta Trade 12 .
    But I was able to protect myself in advance and recover all with fake profit. Now I want to find peace of treasure like Warren Buffet and earn some true value safe .I feel like had not make enough time to spend into that , trying to cough up.
    One rule I know don't loos it ,so I am not to kin get into quick advice.
    Without examine it squarely ?

  19. Cutting the cable? What is cable? I don't even have a TV! lol. Honestly, why would you need a TV when you have all entertainment on demand available on the internet

  20. Save money by: buyimg gas with cash (some stations give a cash discount), lift and coast to save gas, wear clothes as long as possible amd buy cheap clothes, cut my own hair and work out at home.

  21. Smart man cricket is cheaper and works like atat. Ppl just like name brands. Those ppl are probably poor without any saving plans. I have cricket nvr has let me down. I nvr impulse shop n dont spend a lot on an iphone or galaxy

  22. Some good tips but there is limited options on cell and internet service in the rural area I live in. I know if we had more options I think I could save over $150.00.

  23. Just had a talk like this with a coworker last week about stuff just like this. We estimated he spends close to $50/week on coffee and cigarettes. I told him to quit smoking and brew his own coffee and he’ll have his credit cards paid off in 3 months (maybe less) and the tv shortly after. That’ll leave his car, which would be done by the end of the year. All that would free up around $800 a month. He’s gonna try try, but old habits die hard.

  24. More Tips #1 cut down on asian massage's from weekly to monthly, that's 80.00 a visit, #2 buy a whole carton of Newports at a discount store vice single packs at the gas station, #3 stop buying the 25.00 scratch off lottery tickets, you never win anyway. #4 stop buying sneakers as soon as a new issues comes out. #5 stop buying single tall boy's of colt 45 at the gas station, buy 12 packs of whats on special at the discount store it you must.

  25. Your videos are simple and very easy to understand. They also make a lot of sense. Wanted to tell you you are doing a great job and making life better for lots of people. God bless and wish you even more success!

  26. Geez $65 for phone service? I’m paying $250 a month for just me, I’m financing everything and that was my first mistake.

  27. I keep track of all my expenses on a weekly basis to make sure I am not wasting money or if I have being wasting it, then cut the roll. Discipline is a must for success in finance.

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