12 thoughts on “Sold Everything 4 Bitcoin- The Bitcoin Family & Arcane Bear”

  1. Great guy, heard him on bad cypto podcast in past . Didn't expect the long hair and tats lol. I'm in Sydney , pretty good at tennis if you like playing and can play hit me up ?. Also I can't surf, looks like the best sport ever. Not so easy to learn in my opinion. Or if you have a meet up in mind I would be keen as. My guess is you Will be going to Melbourne though lol.

  2. As a parent myself, i really resonate with Didi's philosophy on raising kids and family. Thanks for always bringing top notch content and like-minded guests!

  3. ?? Enjoyed the story and discussions! Thumbs-up! ?? Cheers to doing good, especially for those who need it most… Agree with you ? on the status-quo non-profit model should NOT be imitated, but rather disrupted for much needed improvements, greater efficiencies, and especially better distribution of funds/help getting to where it really needs (and supposed) to go in the first place! ✌

  4. Such a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing. Has to be the best video thus far. Thanks it made my day.

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