Smartphone Tutorial for Mobile Trading On NADEX.. 📲 | #TeamAlliance

All right so here we go welcome everyone
this is Mark Fuller with Team Alliance this is going to be the first tutorial
that I do on how to navigate the mobile web platform for Nadex,
Right now I’m just I’m on the Nadex website actually. And I’m using the
Chrome browser on my phone. Let me see if I can you see so inside of the Chrome
browser I have the Nadex website up so it’s just and
when you go there it gives you the option to navigate to this that
you’re looking at now so you see that it gives you an option to log in either to
a demo or into a live account you can select there by just you know
clicking either one of those options and then once you log in you’ll be on the
actual platform using the interface other platforms so I’m actually going to
do that now I’m gonna log in to my live account I’m gonna log in to the account
that I used for Project 21 all right hang on a second okay so I’m logged in so when the first
thing that you see when you log in is the screen that you’re looking at now so
you can see that the balance is here is shown that this is a live account and
this is the the main screen that first appears when you first log in so we’re
going to go down here to where it says markets select that and we’re going to
go here which says by duration and select 5-minute now this is gonna pull
up the binder but we trade you know we trade 5-minute binaries or
Nadex so these are going to be the options that we want to look at so under
5-minute fineries wants you on this screen here then you can select whatever
market that you want to look at the price is 4 so for me it’s going to be
the gbp/usd which is actually this one and as soon as you click on it you can
see that it highlights it’s blue and I didn’t mean to do that hold on a second
I’m sorry about that a lot of subway activity over here right now
but um yeah so once you’re on the 5-minute binary options screen and then
you select what market you want to look at so for example there’s the Aussie you
can see that the strike prices pull up for the Aussie dollar just click it
again to on make the menu go back up then you can select the euro if you want
to if not the pound you know whatever market that you’re monitoring you can
pull up so for me it’s going to be the gbp/usd over here this shows the actual
indicative price that price that you see there that two eight four nine seven
that’s the indicative price so in other words the price of the actual market
that’s the price that you’ll see when you’re looking at this menu from this
page there’s an option for you to open up a chart you click on that little
chart option up there at the top and I’m a little limited with my hand because
I’m recording with my right hand and I got my left hand to navigate on the
phone but if you click that option right there it opens up the chart hold on okay
so I clicked it and then it let you select which market you want to look at
so I’ll select the gbp/usd and you’ll see the chart pull up down see there’s a
chart and if you pinch the screen it lets you
adjust the actual chart I can’t do it because I only have one hand cuz I’m
recording with the other but you get the general idea so you want to look at the
chart you can look at the chart this way if 9 and you want to go back just hit
the back button and it’ll take you back to this screen where you’re just looking
at the stripe prices and the price of the market which is really all we need
to look at so we you know we really don’t even need the chart per se because
we’re able to navigate on this platform and to do what we need to do without
looking at a chart we can just look at the price of the market and look at the
strike prices that you know are available and we’ll know exactly what to
do so this is just a basic introduction to navigate in the mobile platform you
know you can see um when you log in this will show you what is the first screen
that you’ll see how to get to the 5-minute binary options and then when
you’re here what you’re looking at so you can see that the time is there and
you just just this phone the time left for this this option right now that
we’re looking at is right there and this this option currently running is going
to be the 3:30 p.m. option so it’s letting you know what option you’re
looking at by the time on the end right here 3:30 so it’s covering the three
it’s covering between 325 and 3:30 but it’s the 3:30 p.m. option right now that
these prices are for okay so the time left I’m just gonna look
real quick and see let me open this up so when you click on
one of the prices it will open up the window you see and this is the normal
screen that represents the ticket so from here you would be able to select
you know what price you would wanted to enter your limit if you’re trading with
a limit which we do we never trade with that one the size of your contracts you
know you can adjust here if you had one contract change it to one
you can also preset what your contract size is also in your settings the same
way that you do on the the old platform from the desktop you can do it that way
or you can do it from the mobile app as well you just go into your settings into
your preferences and make that change okay but um this is what the ticket
looks like you know when you’re ready to close it out you just close it out right
there brings you back to this screen and then we getting a new binary now so you
can see that 3:30 expired see that nav 335 is gonna pop up and there’s the
prices for the 335 and then the clock resets so now you get a new five in the
clock and that’s – the basics so this is just a basic intro for how to use the
mobile version of the Nadex platform I’ll be making more videos just giving
more I guess tutorials on how to navigate if need be I kind of get an
idea of what people want to see from the platform on mobile to get an idea of
what to make a video about but um most likely what I’ll be recording is if I’m
going to actually take a trade on the mobile platform
you know like for project 21 something like that maybe I’ll just record and see
if an opportunity is presented while I’m recording and if one is then I’ll be
able to actually take the trade from here and instead of doing it from the
the computer so you know mobile is something that is easy to navigate it
really is it’s not hard at all and it’s also the future you know I
realized that this is the direction that people really are heading in and I know
that that’s why I need X once to migrate to the new platform on desktop because
the new platform looks exactly like the mobile it’s the same interface same
thing so if you can use the mobile you can use the desktop and vice versa you
know what I mean but in any case hopefully this was valuable for you guys
more videos to come and I will see you guys in the next tutorial your video for
mobile I mark fuller team Alliance you want to get into training you can reach
out to me you can sign up whoa sorry about that I’m gonna drop this damn
front home you can sign up arm underneath this video in the description
box if you’re looking at this on youtube if you’re watching this on Facebook just
send me a friend request let me know that you want to get into training you
know I’m on all social media platforms you’ll see all the links for every one
of them underneath the video and just connect you can text me now one four
nine seven nine two three one seven and you can also go to the website team
Alliance dot TV mark fuller team Alliance a Hollett saw peace

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