Should You Invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Waves, or any Cryptocurrency

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
media innovation and today we’re gonna talk about cryptocurrency whether or not
I believe that you should buy Bitcoin you know litecoin theorem or really any
of the cryptocurrencies and whether or not I’ve actually invested my own money
specifically in any of them so stay tuned because we’re starting right now here we go alright guys so jumping right in now and
this is really really exciting and actually something that you know I
caught prompted to kind of do because I’ve gotten so many questions lately you
know from you know my udemy students and on YouTube and across the board through
my email and so on and so forth literally asking me you know what are my
thoughts on Bitcoin what are my thoughts on litecoin what are my thoughts on
crypto in general and obviously whether or not I’ve actually invested too I feel
like people think that you know there’s somebody that is obviously successful
online is investing in something like this then they should too now I want to
preface this by saying that this is just simply another investment period so
before you do anything with your money you need to understand you know the
benefits of it the potential drawbacks whether or not there’s risk involved in
how much risk that is and you know really understand all those factors
before you make the investment don’t just do it on a whim make sure that you
understand where you’re putting your money into because if you don’t I
promise me I promise me I promise you you will lose it so right here we’re
going to talk about crypto and like the market on in the different prices that
they’re currently selling yet now this is something I’ll check out you know
daily I’m not really into crypto to to much but I do check it out just to kind
of see you know which ones are rising which ones are falling and you know how
much obviously Bitcoin has rising has rising has been rising so the first
thing I want to talk about is that I am in no way shape or form an expert on
cryptocurrency Bitcoin a theorem you know like coin any of the top ones I
don’t know that much compared to other people about cryptocurrency now that’s
just a fact I don’t want to kind of you know lead you in the wrong direction so
I want to kind of preface this by saying that what I do understand is you know
investments in general the potential risks involved and you know what I would
want to do with my potential money and I’m gonna kind of go through that
process and talk to that about you or talk to that you know specifically in
this video and then hopefully you can make an educated decision with your own
money based on what I say so can you make money with Bitcoin yes can you make
money with litecoin yes can you make money with you know any of the other
Kryptos and there’s literally thousands of them yes potentially can you lose
your money yes for what I do want to say is that digital
money cryptocurrency is nothing new we’ve been using digital money you know
for years honestly how think about the people that you know do they walk around
with cash whether that’s euros whether that’s you know baht or something like
that or yen whether that’s you know US Dollars people don’t typically walk
around with a lot of cash now it’s usually kind of digital currency through
credit cards or you know debit cards and bank transactions you know PayPal venmo
those are all forms of digital currency so this is nothing new so the idea that
that you know digital currency is going to completely change the world there’s
been digital currency around for years honestly and we’ve all been using it now
cryptocurrency differs from those digital currencies in that it goes
across borders so it’s global the one of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that
doesn’t have an exchange rate it’s got the same designation across you know
countries so somebody that you know has potentially you know two bitcoins in you
know Sweden those two bitcoins in Sweden have the same value to somebody in the
US or somebody in Canada or so on and so forth whereas somebody with a US dollar
might go overseas and that you know based on the exchange rate that might
increase or decrease in value whereas Bitcoin you know is obviously the same
and all the crypto currencies are really the same across border so that’s the
first thing to understand about that it is really really cool because you know
with Bitcoin and with all the know the Kryptos you can kind of set your own
value to it so that is a benefit because you know the government is not whatever
government you’re you know whatever country you live in
doesn’t really have as much of a say over the value of that necessarily
whereas you know the government obviously you know you have to pay to
certain taxes and missing that on you know currencies in general so that’s
something to keep in mind now I’m gonna talk about the specifics of whether or
not I think it’s a good investment would I invest in Bitcoin and granite I want
to preface this by saying this is just simply my opinion I know people that
have made a lot of money with Bitcoin I know people that you know have lost
money with some of the different cryptocurrencies so that you can do both
and I do know that you can make a lot of money with this now first and foremost I
do think bitcoin is going to continually
get you no I think it’s going to go up I don’t know how much it’s going to go up
and that’s literally based on opinion and just from what I know about it
it could go up to about 50,000 you know roughly into 2018 one thing is for sure
though it will eventually come back down to earth and it will eventually bust
that’s a fact you look at anything across the board whether it’s stocks
whether it’s you know real estate whether it would no matter what it is
they all eventually you know crash they all come back to earth because
everyone’s pouring their money into it so the key with investing in any of
these is knowing when to pull your money out that’s first and foremost so you
know it could go up if you have 17 grand to put in you know and it does go up to
let’s say specifically you know thirty thousand and you purchased ten of them
then you’re looking at you know roughly right now it’s trading at seventeen and
you bought it at seventeen obviously you’re making roughly about thirteen
grand per Bitcoin when you cash out you know if it goes up to that if you cash
out at the right time so that’s important you need to understand the
specifics of that just like any other stock obviously it’s important to
understand that now would I invest in Bitcoin no despite everything that I
just said about it it has the potential to increase it has the potential to
increase significantly you can make a lot of money potentially but the risks
in my opinion far outweigh the rewards and what I mean by that is because
you’re investing so much money now you can actually buy if you didn’t know you
can actually buy fractional shares of Bitcoin you can back write fractional
shares of a theorem or any of them so that’s important to understand you don’t
actually have to buy a full Bitcoin at 17,000 but if you do relative to the
price per you know value that you’re getting with each Bitcoin it’s not worth
the risk in my opinion so that’s not to put down anybody that has purchased it
obviously if you got in when it was like a thousand and you know now it’s 17,000
you’re looking pretty good but it could simply if you held on to it too long you
could simply come back down to earth and drop nobody knows for sure and if
anybody tells you that they do they’re lying to you I promise you that so if I
were going to invest in any of the cryptocurrencies first and foremost it
would not be coin now there are it’s important to
understand there are thousands of these you know a bunch of people have been a
bunch of them have been around for a little while and you have new ones
popping up every single day and they all trade at different things so this is
actually corn mark coy market Capcom if you want to check that out you can kind
of check you know which ones are trading at what and you know kind of see the
history of you know the market price and how much they are you know trading at
today and then you can obviously watch that so on and so forth
if I were gonna actually purchase something it wouldn’t be any of the top
ones so I actually about I think it was a month ago month and a half ago I
actually purchased some shares of litecoin now I wouldn’t even you could
do that because that could potentially rise you know it could go up to
potentially a thousand it could go up to you know potentially ten thousand it
could drop and I could lose all my money my thought process behind purchasing
litecoin shares was essentially that it was a homerun play now I’m gonna talk
about you know other potential investments that might be better to then
any of these cryptocurrency investments at the end of the video so stay tuned
for that but I did actually purchase a couple shares the litecoin just to see
as a homerun play now I already wrote this off as I lost all my money so let’s
say just hypothetically I bought 10 of those at 325 a share then that would be
roughly what is that I can’t do any math right now 3,250 so that would mean that
I spent three thousand two hundred fifty for ten shares of light coin and I
essentially just threw that just chalk that up to a loss already any of these
crypto currencies in my opinion if you’re playing the short game if you’re
if you’re trying to you know trade your money you know and and kind of you know
if you’re playing the short game in your end you’re essentially thinking that oh
I’m gonna buy you know ripple right now or whatever it is and then trade it when
it blows up to $100 per share ten days from now you’re you’ve already lost
that’s a wrong mentality any of these should be long-term games you know you
should be buying for the long haul and then hoping that it really does catch on
and you know maybe a year from now maybe five years from now maybe a decade from
now you trade it as a significant increase in value not just a thousand
you know we’re talking significant so that’s the important thing to understand
should be home run plays in my opinion not something that you’re banking on
cashing out for in you know a couple of months because that’s the wrong way to
look at it and I promise you if that’s you know the way you’re approaching
these things chances are it might not be this time but chances are you gonna lose
your money eventually and it probably will be this time
so I invest in them like coin just kind of you know throw that throw that out
there for you guys I’m not saying you should I’m just saying that that’s what
I did if I were recommending something to invest in and grant it you could lose
your money just the same if you invest in any of these because there’s a bunch
of mimickers out there and you know nobody really knows which one or which
ones are going to catch on and which ones aren’t but I would probably you
know invest in something that was a really there was a little bit lower um
just because there’s significant you know potentiality to increase in value
so maybe I’d invest in you know and I literally know nothing about these so
don’t take my word for it maybe I’d invest in you know waves at 14.99 maybe
I’d invest in you know Z cash me that’s that’s a bit higher one so I wouldn’t
suggest that but maybe a-list get nineteen seventy four per share because
if any of these go up significantly you know in five years from now to a
thousand or two thousand per share then I significantly increased my investment
and I could purchase you know a hundred of these and not really and then think
about the the return on my investment you know five years from now so I hope
that you followed that kind of train of thought I don’t recommend cryptocurrency
or investing in cryptocurrency at all to be honest I just kind of wanted to give
you full disclosure of my thought process when when it you know I’m
looking at these different kryptos and whether or not I think that they’re good
investments I did want to talk about that specifically and I did want to go
in depth with my approach to that so people can understand that but if you’re
looking at crypto as a whole I think it’s a bad investment I genuinely do and
the reason for that is you know you’re not 100% sure whether you’re gonna see a
return on your investment you’re not 100% sure you know which crypto is going
to increase in value and which crypto is going to you know completely fail and
you’re gonna lose all your money and when you weigh cryptocurrency investing
up against any other potential investment that you can make they’re
there like I said before the the drawbacks of Gen
completely completely completely outweigh the positives so just the can
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you have to invest in in something so whether it’s your time or your money
you’re obviously investing in something but if I look at cryptocurrency and
investing in cryptocurrency as a whole versus something just to give
you an example that popped into my mind content creation now content creation
and I’m not gonna give you the specifics of exactly what I make on this but this
whole course basically goes into doing content creation and how that’s an
investment of your time and how that eventually pay you out dividends and you
know you’re essentially trading your initial time investment for you know
money down the future something like this where you’re investing your time
and maybe seeing you know $100 a month per course and if you do the math right
there that’s just a random number but let’s say I have thirty courses right
now and I make you know 100 bucks a month per course that’s $3,000 I’m
getting paid passively every single month just because I’ve spent the
initial time to create those courses now that’s something to keep in mind because
just like cryptocurrency investing that is also an investment but there’s no
risk relative to what cryptocurrency has where there’s so much risk here there’s
literally no risk here other than some potential you know backlash and bad
reviews but there’s all the potential gains so
instead of potentially gaining let’s say that you invested at Bitcoin like I said
before at thirteen thousand or three thousand or whatever it was and you’re
you have you’re not sure you could lose all that money but obviously you could
let’s just say best-case scenario it went up ten grand and you cashed out two
years from now on ten grand on ten shares so that’s a hundred grand right
it’s great but you had to wait two years to get that hundred grand whereas
something like this could be you if you made a hundred courses and spent the
initial time and you’re getting a hundred or let’s even say you made you
know fifty courses and you spent the initial time to you know make those
fifty courses and you’re getting paid out 100 dollars per course per month
that’s five grand per month passively with no initial risk to lose any of that
money you’re just getting it paid out passively so the whole reason I’m
telling you this is just a specific example of why crypto currency investing
is not that great of a strategy and why it’s not a great investment in general
because you know if you’re making some home run plays you know more power to
you but if you’re investing in something like Bitcoin that’s already relatively
high you’re gonna lose your money there’s so much risk involved and it’s
just not necessary there are so many other better investments out there with
a less risk higher reward potential and you know you just have to look at
investments you know from a different angle so I wanted to touch on that today
I think it’s very very important I’d love to hear your thoughts on that you
know everyone’s thoughts because everybody has an opinion on Bitcoin now
everybody has an opinion on you know any the other cryptocurrencies out there do
you think that this is a good way to look at this investment do you are you
invested in any crypto currencies and if you are what have you been hearing about
some of the up-and-comers like litecoin some of the up-and-comers you know like
obviously where’s the other one waves i’ve been hearing a lot about you know
anything like that so what’s your your your kept secret cryptocurrency and are
you invested in it personally and what do you think about what i just said do
you think it’s you know obviously good to kind of discourage people to do that
where do you think that everybody shouldn’t be investing in crypto because
that’s where we’re headed I’d love to hear from you guys this is our channel
like I always say I hope that you really liked the video I put a lot of thought
into this and kind of wanted to make sure I understood
crypto a little bit better before I put this video out I really hope that you
guys have a great day obviously like the video it really helps the channel grow
comment and subscribe and I will see you guys tomorrow

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  1. I’m so glad you’re talking about this. The bitcoin talk is crazy out here; good to hear a level headed opinion… I totally agree with you, thanks Bryan!

  2. Everyone is going crazy for the big fall today, lol this was clearly risky but It is profitable of course 😉 the closest CC to bitcoin are etherum and litecoin. Those are the one I'm shooting for but again never spend money you can't afford to lose!

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