22 thoughts on “South Korea Support for Crypto Industry, Waiting for India's Response today”

  1. BLOCKCHAIN is future of technology like digital currency. Yesterday modi ji said in favour of BLOCKCHAIN. So don't panic everything will be fine.

  2. First guys don't be in panic goverment has passed a bill to ban deregulated deposit scheme(ponzi sceheme)in a recent statement goverment had stateed to regulate the cryptocurrency and created the committee to how to regulate the cryptocurrency and still government is waiting for report which has to be submitted by that comitee I don't think so india would ban the cryptocurrency because this is the future of traditional currency.

  3. Pls beware: The Law India is passing talks about approval of already regulated schemes and BAN imposition on ALL schemes which are before this Law as of date, not duely regulated.
    Once Bill moves to upper house and is approved, if you are a Crypto User, you can end up in jail.
    BTC is no exception.
    Rest I leave it to your emotions. But Law is Law.

  4. Sir india me corruption jayada h apne fayade k liye baap ko bhi mar dete h. To bitcoin kya h iske samne. Khuch bhi kar sakte h india k adhikari. Bakno ko loot sakte h janta ko mar sakte h

  5. ye ban ni ho sakta agr hota b ha to exchange other country open ho jaen gi yahe sab …jaisy china ki ab japan me shift ho rahe han

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