28 thoughts on “"Sh*tCoin & Buttcoin" Cartoon Makes Fun of and Breaks Down Cryptocurrency”

  1. How do this bumps have $100 in cash to begin with?
    And btw this is not an insult to bitcoin since it was not premined

  2. Press F on the world's smallest keyboard for the dipshits in the comment section defending their digital tulip bulbs- Especially after someone ran off with them lmao.

  3. I sell a gold plated case with 10 fresh air coins loaded, for 1000,-worth

    4600% rise expected within 6 months let me know if you wanna be rich

  4. Except at the end you should have had the one guy give the other the $1000……..when he gets the $1000 he doesn't buy the others guys coin and just runs off with the money. That would sum up crypto currency perfectly. Smarter people are running off with your crypto money right now. Enjoy your crash to zero.

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  6. haha. pc enthusiast pipedreaming miners and scumbag cryptotuber shills need to wake up already and put their energy into something that doesnt shortsell their fellow neighbor. All that deception only begets more misfortune to all those knowingly involved.

  7. Ummm this is 1000% a false advertisement of how crypto currency actually works because most of the coins that are out or coming out are based off their own individual technology. The only coin that is for currency is Bitcoin. ETH and litecoin are for fast transactions with low fees. To skip places like Western Union and money gram . And ripple is designed for banks. So videos like this are made from people who obviously have zero understanding of how cryptos work

  8. Cryptos are the same as dotcom bubble, south sea bubble, tulipmania. Sell while you still have something left.

  9. LMFAO all the shit talkers wished they would of have had bitcoin when it was in pennies, stop spreading FUD just do your own research and you will see

  10. vlads stuck in his agenda you place a bet online with bitcoin and some plane companies are starting to take bitcoin vlad forgot the u.s dollar is nothing but the sold him and all the other slaves the agenda its investment an investment thats nothing like the u.s dollar

  11. This is exactly how it started though. Made up ideas that people have to decide to give value too. But eh we’ve made rocks worth millions why not a “idea” lol.

  12. Vlad don't hate on other people's hustle…let them make money however they see fit. I'm sure some people don't agree with Vladtv but you're still prospering. Chill.

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