34 thoughts on “Should You Buy Ripple ($XRP) Right NOW?”

  1. Sorry, but you didn’t answer his/her question. I would probably suggest holding out until the next major correction, and only then consider purchasing XRP and HODLing, purely for the fact that we’ve probably seen the price maxed out. Then again I’m a complete noob here so am willing to be proven wrong..

  2. Just a question.. on exchanges that deal in bitcoin… how is that going to work? At the rate Ripple is going, it will take over bitcoin. So… if there's an exodus on bitcoin and that price drops… when you exchange your Ripple back to bitcoin on the exchange, will it be worth much less? Like you bought it for so many bitcoin, and sell it for so many bitcoin, but what it bitcoin loses a lot of value? How would you cash in your ripple for its cash value and not its bitcoin value?

  3. just got into cryptocurrency, you are genuinely the best youtuber to go to if you are starting out! clear and concise explanations.

  4. This video would be so much better if you didn't say "guys" every 60 seconds.

    Know what I mean guys? I mean guys, it's about you guys, so many guys here. It's all good guys. Make your own decisions guys.

  5. Lol I love how people hate ripple because banks are working with the technology. Get over it. If you are in the US You do realize you will be taxed no matter what when you cash out whatever currency you have in the US so if it works with banks who cares. Why would you not invest in the only coin that is guaranteed to have gains and not ever fall below what you bought it for. Even at $2.24 right now. This coin will be worth 100s and be around for ever. I get it we created crypto to be decentralized, but get the F over it. You will never gain money without being taxed by the banks any ways. You will never win that battle. A lot of coins will be worth nothing eventually. Ripple will be one of the only ones left. Good luck with anyone who has a dream of cashing out without being taxed. Go move to Germany and be banned from coming back to the country until you pay the irs. Idiots. Wake up you will never win that battle.

  6. Please make a video about ripple being centralized and what that could mean for the future. Second why does ripple have such a huge market cap and worth so little?

  7. Do NOT buy RIPPLE!!! BANKS made XRP on purpose, so you SELL them your BITCOINS for junk XRP.

    In the end the BANKS can control BITCOIN direction and probably every OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCY with our BITCOINS in there hands, all they have to do is RAISE XRP to 5$ in several days and more people SELL there BITCOINS to the Banks, then in future we will be at MERCY Of BANKS with BANKS holding BITCOINS…

    Remember what BITCOIN stands for , it’s a REVOLUTION against BANKS , BITCOIN is decentralized UTOPIA

    Please STOP, it’s a TRAP…

  8. hey guys im extremely new to this system dont know much about trades reading charts very over my head im doing as much reseach as possible my lil brain can handle any suggestions/help

  9. There is no point in it. You need a minimum of 20 ripple. thats a minimum of 33 euro wasted to just have a wallet. And even if it increases in value.. 20 ripple stays 20 ripple.. So whats the point if you cant use it??

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