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welcome everyone it's the crypto lark and I'm very excited to have on the show today's a FOID from smart cash welcome lark it's a pleasure to be here I think there's for a while now thank you very much what we were just talking about before we start recording here about husband so long since I've talked about smart cash was definitely time to to have the smart cash conversation and see what you guys have been up to but for anybody who might be new to smart cash or hasn't heard a lot about smart cash before he if it's just the quick version what do you guys do it well my whole elevator pitch is we're trying to get the currency back in cryptocurrency we are focused on using smart cash as a medium of exchange for in-person transactions business two-person transactions and business of business transactions we want to target that money supply and we want to be used as money we feel that too many cryptocurrency fees to talk about that lingo ought to do whatever is but we really want to focus on the usage of cryptocurrency as currency nice when you don't want to build like a smart contract platform on top of it and yeah don't start with my cos my well money is obviously one of the primary functions so we've seen so far obviously for cryptocurrencies enlike I said it's probably put in currency back and the crypto thing and there's an amazing amount of use cases for blockchain technology but beard of your finance that's a pretty big one without a doubt so this this currency aspect is important of course smart cash smart cash it's goods good name actually you guys did quite well with snag in that that name for the the cryptocurrency yeah we are we wanted to keep it simple and straightforward just like our mission nice now there is gonna be an airdrop coming up about a day from now you're taking the snapshot for that so can you tell us a little bit about yeah the Bitcoin confidential airdrop what's about well we're we're launching your said Bitcoin confidential the focus Bitcoin confidential is to focus on confidential transactions as much as smart cash is focused on use currently we did launch smart cashier ago with some privacy features in it but for various reasons including regulatory resistance as well as just technologically speaking for quite seeking to work it needs to be private all the time we pulled all that check out of smart cash and have opted to use ring signatures in Bitcoin confidential the snapshot is that is on the 15th at 0 700 UTC and we're dropping to all the smart cash holders who have at least one smart in their wallet just so we don't deal with a bunch of dust and we're going to links exclude the pirate Treasury system which I guess will talk a little bit about later so none of you hi the project funds will get anything a Bitcoin confidential just the users who have smart cash and obviously you would need to have that in your your smart wallet not on an exchange for a couple of changes that talk to us but as with everything we're a big fan of the year on bank here so prove you on your smart cash and keep it in your wallet there you go now why the name right it's because you're not forking Bitcoin necessarily you're forking I guess your air-dropping from smart cash so why did you come up with a name Bitcoin confidential well just like smart couch is a very simple straightforward name we want me to harken back to the old ideals of Bitcoin but everybody used to think that pseudo anonymous and actually anonymous and we are using the latest Bitcoin code which is whenever we stand up from the other coins of the using room signatures and we're doing a fruitless take conversion freeze so there will be : staging the shell that – but really example this is a confidential Bitcoin cannot what make you don't really complicated we want something that the average person will know what we're talking about when we tell them what it is 88% of the people in America for the Bitcoin but only 11% I've heard of any other cryptocurrency so this is a just want something that's not just appealing to the crypto space we're not something that we can explain easily to anyone and everyone there you go so it's a proof of stake ringg signatures some Bitcoin code Bitcoin confidential know that word why why ring signatures why privacy all the time well hora well there's a you can go pretty deep into that but for the high level you have basically three different kinds of privacy CAC in the crypto space right now there's mixing which everybody knows doesn't actually protect you against anybody who actually wants to track you there's ZK snarks which is fairly effective punch a lot of overhead but it requires that you trust the original signer on busy case Marc stock so not really what I would consider to be trust less or keeping in the spirit of a decentralized cryptocurrency and weak signatures has been proven to be quite effective in Manero so long as you have enough private transactions to generate those signatures from whereas if you have a bunch of non private transactions on the chain it's relatively easy with a high level of confidence to identify who's sending what coins where so that's why we want always-on bring signatures because it's the one thing that works right now that we know yeah I've always backed to the ZK snarks they have always found this situation to be quite funny it's like a bunch of people go in the room and promise you that something happened and you just have to trust that they did it I mean look with like Z cash I'm fairly certain that they did do it but there is that that moment right where you think well what if they didn't right you just have to believe that whatever they said happened in that that room that you couldn't see into happened here's the problem we are trying to go for his little trust in this face it's possible people don't really get the concept of trustless like horseless doesn't mean that when I send you money I don't trust you to get me what I bought yeah that's not what Trust is needs trustless means that when I send you money I don't have to trust that visa and my bank and your bank and the US government are all going to agree that I should be able to send you no point of our peer-to-peer technology is that I am sending money to you and you are hopefully giving you something in return for so Zucco's marx welcome solid chaka nothing against the cataract oh well yeah I mean especially with their upgrades you know it's a it's a powerful technology without a doubt what what as you said in signing ceremony I mean it's fine now but you know what happens there what gets to be a hundred trillion dollar coin are you really still going to trust us on in ceremony I mean the motivation to figure out a way around that and to figure out the people who may or may not have to believe in that key is pretty hot at that point so that's it they're gonna be up nothing Zucco and like you know hypnotizing him and stuff trying to trying to get it out of him and anyway that's that ZK snark though I wanna move on to actually um just recent stress test does he is interesting as Bitcoin confidential isn't for anybody who you know wants to get that airdrop you know go out and you have a few hours still get some smart and put it in your smart wallet and wait for that airdrop to come but recently you guys did a stress test for smart cash so how did that stress test go oh it showed some weaknesses and showed some strength so the bottom line is we can handle about a hundred transactions per second reliably consistently on our chain we can peak out at about three hundred and eighty and but we keep going back many then you end up with a few more orphan blocks and such as the network is very long they'd be incoming transaction so our goal none of this upcoming version of one point three even than one point four is to optimize that quite a bit because we should be cash we have to handle more than that on the upside the hundred transactions per second is currently the fastest proven Bitcoin derivative coin out there – recently moved three million transactions in a day and got about twenty-eight transactions per second over the day so we could be happy to say that we're faster than that but that's where we want to stay we need to be able to handle more than that if we're going to actually yeah well I promise right yeah exactly yeah and we're happy with it we proved the point of what we could do but that's not what we're gonna stay and it is a focus of ours because we want to keep things simple and straightforward that we have to office all it takes to do that way nice I appreciate the honesty it's like yeah we did okay but we need to do better so that's that's good now you guys have been focusing on Latin American countries are particularly Venezuela and Brazil they've been a big focus for smart cash and smart cash community can you tell us what's going on with smart cash in those two countries what's the community like them where do you want to go well right now in Brazil we you can learn entirely on smart cash without touching their fiat currency you have enough partnerships with exchanges and other people there that you can pay everything from your parking tickets you'll rent your Starbucks by you didn't smart cash Wow so that's awesome where that our developers who live in Brazil they they don't have the update they actually and they'll be India whatever and we'll make something out that way they immediately buy smart cash with it and they live entirely on smart cash there which is which is pregnant and thrilled with that and we're continuing to add more and more tools there right now with our smart BAM which is a partnership with ATAR down there that gives us the ability to use smart cash via the band and about 85% of the merchants in Brazil so well over 2 million and the merchant doesn't care they get their fiat currency and the user and user search mark cash so it's it's a win-win all around and of course our goal is that we want the merchants to accept smart cash which is why we have the smart card which is the only crypto – crypto payment card in existence everything is on chain you have your smart card you go into a supporting merchant based and your card you put in your PIN and they have to confirm transaction about a second about and that's the only thing like it in existence right now we're very happy with it it allows for areas where you might not have your cell phone with you or you don't have beverage at your traveling internationally or you're somewhere or whatever you can just have this card and you can pay securely using smart cash which we love and the goal is that we keep pushing that out everywhere we can so that the merchants are tired of paying the three four five percent he's the master part legacy network these and system where they don't pay that you notice right now the average transaction being a smart cash network is point zero zero one smart so basically for you and that makes really small transactions possible because lot of time merchants won't want to accept them you know a credit card for like a five dollar or two dollar purchase or something like that because they have to pay these fees on it they don't make any money yeah and that's yeah that's a huge thing and this is cash but weird this is smart cash well sort of small transactions very cheaply and easily like you know the the chickens and the ducks that you can pay the birdies cryptos now small catches on that we're very effective on that mark because it's fast and she descended so you're not spending a few cents and fifty cents to feed your children's it's just you're something less than a googol son right now we need to get like smart cash sloths or something like this you know like so I'm like really like you know the chickens the Ducks they've been done we need to our smart cash platypuses or something you know something really exciting it's a feed smart cash llamas going like I'm does gonna be like my crack dude I may be here all day like we already have a bunch of our team members who devices though the I was added devices in there there's a great time there's some really cute pictures of their kids paying with smart couch and getting on the lines and stuff so it's a lot of fun we're looking forward to seeing what you really can do that that's awesome those are fun little implementations but I think the real thing is that's amazing that people in Brazil right now they can they can literally live on smart cash and I I see so many people in my comment sections so often saying well it's just off crypto Icarus is all just about speculation there's no real world application of it you can't do anything with it like no that's you're missing the picture you can and you know I know in Australia they have living room in satoshi and it lets people pay for the rent and their power and all this stuff using printer currency to have that same situation happening in Brazil with smart cash that's awesome yeah we love it and the political environment Brazil is interesting you know we're all you know fairly small government people you know we don't want the government to get away as you said it's clear to hear the definite should have anything to say about me giving the money for whatever reason I want to and the government Brazil thankfully it's lost much wherever he is certainly more free-market minded there's not increasing regulation in the financial or the business side of things so crypto currencies there are quite boring we've actually partnered with a bank like location in Brazil so you can buy and sell smart cash at 14,000 physical locations in Brazil right now research first in the favela on YouTube and you'll see one of our team members that are going into one of these places and buying some smart cash we visit the money that's awesome person that's awesome and and to move on do your other sort of endure the Venezuela situations that's exactly the opposite there in that country the government is openly hostile to anything except they're horribly inflationary currency and that cryptocurrency petrol and yeah I was didn't have enough time to read it out of the apparently the petrol is oh heas government employees in the like so they're pushing it out and we'll have to see how much they crack down on other cryptocurrencies now that the petrol is a thing in person there so it's gonna be a very interesting experiment should watch that and I'll go along a little bit tinfoil hiding for a minute here Chris I do that now and again and the blockchain amazing gave us that potential to have free market currency control or on currency that being said it also gives a centralized government everything they want in a currency lack of a better term the upcoming fed coin that will happen gives the Fed all the control over money that they could ever possibly want hmm I said thank you making they can install these backdoors to freeze your account and stuff like this and trace every single penny from point A to whatever point it gets to make sure it's all taxed yeah they're gonna love it so you need to continue Bill free market currency world so that they're always playing catch-up and we will always have the better currency because that's the only way we're going to win this you're not gonna win this on my deals with in doing this by making something better just like just like uber is doing to the taxi industry and they you know they didn't ask permission of the governments to come in and start being uber they just came in we're better than everybody else and then the government's had to adapt in fact if uber had asked permission they would have never got anywhere because the taxi Lobby would have come in old someone's asking for permission to compete with us no let's pay off some politician so it doesn't happen exactly exactly so you know that's what we that's the attitude we need to advocate the currency space is build better tools and don't want pollution now I know in the cryptocurrency space look there's the reality is is that no one crypto project has all the users yet or anything and actually we're all kind of working together for the same goals largely but in terms of what I see with smart cash versus like maybe pip X or – being as very similar projects to smart cash do you see them as competition and if so why or do you see them more as just collaborators and building something bigger we're all collaborators are trying to push out this space we have slightly different mechanisms here and yeah we are in competition because we are fighting for the same space but our focus isn't to fight over the little piece of pie that we currently have in the crypto space focus is the entire monetary pile that which we are going to clump right now and as much as pivots and – can be successful in what they do more power to them we feel that we have a better model and better tools already than pivot sir – – and we think that we are the better picked of currency in that space obviously but I talked to Joe Allen dr. Burch people of – and I'm cherish with them there's no no hard feelings or anything we're all just fighting for the same goal just because we think we have a different means of getting there recite the better meaning of getting there doesn't mean I hate them or anything like that yeah it's just it's just about you know everyone finding their communities and there will be people who people in communities and regions and cities and countries and all those things who for one reason or another gravitate towards one crypto or another crypto and the decentralized systems are always gonna have an advantage over the centralized you know like the petro for example you know that's no I don't think anyone's excited about that except the Venezuelan government the oh another way we can steal the wealth from our country great but regular citizens aren't excited about that and whether you want to go down and there'll probably a situation in the future where local shops will walk in your local shop and will say you know crypto accepted here and there will be services I'll let you pay in smart cash or paybacks or whatever it is and it'll it'll take care of the conversion for you with that sort of wide acceptance of different crypto so you want to have to like all this is just shop only except smart cash might go across the street because they accept – over there you know exactly least we saw with the credit card industry as Visa Mastercard Discover Amex and a few of the others that we no longer know anything about they all competed but when it came right down to it for stores to do what they wanted to do they have terminals and software that accepted them all and in the long run in the crypto space I expect that that will really be the case we have more tools allow for easier south and yeah I'm a big fan of the Atomics swap that style thing is this one for under Islamic wallet but we don't necessarily know what tools will be available in the future you know this is technology than it's changed bike but but I'm not one of those people who think that there will be one coin to rule them all or a lot this is going to be the fruit market even if there will be one that has a big share of it there's still the other it's just like Google as most of the search graphics but many people refer to use other stuff exactly now in terms of the governance of smart cash this is a community governed project largely so what are the challenges and I guess the benefits of having community governance of your cryptocurrency we have a unique governance system in the way you do things so we have our six hive teams which are focused on different areas and each of those teams gets a small percentage of the block rewards to do with as they well and then we have the project fund which can only be accessed to be a proposal actually almost half or 46% of a block reward goes towards the project fund and that fund is there for anybody in the community or wherever to put forward proposals that they think we'll better smart cash to get funded by the rest of the smart cash to do it and this is something we allow everybody who holds smart cash to vote we're not a democratic system or a Oleta system that only lets nodes but we actually have one smart cash equals one vote so whatever your stake in the system is that's your say in these proposals so basically if you have a million smart that's essentially a million bucks if you have one smart that's one voter if you have point zero zero one smart that's point zero zero one votes and the goal here is that where I'm gonna hype team we do get funded directly from the blocking Ward's but I don't necessarily know the best way to handle your hometown or your industry or your group of funds or whatever I only know what I know and if you say hey I can talk to these people I can get them to accept smart cash or I'm part of this through these resources help us accept cash or good an or ongoing event and like unity I want some more cash to sponsor it or even I can write these BOTS for discord these funding to do that and when the servers for two years anything like that is what we want to have happen with our community and we want to give our community the tools to be able to do that mm-hmm we're just saying your volunteer go off and we're going to do okay we know best we're just going to do what we want to do no this is a worldwide community project and our goal is to keep things as decentralized for lack of a better term than centralized yeah I don't know what you can do and you don't know what I can do so that's everybody that you can do it that's it let's collaborate let's let's all work together and that's I think that actually gets people involved right I don't feel like with my bank for example like I don't know I'm gonna go out and you know promote my bank to other other people or that I'm going to I don't know go down and say hey are you accepting payments for my bank yet or any of that stuff like no it's as a business model they they make money off of me like I'm their customer I'm not part of their community right I think it's really different with crypto currencies where it's actually no I'm actually part of that community right I talked to the people and and it's it's a totally different way of thinking about finance because it's not it's not top-down finance it's it's this this sort of flat playing field where everyone's kind of on the same level well we talked so much in cryptocurrency about store value and that's always the big thing with Bitcoin being a store of value but but what is value value is simply the results of your labor if you go all the way back you know to the barter system you know I have chickens and you have shoes and they hope we can work something out where what currency is a way to abstract that out so if I have shoes on do you have chickens but you're anything more shoes now any more chickens we can still do business and the value is very personal is what I value is not what you value and much you value that painting behind you is probably different than how much I value that painting behind you and so it's all from the bottom up you know it's it should be very personal versus what we have now with the Federal Reserve and central bank system there's like oh don't worry about it smarter people and better people than you are taking care of it which don't most of this year is the case right now yeah absolutely these people do not hurt your interests in mind and they are not brilliant individuals Wow but we just we just learned just yesterday that the Federal Reserve is now losing six to six billion dollars a year on this balance sheet so the weatherman gets on the TV every day and is you know wrong more than half the time or whatever like how does that guy keep his job oh sorry I was not to go way off on the tangent of how you look at standard economics you listen to Paul Krugman my favorite standard economics tier and that has never tell you what causes economic crashes the 2008 crash oh sure you know homeowners and what I but why did that happen oh just you know animal spirits whatever you know they're just Poppins happens it's inevitable market without any market is gonna do without looking at you know what is the basis what does everything in the market touch your money and who controls your money who controls who gets your money and who controls how easy and cheap it is to get money well these people maybe they have something to do with it so you know we've seen what happens I mean that's right do you look Gail bond the gold standard in the 70s and what has happened since then except rampant inflation and centralization of money the rich are getting richer that's it that's it no wonder that it's no wonder that people are so excited about cryptocurrency because it changes the narrative and the narrative has been control inflation lower purchasing power the rich getting richer like who wants to sign on for that I accept a guess you know the 0.1 percent of people who are benefiting from that system everyone else looks at this goes I didn't sign up for this when when did when was I asked I wasn't I was born into this system right I was buoyed by a time I was born it was already moving in this direction and you know politics really unrepresentative anyway you go and get to elect people no matter who you elect to get the same damn results because they work for the same people it's crazy exactly and to circle back around to Brazil which in a favored country to talk about well it's great talking people from Brazil because they actually had hyperinflation in the 90s and that's when they switch to their current yeah turn to the Brazilian reality but I've talked to people there who they remember working in a grocery store in the 90s and having to change prices three times today remembering that banks had to be able in 24 hours because as soon as you got your check you had to get your cash and had to buy groceries otherwise you're going to go hungry and even now the Brazilian system targets a 5 percent inflation rate so you know that if you're holding on to money it's going to be 5 percent less next year five percent less New York about and so on and so forth and you know you probably might remember a year was worth a thousand percent less yeah it's not a system that encourages people to say and just like our system now doesn't here even though we have a smaller inflation rate we still don't encourage people saying we force everybody to become a speculator in the stock markets in order to just save for retirement where if we had a sound money system they just save up and then they'll have as much money as they say we're now if you say but you're gonna have half as much money as you say by the time your tiger that's which is frankly you know reveries attached that everybody has to pay nobody thinks about yeah it's an invisible tax right and it's like okay technically I still have the same amount of numbers there you know but those same numbers only buy half as much as they used to and that's that's inflation is there is a really subtle way of you know stealing I guess essentially raise this is this invisible tax that yeah five percent annually that's crazy and this is no again it's the what our people are interested in cryptocurrencies right yeah okay the markets down right now but if you invested in Bitcoin five years ago you've gone up massively not only have you avoided that you know five percent annual decrease in your currency if you live in Brazil but you've also been able to get the gains over time from the cryptocurrency has a long-term investment so you can really see us here now before we finish up I did want to talk a little bit about the road map so the 2018 smart cash roadmap what were the results that were you able to hit all the goals he had on the 2018 road map well we missed a couple of them because of just the way the market happened and because we had to adapt for testing so one of the big things we wanted to do this year was get a 24/7 phone helped us going that's simply to do so would have been a waste for us to do it just the bear market came in and it wasn't as much interest worldwide now we still have our discord and or helped us in everything else 24/7 and it still is our goal to get a phone helpdesk going in every language that we can available 24/7 to help people but that's going to be a when it's needed thing versus let's just schedule that out because we don't know what's going to happen for that but we have a stuff in place so we should be able to spin that up pretty fast the other thing we didn't hit was adaptive walks that was a method to so there's nobody as you know one day clock you want eight Meg blocks yeah whatever size block you need up to the limit and the reason we didn't do that is actually related to our stress test where we found that at four Meg blocks every 55 seconds you know that is not the limiting factor on how fast transactions to look we need to have better network propagation before we get to whatever size blocks you want so yeah right now at the for Meg block for the standard transaction if you have 380 transactions per second event that works out to be a month not mad but not a lot of transactions in that block and the size is not going to in fact or it's the number of actual transactions and all the notes validated not so that is the classic is this it's not the size the number of transactions every remember that if you know it's gonna form a block we had a few hundred transactions with a thousand inputs and outputs those are giant transactions nobody cares that's not going to kill anyone system it doesn't matter it's the a whole bunch of really tiny one input one output transactions and you're still takes the same amount of effort for anybody to validate they're just it's hard and that's why when sv did their sixty-four made block during their stress test it took 40 minutes to propagate the network and they had a couple block reward because of it that's exactly why so that's the problem with an address so it's not that we couldn't have done the doclet blocks it's just wouldn't have solve any of the problems there you go sometimes making it bigger does not make it better especially if you don't need to make it bigger right now nokey looking forward to 2019 what can we expect from smart cash well coming with the next version 1.3 which is actively being tested right now but right before dot this fall i had to upgrade my just nodes to the latest rest version we're gonna have more on chain voting and proposal tracking as well as upgrading our smart reward system to require voting to get smartly warts we don't really talk about smart rewards much but basically smut rewards is 15% of the block Awards split among all the addresses with at least a thousand smart in it and no withdrawals for that smugly board period which is currently about one month and we're upping it to about three months on requiring that you vote to actually get those smart rewards that's when participating in the community yeah yeah so that's a big change and also for some other reasons it really helps not an opt-in process instead of an automatic process so that's a big change coming now and there's some back-end changes there in the next version 1.4 there should be out in the first quarter to half of the next year will be what we're calling super notes and this is another layer of nodes on top of our smart node system and these super nodes will actually run the smart card API as well as electron app servers so this will decentralize all of that infrastructure even more to make it harder for people or governments to block IPS belonging to electrum servers or smart card API and I wanted to central and censorship resistance to that while incentivizing the community to action and rumba mmm lots of lighting things happen in Chris Park cash yeah and that's they're going to be huge for us as we continue to grow on node Network and our lifetime server infrastructure so we're quite happy with that and we feel that that will be a big advantage and of course there's a lot of the onion optimizations that we hope to include in 1.4 and 1.5 that will continue to increase our abilities and lots and lots of transactions really really fast on top of our already good instant pay which allows trustable transactions in a second and a half or more a hundred transactions per second exactly oh there you go you have to be as fast as credit cards otherwise it's gonna be hard to hard to get people to transition over if they're sitting there waiting for a minute or two minutes like it's just being able to do this with a credit card you're not going to wait a minute for the Slurpee purchase you're gonna go to a store you can put in your card that's gonna go on now or snack you want through that we can charge smart card transactions faster than shipping 10 priority delivery I've got a card transaction so that is our goal to keep that going because again people working at a retail store are not going to want to wait for confirmation and you know you've seen a lot of the double spend stuff that is come up really popularly in a Bitcoin cash you need you right now you have somebody proving that way they can bet a double spend to the hand cash point-of-sale that's the other day so zero calm as it is it's not good enough for anything where you want to rely on that and sure it's not a big issue right now but if you actually are expecting your entire customer base to use this infrastructure that's just not something you didn't want to rely on it well since ray it's not good enough without a doubt very very cool that way thank you so much for coming on and you know tell us what's going on smart cash in Nguyen gonna bet on the privacy in federal banking so those always good you know extra extra added value for everyone out there in the audience so thank you so much for taking the time it is very interesting thing well thanks laughs it's always good to talk with you and hopefully you don't feel too bad about me beating on the coach a couple weeks ago

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  2. SmartCash is a ponzi that supported a few whales. The original idea was excellent with a nice brand name, the whole Hive thing, ZCoin Privacy features, and a block reward "Community Fund" but the reality is SmartCash has been a disaster. The team that supports it simply didn't have the skills to handle updates after the fork and it has been one problem after another. Fact is Zcoin and others have managed just fine but SmartCash team had to give up without any consultation with the community and striped out all the Privacy. Any complaints was met with ban. The coin also had endless problems with their exchanges like Cryptopia and HitBTC and the feedback from Cryptopia was that SmartCash team is poor at communication, unorganized, and don't manage the relationships with their exchange to the same level as other coins. Meanwhile the Community Fund is also mismanaged, and any uncomfortable questions about the funds have been met with members being banned. We only ever see a few chosen insiders jetting off to junkets at a resort and crypto conferences and now that the coin is dead (a Masternode isn't worth hosting) they became very desperate to launch a fresh Ponzi… enter Bitcoin Confidential. If you visit their Discord you will see no support from the SmartCash community for this stupid coin – its pushed by just the same handful of shills and any complaints is met by ban! As for the "cash" use-case – simply look at the ever reducing volume, and notice that what volume does occur has nothing to do with retail in South America… Sad.

  3. I wish smartcash would get listed on bittrex. This is a true cryptocurrency! Ty so much for this video interview.

  4. Thx for bringing this together. I have been a big fan of smart so far, but haven’t seen much coverage…masternodes are cheap – I need to grab some ASAP!

  5. Love the idea, low fees and control over my money. But sadly if you had purchased it last year around this time SmartCash and other Crypto’s have lost tons of value. They criticized paper money that has lost tons of value. Unfortunately crypto’s have suffered the same fate. Some as high as 99% loss

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