Shrimp made from algae that looks and tastes like the real thing

[cheering] Opening a restaurant is like having a child. These are our vegan shrimp. I encourage you to try them. We have to do things differently than other folks do. or else we’re like everyone else. It’s made from algae seaweed and kelp but it eats like shrimp. I think we need new solutions to find a sustainable way to enjoy shrimp. Algae and seaweed. Kelp and algae. Algae is this amazing thing on our planet that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. And it’s really the future of food. It’s really where we’re going in the food world. Shrimp is one of our favorite seafoods by far. Especially in the United States we eat more shrimp than any other seafood. We eat about four pounds per person per year. You know it’s a simple little organism that tastes great. But the way we harvest them can be really detrimental for many reasons. Giant nets scrape with the bottom of the ocean and cause a lot of environmental damage. What we’re doing right now doesn’t really have the capacity to scale. to meet a growing demand from a growing human population. Algae is more prevalent in our daily lives than you might think: sushi and nori. You can even find algae and things like our toothpaste or ice cream. So it’s something that’s already here and we use it. It’s time I think now to explore how we can take it to the next level. and use it for other exciting food applications. This ingredient is our macro algae extract and gives our shrimp its structure. If you think of the kelp forest, kelp that washes up on the beach, and how they can be a little bit slimy. This is essentially the sliminess that comes from that kelp. This algae oil right here is very similar to the cooking oils. that you’ll find in your kitchen. It does have an ocean smell to it. It’s briny, almost umami. If you’ve ever had a seaweed snack,. that tastes that you get is very much embodied in this oil. Many chefs will tell you that you eat with your eyes before your nose and mouth. So it’s really important to make sure our shrimp looks like shrimp. So as soon as people see our product it needs to read shrimp for them. The shrimp eat a red algae and that’s what gives it its red stripes. The same is true for why salmon are pink. It comes from an algae. So we take an extract from that red algae and we dilute it in water. and then eventually apply it to our shrimp to give us that same beautiful red color. If I mix all these things together as they are right now,. you would just get an interesting fishy smelling mush. So a lot happens behind the scenes. Fire an order of the vegan shrimp. It handles like real shrimp. You can overcook it and you can make it tough. You know real shrimp does the same thing. It is the future. It’s what we as chefs are looking for, new materials new sources of nourishment. The algae shrimp is providing that for us. I’m bringing you the future to try gentlemen. We have a great opportunity to tackle other seafood. So other shellfish like crab, scallops, lobster, and then eventually evolving into a thin fish like tuna and salmon. And so for us thinking about recreating a seafood experience,. we have to think about algae as the foundation.

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  1. Not only is this product most likely more expensive than actually shrimp, I'm sure it's also an inadequate protein and nutrient substitute.

  2. "It's one of our favorite seafood in the US. Each person eats around 4 pounds PER YEAR." LMAO. Only 4 pounds ? Not even 2KG. Wow that's pathetic.

  3. Yeah so how safe is it really? I'm sure fukashima PowerPlant disaster thats dumping 300,000 tons of radioactive radiation into the ocean everyday has contaminated everything in the Pacific ocean including seaweed, better you eat that it's not for me🦂

  4. Not to get stuck on the details but they do not look like real shrimp, they are mostly in the shape of Cheetos puffs with slight coloring.

  5. Idk why appearance is even a thing with people. Think about how ugly a shrimp is. As long as it TASTES like it then who cares how it looks? Shrimp are probably my favorite food, so long as the taste is there idc what it looks like lol

  6. What about nutrition? You're not only eating for the sensation and pleasure, is it gonna be as good as the real thing? Veganism is just a fancy word for malnourishment.

  7. If we keep using algea over and over again would there be a consequence I mean there algea has been used a lot of foods would it caused overharvesting?

  8. As someone who developed an allergy to shrimp, I can't wait until this product becomes more widespread!!! I miss the taste of shrimp so much!

  9. I love the way our society is moving with recent years. We need to be more environmentally concious, we only have one Earth, and she is dying, animals included. I would love to try this vegan shrimp, and to even hear that Google served this is their cafeteria is astounding. This is the future. For our health, animals, and the plant- go vegan.

  10. The question is: Is the flavour more like cocktail shrimps or is it more like the large meaty shrimps?
    I would imagine it is closer to cocktail shrimps… not all that great.

    The nutritional value is also very different…

  11. I love meat amalgams, regardless if the original product is ground meat or some substitute. The way I look at it, the larger individuals your food is composed of, the less life forms you can support on that food source. Predators do not have an abundance of individuals because that kind of lifestyle can only be supported by a huge underlying network of plants and other smaller life forms. Scavengers and bottom feeders are more prolific because their food source is more efficient. This isn't a question of morality, it's a question of effective solutions and economics, and the answer is pretty clear. Food is fuel first and entertainment second. To sacrifice another's fuel for your own increased entertainment is immoral. Until we can provide abundant sustenance, pleasure is a secondary concern

  12. The packaging says it is plant based but it is "raw" and must be heated to 165 F internal for safety. What is in it that needs to be cooked if the ingredients are algae and seaweed?

  13. I mean, why not? Cuts down the overfishing problem and produces tons of O2. Keep up the good work and keep refining the product.

  14. Hey!
    We made a new sustainable artificial shrimp made with kelp and seaweed that looks and tastes like the real deal! Isn't that wonderful?

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, the recipe is secret, so forget about it ever really making a significant change, because we're just using it for our own profit.

  15. SO….They basically took china's fake edible food creation except it wont cause the harmful toxic effects on our body?

  16. "Oh, sure." is prett ymuch my opinion.

    Like, I care a lot about the impossible burger, because cows are intelligent enough to play soccer. It is completely meaningless to me to save the lives of a great deal of shrimp? But like, sure, if it's possible, why not, I guess.

  17. this is what the vegan protesters should be doing, instead of abusing the farmers, restaurants and meat eater. find meat eaters solution and substitution.

  18. Unfortunately I probably can't even eat it because I'm actually allergic to things that's made in the ocean not the seafood and shellfish itself

  19. Extract, Extract, Extract. Destroying the structure of food to make it viable in a market place is not a positive value. You are degrading the nutrient quantity and quality of the food by producing extracts to use instead. In order to extract something you must remove bits from the whole. Most of the time you sacrifice much nutrition to do so. I would much rather eat the algae and the kelp in its natural forms.

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