Slam Book || A School age Love Story || Crazy Productions||Latest Telugu Short Film || 2020

[Boy crying] [Boy crying] What Uncle? What makes you cry kid? What do you want? Slam Book Which class are you? Fourth Class Why a Slam Book in fourth class? I’m shifting to a new school.
I will miss all my friends in this School That’s why I need a Slam Book Just wait here for 2 minutes. Stay right here. Will be right back Take this It’s my Gift Go Where’s he? He didn’t come with me You both come together, right? Yes. Till the School. You know where he stops everyday Hey, How many times should I warn you to not look at Akshara? Bloody Junior. Go away. This school tortures me by feeding
additional subjects of next year [Mesmerized] Got it. I will leave How about today? Same story May I come in teacher? Charan, Why are you late? Madam, I will tell you Yeah tell He is standing outside 10th Class door daily Why Charan? Science teacher called me There is some project I need to work on Science teacher didn’t come to school today. You are lying to me? No Madam. No Madam Come. I will take you to PET sir Try fooling him by your stories [come come lets go] Madam, please don’t tell him What happened Madam? He is being late daily What Charan? Why are you late? He is standing outside 10th class door daily You leave Madam. I will take care of him. What sir? What’s the matter? Nothing Sir Heard that you are after Seniors these days? Nothing as such Sir Ok. Do whatever you want to do in these last 3 months You shouldn’t have any regrets in future Ok… Ok Sir Okay. If teacher asks anything tell her that I have beaten you.. Go 4′ O Clock
School Ground [laughs] Hey, You still here? Oh You Came. She just left Come. Lets go Any luck today? Come ducker What not, I covered all the programmes Yesterday, I took a bike and rode crazily on roads Bragger. Bragger. Bragger Silence Charan, Get up Recite the poem I taught you yesterday Ata jani Kaanche [ a Telugu Poem] If you fail it,
You will stand on the bench the whole day [poem] Arrogancy right? Go write the date and subject on the board Friend Whispers: Charan ,
Look at the Window.. Akshara Teacher hasn’t come yet? She did come Teacher: Charan, who’s there? Don’t tell her. I will leave. Bye No one Madam Why did she come? Why did she leave? It’s all like a dream for me Concentrate on your studies first What is her problem dude? Charan, open this box for me You always irritate me, right Open it yourself Please, open it Give it Not just studies, you should also have strength First concentrate on your studies Now eat You have a crush on Senior girl right? Wait, I will complain about it to teacher No.. No.. Please Open it Good Always stuck at looking You don’t want to impress her? What should I do? Gift her something What should I gift her? You want me to tell that too? You’re my Senior right. Please suggest something What does she like the most? She likes… Yeah. I got it How’s the Visual? Don’t look at her again What Junior Sir, Why are you so dull? Nothing Tell me. May be I can help you. No Tellll I said No Tell me first He and Akshara are very close They are very close I just saw them sitting together That dumb face? She called him ‘brother’ two days ago Is it? Yes Don’t be overwhelmed now She called her classmate a brother. You’re her Junior What would she call you? Hey Stop. Chances are there Don’t cry over it always We can do something Senior, Can you fill my slambook? About You? What should I write? Ok. Let’s write “You’re my Brother” Idea!! You buy a slam book You know many seniors right Ask them to fill it Akshara will also fill it Then, In the “About You” section, If she writes anything other than “Brother” Yeah.. then? then…. Yeah… then? I will not tell you Please Please tell me that. You know what I brought here? Slam Book Super dude Go then Give it to all the Seniors. Have them write We all know what she’s gonna write I’m little tensed What if she writes “You’re my brother” She doesn’t do that dude You move first Okay Bye Senior, does Akshara like Charan? Not sure. I too don’t know What’s up with you guys? Nothing Sir. Waiting for you to come I’m right here. Lets go Lets make all your classmates fill this How did you get money to buy this? 30 days pocket money Lets go Charan What are you doing here? Slam Book How many times should I tell you Not to fill these during this period Why are you so bothered about your seniors leaving? Go to the class You too Sir Sir Sir.. The book Ah! How did you give it to him? You know about him, right? I asked him again He asked me to take it after exams We can’t do anything now We have to wait for 3 months Exams are completed. All Seniors will come today Today is their last day too Charan bro, Pricipal is calling you May I come in Sir? Come in Sir, You called me? Yeah Charan I took your book right Take it Don’t repeat such things again Stay focussed. Follow what we say. [Akshara] You are very very special person in my life That day The words she has penned in my Slam Book The way she looked at me for the last time Those days I couldn’t forget any of these You too have many such wonderful moments Recollect them and happily wear a smile once SLAM BOOK

50 thoughts on “Slam Book || A School age Love Story || Crazy Productions||Latest Telugu Short Film || 2020”

  1. Liked your natural acting charan , direction screenplay and dialogues are requisite.
    Special mention to that last shot ?..keep going and all the best for your future ..

  2. Asalu it was very nice experience….
    Frame frame ki picturesque is fantastic…
    Starting lo charan introduction in slow motion was awesome.
    In everyone's schooldays are very sensitive n emotional feeling, with small small things, that your team has shown very beautifully…
    And the sound of gooooood moorrrrninggg teaccchhherrrrrrr.. was no words
    All the members done very excellent work…
    All the very best, fa yo future ????

  3. Didn’t even find a single flaw in Charan’s expressions…carried the entire film seamlessly with his expressions…last but not the least..handwriting in the slam book was amazing .

  4. Nice Film. Burning star manoj ki jai. Super acting manoj, you can easily replace natural star nani with your natural acting. No words say, many more films expecting from you ???

  5. First 20 sec oka kurradu phone pattuku act chesadu blue shirt veskuni… awesome performance ????. Hope he get more opportunities

  6. @Charan Amazing as always.. Raks the beauty of humbleness, Manaswi as always supportive, Dan and Karri fantastic keep it up.. ??

  7. Everyone did a very good job. Priyatham konni scenes lo kanapadda kanipinchina anni chotla chaalaa natural ga chesadu.. Acting lo manchi future unde chances unnayi?.

  8. Movie is fantabulous ❤️?and the one who acted as protogonist friend (I think pritam) is very natural in flow…he is going to have bright future in Telugu cinema..very promising actor…❤️?

  9. Awesome story and screen remained me about my days. Charan and PRITHAM killed with your acting and expressions hoping many more films like this

  10. Heroin pakka unna ammai bagundi …next time aa ammai ki heroin chance ivvandi…nice acting….. congratulations to whole team

  11. At 09:51 superb dialogue, "Mari antha anandhapadaku, vane Annaya andhi, neeku thamudanadha" every student has faced this, when they're ready to meet there crush in school day's. Between the senior, she look damn beautiful, you should keep her in main lead. And that chubby boy, who told this dialogue was killed with his expressions. Overall, you guys done fabulously. Main lead (hero) gurinchi chepe avasaram ledhu, he is marvelous, future vundhi babuki… Everyone done good Job with their own characters ? A Big clap's to all of you.???

  12. Charan, metlu digi aa pillodiki slam book ichav baane undi, malli metlendukekkavu ra? Dramatic effect kosama? 😛 😛 😉 Anyway, as usual ga chaala baaga chesav nuvvu. Mundhu nunchi expect chesinatte Sarma-ni thokkesav 😛 😛 Priyatham maama camera vanka chudakunda next time jagrathaga undu. Vaishnavi & Priya kuda chaala baaga chesaru. Akshara character slambook raasepuddu Priya ichina expressions super asalu… Hearty congratulations to all the cast and crew. Good luck!

  13. Film is so natural and simple… Priyatham, nice ra.. School lo kuda full chichhora unnattu unnav, ur acting is really great! All the casting has done a great job ?
    All the best to the entire team

  14. Awesome expression charan and sarma ji superb performance ? over all short and sweet film ?? good job guys ???keep doing more.

  15. Feel good movie it is, a smile after watching this movie and a search for my own slam book.. what else can I say.. Priytam.. good debut for u. And charan has natural acting skill.

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