60 thoughts on “Should You Buy Stellar ($XLM) or Ripple ($XRP)?”

  1. Hey Snipers! Once you watch the video, feel free to post your position on Stellar vs. Ripple so we can potentially discuss it further in tonight's live stream which will start between 9-11PM PST!
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  2. Ripple’s stated mission statement to work with Banks has not been fully realized. Banks have shown an interest in the network, but not the token. Ultimately, if that does not play out then Ripple will not be valued as much as everyone hopes, and it will stall out. Stellar , If marketed correctly and gets a continuous push, will only grow in market cap. It’s goals are more aligned with the original intent of crypto currency and as you said in your video, will ultimately benefit the unbanked. The real question in my mind is how will be rated and ranked tomorrow morning in the first ever crypto currency Weiss report.

  3. I have a position in both. Just in case one takes off more than the other. I think both will rise tremendously though.

  4. How about the Weiss ratings? How do you see this affecting xrp and xlm? (A.if they get a good rating) (B.if they get a bad rating)

  5. That huge drop off for ripple was was because of the exclusion of the Korean market and people panicking. Well that's not the full reason but a good part of it

  6. I think Ripple will bounce back in the next 2 weeks, not to 2$ yet but perhaps 1.7-1.8. Also I think it will be 5-8$ in about 6 months and over 10 at the ens of the year. I bought Ripple right before the crash at 2$ :(, then sold all my others for a big loss and bought more ripple at 1.4$ and 1.2$ too. So I still believe, the market is crazy right now but it after this panic is done with all will be ok again. I'm betting it will take maybe 2-3 weeks to get the market stable again.

  7. Silver is banker cryptonite. Annual silver production of silver is only worth $18b. Profit from the bankers coin and spank them by purchasing pm’s…. oh sorry mr. Dimon, I mean diversify with tangible investments. Silver to 500…eventually.

  8. hearing the market should dip on the 26th, im hoping to grab some stellar for sub 30c, maybe some app coin, and if ripples drops under a dollar again some more of that.

  9. Stellar is Ripples Step child Ripple is #1 for a reason . Non Profit=Failure in my opinion. Although Im sure Stellar holders will get some decent pumps overtime. Ripple is a winner

  10. You have one of the best crypto channels out there in youtube land!! I appreciate you knowledge of chart trading. If you have not, look into Elliot Wave Theory and Long Wave and Kondratiev Wave Theory. It is fascinating and works out.

  11. Like a friend of mine once said.. "IBM these days will invest in anything with a technical heartbeat".. let's see what sticks in the coming years… prices are low enough to own both… lots of solid cheap coins out there make your positions before it's to late…. good luck everyone!

  12. Its almost like the Korean FUD + Futures contracts conspired at precisely one after the other to achieve their goals, but they will moon again.
    XRP $3-$5
    XLM $1.50-$2.50
    in about 4 months time

  13. XLM is so much more than XRP. FairX cant come fast enough. People will be using XLM to convert fiat to alts with fast transaction time and minimal fee. ICOs are already happening on Stellar network. I have both XRP and XLM but I think XLM has so much more upside than XRP.

  14. For the first time in the past couple of days…stellar is not following on xrp…it's up even more than XRP today percentage wise. I believe XLM will overtake Ripple one day….because it will be used as the main token in fairX just like BNB is the token for binance

  15. Total supply of xlm 103 b its a huge number ! So i dont think it will ever catch up

    Anyone can correct me if im wrong

  16. Let's see, Jed McCaleb created eDonkey, Mt. Gox (first BTC exchange), Ripple, and Stellar. Obviously he's a smart dude… he could probably one day be in the same category as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, etc. I'm gonna choose XLM over XRP.

  17. Ripple works with banks but XRP is not needed for this. besides, no bank wants to work with fluctuating prices which is very good for the price so it can go up 🙂 XRP will come from PAYMENT SERVICES like moneygram, mercury and many more. Ripple and XRP are going to revolutionize everything, and even you'll have to work with it sooner or later, and then you did not invest in the train. so think about people and do not be stubborn and do not run after ignorant people who say xrp is a shitcoin. HATERS gonna hate hate hate :))

  18. Stella market cap is too large and has no limit. That kills the price. XPR market is smaller and there is a finite number, therefore price in XRP should rule.

  19. All the growth over the next century will be in countries like Africa/India.

    The UN and Billionaires such as Bill Gates want to see Africa completely transform and giving the people access to the internet, to mobile data and to finances is key to that growth.

    As such, Stellar, because its aim is basically to bank the unbanked, I think has the biggest potential for growth.

    Ripple concentrating on facilitating transfers to/from financial institutions, well, anybody who understands and believes in cryptocurrency knows that the end game is to end the monopoly of these big centralized financial institutions , so i come back to… what will happen to ripple then.

    It will die with them.

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