83 thoughts on “Should You Buy Verge ($XVG) Or Tron ($TRX)?”

  1. The reason Verge had a massive sell off is because a shill on Twitter who has a lot of follower's told everybody to panic sell on XVG, then later deleted his post claiming "he was hacked" Meanwhile he didn't just post that on his Twitter account. At the same time, someone bought a massive amount of verge at 50% off.

  2. I was just looking at transactions on binance and someone dumped over 163000 xvg. Hopefully they took a nice profit and it wasn't a panic sell.

  3. Verge will climb again just the noobs sold off to buy more champagne on new years lol. both Tron and Verge will be mad money smart people buy on the cheap sell on the high

  4. I bought my Verge at under 1cent so it dropping down to 16 means im still up 16X even if it drops to 10 thats 10X for me and i'm still not selling if you know and believe in your Crypto picks you will always HODL until the price is right ???

  5. I'm glad the short term holders jumped deck. Gave us who believe in verge a discount. This coin will rebound like no other. The best privacy coin there is.

  6. john mcafee is nothing but a paid pumper, there is plenty of great guys on crypto like datadash,stomppaman Vincent buzzaltcoin,who give honest unbias advice.

  7. Hi Sniper Tube,You´re absolutely right.The technical performance is very important. But maybe more important is the community behind a coin. Sometimes wins the product with a strong commynity , than the better product.The best ist a good product with a big community.

  8. Hold guys Hold! Verge and Tron will make us all some good money! 
    Help a newly entered crypto fellow out 
    VERGE: DDLPoTJN6p2QTvfdPrNTSsCVYWchazezwa
    TRON: 0xabc34007a49e23d578bb7f683999b316b68133b8

  9. I am on of those guys who watched this to actually get information…not here you bounce around off topic for an hour…thanks for wasting my time

  10. Hi guys i just heard of cryptocurrency yesterday which coin should i buy if i want to make 100x initial investment before jan 15 2018?

  11. would like to hear your thoughts on xtrabytes (xby) – pretty keen on this one but looking for other opinions as it seems relatively   undervalued/unknown – thx

  12. Didn't catch this live last night unfortunately but I do love re-watching these. Great info again, really appreciate the hard work and keep it up! Stoked to be apart of this community.

  13. The best part was when he actually thought those people were from where they said. Clearly most of those people were from the US. Just stoking your ego.

  14. @SnipersTube I really love your work and I appretiate the work you put in. One improvement I would like to suggest is that, just like this video, I click on a lot of your videos to find the answer to the question in the video title. But as the video is really long, I have to sit and watch the entire video to find the answer to it. Hence, I feel if you could have a brief of it in text posted on somewhere like your blog, it would be of great help.

  15. XVG is no good. Did you folks miss John McAfee tweet that he said XVG to 15cents NOT $15, lol…then someone hacked his account and put out back to back recos on 10-15 coins, LOL…crazy stuff…now we see XVG tanking as it should…someone pulled a good one, loaded up around a penny and unloaded 25-20 cents. I was watching Live as massive sells were coming in 500K to 2M coin at a time…just think it came from 0.001 so 10K get ya 10M coins then dumped at 20cents or 2MILLION just for hacking JM account, DOH


  17. So tron just recently partnered with some bike sharing company but they are creating a new coin for them it seems. Is this going to help or hurt the value of the trx coin?

  18. Really good info man, try to stay on one subject at a time tho. You want to answer a question and before you answer it you get distracted, change the subject and the question never gets answered. i.e. about if when a coin starts going down if we think "when is it gonna stop" was really curious if you have some measure for that. In any case, keep up the good work bro! thanks

  19. do u even have to ask? TRX. Tron is backed by billionaires in china. verge is backed by mcafee (he also supports tron)who loves anonymity which is ok for niche market but not for mass adoption. gov wont allow that when it gets toobig bc of taxation issue although it cant stop crypto revolution overall

  20. LTC is dying a slow death, no case use that something else doesn't solve. Just a trading coin. Going to drop under 200 ez. Verge, Iota, Monero, XRP, & ethereum will last..

    Mcafee fails at pumping crypto just like his antivirus failed to do it's job.

  21. JOHN MACAFEE – Don't ask him "HOW HIGH A COIN WILL GO!", no one knows that. Just ask him if a COIN IS SOLID, WITH GOOD TO GREAT FUNDEMENTALS. To force his hand on price, is IRRESPONCEABLE.

  22. XVG – On their own Webpage it shows their PROGRESSING AS THEY SAY SAID THEY WOULD. Its the Idiotic Trolls that are forcing the issue.


  24. Verge has fooled so many people. I got out as soon as XVG whale started posting that he was selling his computer equipment, and planning a trip on new years eve. I saw the light, unfortunately many still have not. And for people to keep promoting it as a decent currency, you're just as bad as them. I made a loss of $300 when I sold my XVG, fortunately, over the last 2 days I have made almost 20k in XRP, so I'm not too bummed. 🙂 Get out while you can, guys.

  25. The tinkling background sounds are very annoying and distracting. I kept trying to figure out were the noise was coming from and finally figured out it was actually on the video…

  26. Lol jesus, I've been watching for 5 minutes and you've mispronounced like 6 words… It's Crypt–og–raphy not crypto-graphy, John Mcafee is pronounced like M'kafee. Calibre is Caliber, like a 50. caliber sniper, etc..

    Definitely not hating, just had to point it out. I subbed.

  27. When john talked about privacy coins and noticed how his opinion on verge pumped the price , that was the first time he talked about an altcoin, he decided to take advantage and maybe use it for his own benefit.

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