SingularityNET (AGI) Is The Biggest Sleeper In Crypto

welcome back to crypto a prophet today I wanted to make a video about why I believe that singularity net is the single biggest sleeper in crypto so starting out from the partners page we can see that listed on this partners page there are sixteen partners and they have not yet listed the Dutch power company a nexus Nepgear and Domino's Pizza so counting those two there are 18 partners so far which compared to other crypto projects generally there is no comparison because other crypto projects just don't have this amount of partnerships so this is extremely impressive and on top of it mr. Tim Richmond yesterday in the singular Internet community telegram group said that more partnerships are going to be announced quote sooner than later so singularity net is quickly gaining critical mass as more partners come I believe that more partners will come now next is the developer documentation singularity net even has a specific area of the website devoted to developer documentation and why this is so important is that I mean most other crypto projects do not have this and some crypto a lot of crypto projects don't have any developer documentation to speak of so if you don't eliminate as much of the friction as possible for developers to be able to build on top of the protocol generally they just won't and singularity net has taken care of that with flying colors here and we can see that they even have multi-language support here we have C++ Go Java Python even open cobb very impressive next we see developer workshops you can see that one of the actual partnerships itself was with F epic ode to host developer workshops so singularity net is making a serious outreach to host developer workshops and basically hold developers hands to teach them how to take their pre-existing algorithms and put them on to singularity net the last one that there was was at this AI everything summit that they had a workshop and it seems to be that they are holding a workshop pretty much monthly so very impressive next let's take a look at the github compared to other get hubs first of all we have 74 repositories we have we have commits every single day we can see that consensus had rated singularity net as the 14th most active github in all of crypto and on top of it OpenCog had started being developed i believe in 2008 so i mean you can even make the argument that this project from its roots the the actual codebase had started before bitcoin itself so although this project is only about a year and a half old really if you look at all of the codebase behind it it's over a decade i mean it's it's incredible next let's look at the team so we have an all-star team here spanning across the globe including dr. ben Gert cyl which is arguably potentially the grandfather of artificial general intelligence he was doing artificial general intelligence research back when everybody else was laughing at the very idea of AGI so we have somebody who is one of the most experienced individuals in all of artificial intelligence in the entire industry at the head of this project on and on top of it we have all different other organizations working with singularity net including mazi health i cog labs Hanson robotics etc so very impressive team next we have the research initiatives here so singularity net is carrying out a bunch of research initiatives singularity net and OpenCog powered sofia where a single area is going to be on sofia semantic perception offer net singularity net simulations reputation system which this can be applied to other blockchains other projects language learning meta learning and inference control longevity human longevity to live longer diagnosis and understand crop disease so there's a lot of research going on here now let's take a look at the money in terms of the future value I mean Bitcoin itself is going after gold which has about seven point five to eight trillion dollar market capitalization we can see here that from PwC that that that artificial intelligence is a game changer and it's going to reach over fifteen trillion dollars so that's about two times the potential value of Bitcoin itself and then when we look at the market capitalization of Bitcoin it's already over a hundred billion we look at the market cap of singularity net it's under 20 million that's like less than a house in in Beverly Hills I mean it's it's practically free and then finally we have this virtuous cycle here where singularity net has all different types of utility value you can use it to get AI services you can use it for agents taking you can use it to stake on the Fiat to AGI liquidity pool you can use it in the future for platform governance so like and subscribe share your comments bye

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  1. 00:20 *Other crypto projects generally cant compare to the amount and size of SingularityNET's partnerships*

  2. Anyone know or have any idea why the SingularityNET website is down right now?

    I get this error no matter what.

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    The request could not be satisfied.

    CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection.

    If you received this error while trying to use an app or access a website, please contact the provider or website owner for assistance.

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  3. Yes, Singularitynet has a lot of exposure. Partnerships are frivolous when it comes to projects value. I believe value will come when AGI creates their own blockchain and get off slow evolving bottleneck blockchain Ethereum

  4. People have no idea what is coming, just like nobody in an 80's shopping mall could have predicted Amazon or eBay so too normies can't see the futuristing roboworld of dystopian Blade Runner fantasies of maximum novelty we're heading towards, and the future is either open source and great or a (((proprietary))) clownworld run by elite banksters like Rothchild and Soros…

    …imagine that if you will, for a moment, George Soros in charge of AI, homeboy would be like Dr. Eggman on crystal meth laying waste to the Earth turning the woodland critters into Borg, (so basically what he is doing now plus AI), and if that Palantir ball ceremony thing with Trump and some Jew and the Saudi King didn't strike fear into your freedom loving hearts then nothing will disturb you, I don't care about the retarded "citizenship" bestowed on Sophia by Prince Alahu Akbar I doubt Sophia wants to be citizen of a country where women have to dress like ninjas every day and they crucify teenage boys for having an opinion that doesn't agree with Wahabism.


  5. Singularity Net is absolutely one of the biggest sleepers. They have tons of commits for their development, powerful partnerships, and a CEO with 30 yrs experience in AI. Their total supply is only 1B. Circulating Supply of 539M. It has a low market cap and only takes $5M to move the coin up 1 cent. Yea it’s gona be huge. Check out my channel dude. Just uploaded a video about AGI in Dubai.

  6. It seems that you work for SingularityNET, get paid or defend your own interests. You are no longer neutral, so the value of your videos is worthless.

  7. You have completely lost your credibility! You do not know what you are talking about, I advise you to look at Ripple (XRP) number of partners.

  8. those partnerships havent done anything to the price- who cares about partnerships anymore- so its not impressive- a price pump would be impresive

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