24 thoughts on “SOON: BTC Massive Move – Samsung Crypto Payments – Privacy Coin Crackdown? – $100m Tether Printed”

  1. Even if people are just trying to save a little each month, I try to tell them that there is no way
    any banks, or other investments that I know of will give there kinds of returns.
    sure I don't give real advise, and always outline the risk, but can you thing of some coins that will
    likely never go to zero? I can. I know some of these are safe money, if nothing massive.
    you're not looking at the future you're creating it right now.

  2. Wow. Such a massive movement. It's being such a good week for me.. Most of my holdings has increased with at least 20%. I'm glad I bought some veil coin too. It looks promising.. Still watching it though.

  3. APL plans to have a decentralized exchange available right in the wallet, https://taklimakan.network/news

  4. Tfue, the fortnite tosser with no life outside his moms basement. Making money from awestruck teens following his fortnite life and they can now start giving him more money with brave browser tipping.

  5. Real money is made with Forflies VIP and BitMex! But Chris is entertaining and I watch him. He is great for newbies.

  6. Dumn question.. does trade mean. Sell the coin at high and go stable coin or some other coin? Or do you trade bitcoin or any other coin for another coin that at a low?

  7. That sucked the Binance lag luckily for users of 3 commas the api wasnโ€™t affected during the lag

  8. Just got my new Ledger X yesterday. So disappointed. I gave up after 2 hours of trying to get it working. Way to overly complicated.

  9. STERLING video Chris !!!! There is so much good news coming out lately that I can't contain myself. ……..EDIT …….I didn't…… I'm off to the bathroom . cheers …..

  10. These Crypto exchanges (Binance, Coinbase and Gemini) have to fix the trade bugs, and withdrawal situation. Otherwise they are going to get their clocks cleaned once the bigger Retail Brokerage platforms get theirs online. They may be first but if you aren't innovating or making it easier for the everyday retail trader ease of use you are going to get your ass handed to you. There is trillions in the holding pattern.

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