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Hai ! My name is Kevin Michael Today i will talk about Psychopath About 1% of the world population Suffering from psychopathic Psychopath is difficult to spot Because about 80% There were more out there Than be detained in jail or asylum
Than be detained in jail or asylum Many people don’t realize
or asylum Many people don’t realize That there are hundreds of psychopaths Walking around them But not criminals Psychopaths don’t always commit a crime because sometimes ambition that owned by psychopath does not oblige him to commit a crime But Psychopath will do anything if there’s something That hinder his ambition psychopathic literally means mental illness psychopaths are not the same as insane because psychopaths fully aware of his actions the symptoms is called “Psychopathy” psychopaths often called insane people without mental disorders an expert on psychopaths Robert D.Hare has conducted research on psychopathy for over 25 years He argues that Psychopath is always making elaborate camouflage turn back the facts Spread the slander
turn back the facts Spread the slander and lies to get the satisfaction and benefit himself The following factors cause someone could be a psychopath First
someone could be a psychopath First Biological Factors Blair on LaBrode (2007) examine the possibility of biological factors which causes a person to be a psychopath it is lack of prefrontal cortex function and amygdala in brain so it’s causing a person lacks some capabilities which is learning from the society and difficult to distinguish which one is good and which one is bad and do fear responses so it was hard to feel frightened when doing bad things This kind of person will difficulty to feel guilty and also difficult to feel the feelings of his victim is exemplified in “The Story of a Murderer” movie a story set in the 18th century in France The story about Jean Baptiste Grenouille’s life genius in the olfactory who committed the murder In order to find the perfect perfume in order to fulfill his ambition to create a perfume the formula is reputedly be owned by a pharaoh that capable of conquering the human race when using those perfume Jean Baptiste Grenouille killing 13 virgin women which has pure aroma and then he extract the scent of that body used as a perfume when doing a murder he did it a leisurely as it isn’t anything wrong because he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong but all he knows just how to fulfill his ambitions Second Environmental factor the most decisive factor is when a person grow up in troubled family which they don’t teach their children to have social skills Empathy to understand other people also, divorce and child abuse can cause someone to be a psychopath LaBrode said that cases of serial killers In his childhood, experienced adverse events and traumatic all this serial killer has a bad history of his life such as physical and sexual abuse in his childhood Types of psychopath First who flinch at law containment , pressure or reproach they have their own way to interpret the words and life Second he is a risk taker more resistant to pressure easy to anxious and feel guilty Third easy to get angry and when they’re recurrence their behavior is similar to epilepsy people Can psychopaths be cured ? as a personality disorder which is still not certain the causes psychopaths not yet certain can be cured or not in fact treatment to psychopath according to Hare’s observations isn’t make thing get better it could make things even worse because psychopaths could be more intense in manipulating his behavior to harm others people but a psychopath can get better by itself because he was getting older and less energy which is not as big at a young age and because the motivation from himself

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