Sia Lead Developer Talks About Cryptocurrency Mining

hey everyone Kevin here over the last week or so I've talked a lot about ASIC manners and GPU mainers all these discussions of came around because of the release of the bat means they had named many but this isn't something new this year alone we've seen Batman release an 8 hash and kryptonite manor so that sort of the theorem based coins and Manero and we've seen all these discussions around what developers need to do well the you know will they keep the coin on the same algorithm or the fork will to do something else to try and tackle ecig – I came across a really good article from David vortac is the lead developer of I believe he sees SIA or SIA and that's a very good article now it's a long article so I'm not going to sit and read the whole thing but I just want to kind of briefly touch upon some of the things he mentions and they started the article I'll link to the article and you can read it and fill and you can see here at the start here it talks about he's a lead developer of SIA a blockchain based on a cloud storage platform and I had actually heard the website up there a second ago and I'll just bring it back up so that's this here this is the coin he's in he's in charge of the it developed so now he sees that a year ago himself and some members of the co team started the obelisk a cryptocurrency ASIC manufacturing company first t6r gonna shop in about eight weeks and I'll Johnny with uber leases governs all of and say into the world of cryptocurrency mining one of the reasons we started obelisk was because we felt that the coin developers in general had a very purview and to the mining world and the best way to understand us would be to get our hands dirty and bring a minor to the market since starting o beliefs we started to learn a lot about the mining space is relevant to a to GPUs to Asics to FPGAs to AC resistance many farms electricity and a whole host of our subjects the coin developers should be more aware of we negotiate everything that we know that we've built agree to gather information or say key topics I think will be helpful to care to consider zena's and other members of the capital Canarsie community so that's an introduction and I kind of summarizes where he's going to talk about basically he's been developing these estimating machines for a year and he discusses all the points around that know what they've doing yeah as something that I'm seeing I think that sees how the market is going to go as far as coins developing their own ethic manners this actually makes a lot of sense why shouldn't the developers of coins develop their own ASIC mainly machines rather than letting other companies do it I came across something in the in the said cash forums as well they talked about the as I own I own the own network as company here as project and they partner with a chip company epic blockchain to develop meaning Hardware uses the egg wash a little work but the custom parameters of to ten nine instead of 209 so they're taking they're using echo hash but the rocking with a company to release their own and the remaining product their own their own manner and I think this is interesting because I think if you think about it you know that's kind of back and forth between coins and Batman it makes sense that developers take control and they developed something themselves and it means that they can control exactly how things develop in the future and gives them more control or where everything if you think of it as kind of like the way the Apple does it with the operating system they tie the software and how do we are so closely together and well not so much no to use until chops but that was always what they did they'd be tied the rope in system to the hardware and they don't make a general purpose it was you know a very specific very specific yeah if I can talk and so if I jump back to the article here there's a few things it points with it started things really good so he talks about ASIC resistance a general-purpose computational devices like CPUs GPUs and even DRAM and they make substantial compromises to the true potential in order to be useful for general computation so there are master of many things or jack-of-all-trades sorry but a master of none and by talks about here is well if I go down as a part where he talks about I think it's the next section maybe yeah so if you aim I hope people believe that computer is broken to three cut a category CPU GPU ASIC well those are the categories are generally visible to the public in the Czech world there's really only one type of chap an ASIC and Tenley Nvidia and tail when other companies refer to the products as Asics the categories as as known to the public are really a statement about how flexible the ASIC as I'd like to use a one to ten scale to measure flexibility one side one will put an Intel CPU and the other side a ten will put a back coin ASIC designers have the ability to create chipset for anywhere on that scale as you move from one to ten you lose substantial flexibility but gain substantial performance you can also decrease the amount of design and development effort required as you sacrifice flexibility on that skill at GPU as a – so why is sitting there as that you know GPUs can do you know lots of computational things know about like my GPU I use if I can use it for gaming I can use it for video editing I can use it for cryptocurrency mining I can use it for a host of different things but if I had to make it more specific then it could be you know maybe higher up in scale like a five or six or even a ten it could do meaning much much better but perhaps it then couldn't do video editing it couldn't do and gaming and you know this is what Nvidia are doing without GPUs they're making them an all-in-one type solution whereas the ASIC main machines are very specific they've got one one task to do and they do it very very well and everything else kind of and what kind of gets left behind so it they talk it talks about that's nautical but then I'll let you guys read I don't want to bully too much but it does talk about NATO and other secrets for Essex and all that it goes unto the whole system and manufacturers as well just the whole manufacturing process as far as developing things and getting them to the market and that section is talking about basically the profits and so using side as an example example we estimate that cost but mean less than ten mugging to bring the III to the market within eight minutes of announcing a three Batmen had already made more than 20 more dollars in sales and then he spent ten million dollars designing manufacturing right and not to mention that mean obviously meaning things before they release them so um here it talks about the blog reward us is something else I think interesting when he talks about Batman no the hash tree they know what the the the fill block reward as the key is a sigh as a monthly broke a block reward of ten million dollars and a batch of mayonnaise is expected of a shelf life four hundred twenty million dollars it talks about how basically Batman release products knowing that the the products are never going to basically make what they sell us you know they know that because they are selling a certain number of miners they know what the harshly it will be do you know what the block reward as and they know that you know they may advertise and see you know you get ten thousand souls you get whatever but they know that by the time it gets to the market and everyone's got the product it's going to drop significantly because everyone's meaning the same thing and so it's a very very very very good article I can't touch upon everything that he actually covers here but link to the article because he's talked about maining farms here and he talks about Batman being very impressed with how they dominate the market and then he's got a conclusion at the end and I do encourage you guys to read this article I've only touched upon some of the things that he talks about but what can i connect to me is just you know the whole idea of ASIC manners and GPUs and I like the fact that developers are thinking about developing their own ASIC mating products now I'd like to see this more often I think it makes sense when you think about it and because if developers always react to what Batmen doing what other ASIC mining companies do they're always going to be behind it so it's a game of cat and mouse but they're you know they're playing the most at this point because they're reacting to what happens in the market rather than duck teen what happens a what happens in the market so long term you know what that doesn't for everyone obviously takes a law work a lot of investment but I'd be great to see more coins you know put on the work and to actually release their own excuse me it's really subtle ecig mating machine they can control the parameters they can control what it can do and what it can't do and they can start dominating the market before Batman or any other daesik meaning which a company even has a chance to get a you know a any kind of share of the market very very interesting to see I'm gonna pay attention this try and keep tabs on this and I'll see what happens with SIA with the new man-machine spot I think we're going to see more of this guys I really do think we're gonna see more of this and the many ways I do think it a you know the fact that they are doing this they're taking control of the coin back away from other companies bars they do point out in this and this article you know they talk about how effective that mean are of what they do the really artifact of from a business point of view they've got the market sewn up and they know how to do it they know how to sail they know how to develop products and get them to market and make a profit from it so they are you know a few steps ahead without a doubt but it'd be very interesting if we see some more coins taking the leap and falling a sales lead and doing something similar to this perhaps not on the scale that they are doing it but we'll see so a role link to this article please do read it guys it's a long article but a very very interesting very informative and if you're done chassis then the whole you know that mean GP remaining ASIC main thing I think you enjoy reading up so thanks for watching guys please don't leave a comment and I'll speak I want to be properly speak the oh and the next one thanks for watching guys Cheers

2 thoughts on “Sia Lead Developer Talks About Cryptocurrency Mining”

  1. Read the article the other day. Was an interesting read particularly with regard to the build process but also that they believe the ASICs have been on the resistant coins for a significantly longer period than what most people believe.

  2. Read that yesterday. Got the impression that Bitmain are basically the Yakuza in there business ideas
    The Underground mining by the Few with massive farms was indicative of how profitable it is.
    The Ideas of making the ASIC chips more flexible for hardforks was something I’d been discussing in the discord’s
    Mining is basically centralized with crumbs for Joe public to keep everyone quiet

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