South Korea Ban ICO or FUD ? Breaking News Cryptocurrency

hey guys i am coming back i know everything is in red in few hours and you might be thinking what’s going on it is because of South Korea News came in few hours ago

7 thoughts on “South Korea Ban ICO or FUD ? Breaking News Cryptocurrency”

  1. Yeah the fud is getting old. I still think we could breakout though. Charts were pretty much broken yesterday when we dipped in to the high 270's but still looks ok. Cautiously optimistic sick of shorts but took advantage of the dip yesterday. As far as the scale – I'm in the anger stage lol – all the profits gained just disappeared in 10-15 mins time frame. The funny part was i did take profits but.. When i bought back in.. it was just not low enough. So whatever gains i did have disappeared when we pulled back. I'm not even sure why the news even had such an impact on Eth prices. To many shorts just taking advantage of FUD.

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