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what’s going on guys this is V Wells and
I’m coming at you with a hundred kryptos in a hundred days this is the number
thirteen episode out of a hundred and we’re gonna be talking about smart cash
today so smart cash is a crypto currency that is essentially trying to come out
and allow you know smart voting a more decentralized network it’s gonna allow
fundraising through the actual platform itself as well for certain ideas you
have to help smart cash grow each coin that you hold will be worth a vote and
these type of things it’s also a coin in chicken steak so you can get what’s
called smart rewards which is essentially your awards for staking and
anytime anybody who gets over a thousand smart cash gets paid every 30 days after
the 25th and that’s that’s pretty huge you get really good rewards I made about
4% in one month of a growth from staking my very first month of doing that and
the future of smart cash which is hoping to bring it into the mainstream market
and make it a highly usable cryptocurrency is what’s gonna be called
smart instant pay which is going to be basically a smart card what is gonna be
called and it’s like a debit card that takes cryptocurrency or a smart cash and
turns it directly into spendable funds on a card where you can spend them
anywhere a credit card or debit card is accepted so that is gonna really help
boost main crypto into the mainstream I think there are other projects that have
the same idea in mind there’s 10x there’s Sentra and there’s a couple more
so I mean I’m hoping some of these will actually get released like they’re
supposed to and help crypto become more mainstream and allow you to spend it
easier a lot of people don’t want to spin their crypto yet but I think in the
future once it’s accepted more broadly I think more people will start spending it
especially when the price stabilizes a bit too however for now
something like this would be great being able to spend some
cryptos you see the average block times gonna be 55 seconds the maximum supplies
five billion that’s pretty high but right now there’s only a 1.4 billion out
in circulation so they’re keeping a lot of those for the staking in other
rewards I’m not sure what’s gonna happen once they’re all out and in in
circulation however the rewards is gonna work or if they’re gonna lower it by
time I really haven’t looked too far through this coin and done a lot of
research the reason I’m behind it and the reason I invested some into it is
because somebody I greatly respect from the crypto world named the og brach nuts
Nona esteem accom has brung nuts he’s a heavy proponent of smart cash and this
is a guy who’s very conservative in terms of what he invests in he doesn’t
invest in that many coins and if you look at his theme wallet right here he’s
got a hundred and five thousand steam worked a hundred and eighty six thousand
dollars so I mean I think he knows what he’s talking about to a great extent and
he’s a very skeptical investor so the reason I got into smart cash without
really diving in deep was because oh gee Brock nuts recommended it and I fully
trust him with a lot of crypto because I know that he’s an OG you know like he’s
been in the game like me for a long time so Oh G brung us a big shout out to you
thank you for telling me about smart cash I’m glad I heard about it and now
let’s just take a look at the price and the charts and stuff it’s only eight
cents a piece right now with a 66 million dollar market cap now look at
this chart this is just ridiculous it was under a penny back in August had
a big boost up to 16 cents and another dip but look at this pump right here
we’re talking smart cash hit two dollars and 80 cents guys and now it’s eight
cents apiece that is more than 30 time discrepancy and a lot of people might be
scared of that but I like to think that good projects will bounce back even
after big losses and if you see it’s been on a huge downturn ever since it
went back from that all-time high of 280 all the way back down the 91 cents 85
cents who stood back up to almost $2 and ever
since it kind of stabilized around the 30 cent mark there for a little bit but
it’s just been slowly falling with a with some of the other kryptos in the
price of Bitcoin but it’ll be great to see it bounce back I really hope that it
can because I’m up to about 20,000 smart cash now I just bought some more today
actually seeing the very low pricing so we’ll see what happens with it it’s very
exciting project again thanks to hope you brought nuts for shout it out to me
and I’ll dive a little deeper into it once I do a little bit more research
we’re just getting the basics of 100 coins done in a hundred days and after
that we’re gonna start doing some more intermediate to advanced videos but
we’re starting out more of a beginner level and working our way up because
there is a lot of new people in the cryptocurrency space
thanks a lot if you watch this video I’d greatly appreciate it thank you for any
support or follows subscribes I should say and lights make sure to subscribe
because as soon as we hit a thousand we’re gonna start doing crypto giveaways
every weekend guys so appreciate everybody tuning in and watching any
comments that you might want to leave and I’ll see you guys on the moon take
it easy

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