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out our business and find out why we are the best! The advertising industry is undoubtly broken. People are mistreated for so long, they are almost forgotten. People are being pushed into a corner. And people strike back by banner-blindness and adblockers. Then why is advertising so annoying? Intrusiveness is like an uninvited guest, it’s disruptive relating to our perception process inciting a feeling of anger. Non-Relevancy, because advertising is not applicable to us or not to our interest, being mistargeted leaves us disappointed. Two unpleasant factors: 1. not integrated personalization 2. privacy concerns Question! If these two unpleasant factors are pulled out, is it still advertising? We don’t know and we don’t care! One thing for sure: Pleasure is part of the future of Awareness Industry! Globalization may lead to a monopolized market of a single force with all authority and power of setting the prices and controlling quality and variety! Advertisements are just a form of awareness, pieces of information This is hurting Local Businesses and smaller businesses too! These should be given equal opportunities in pricing, innovation and …Marketing too. Singapore Dollar Coin is a platform that builds a bridge. A bridge between people trying to fulfill their needs and local businesses looking for active customers. People are empowered to choose what kind of and how much of not intrusive information, relative to the user’s interest. The Singapore Dollar Coin vision as opposed to Globalization vs. Localization is to bring back the more friendly, connected communities of our neighborhoods, we used to live in. Location is the heart of SDC. Innovation by Singapore Dollar Coin. Monetization Singapore Dollar Coin does not take any money of the advertising flow, being literally indifferent to advertising costs, which are kept low for businesses. Instead the money’s shared among viewers as incentive to keep their involvement and ability of users to earn through use of the app. Customer Targeting Singapore Dollar Coin offers leveraged efficiency of ad delivery. It allows businesses to target their customers by different criteria as gender, age, interest, location, profession, education etc. This to increase the effectiveness of the customer spending or cost-per-customer. Singapore Dollar coin does this by combining and applying different cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and blockchain. Singapore Dollar Coin strives to deliver a social yet intimate service to empower people around the world! That is what Singapore Dollar Coin stands for! Click the link in the description! Singapore Dollar Coin is next generation Advertising and its future is a dedicated platform for the Awareness Industry for the benefit of all users. At no cost, rather rewarding! So what are you waiting for?
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