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you you you you you you you you you not sure what happened there we got 60 seconds left um shout out to everybody in the chat right now let’s go through some of our people miss round the hall was going on Kay Archie good to see ya child this Windham wisdom quarry men life-size box who else we got saggy dogs haven’t seen that name before and big George was going on crypto these days well that’s what we’re gonna talk about okay here yeah that’s pretty funny Mickey oh the funny guy Alaskan warrior all right all right good to go so again everybody we got 33 people live on the air we need 40 likes to give away some free etherium live on here to somebody live in the chat right now I’m gonna go in and get this thing going um so hit that thumbs up button I do appreciate it and if you have it you know seeing the channel before make sure you hit the subscribe button check out the resources we have boss of Bitcoin comm number one Bitcoin group in the world on Facebook type that in hashtag one Bitcoin and that will take you to some of our free crypto trading resources right it’s all about people helping people that’s what I’m here to do so without further ado let’s go ahead and make this money how’s that look that look pretty good look pretty good huh alright looks like we’re gonna be live on Facebook to just set that up welcome everybody on Facebook live good to have you good to be seen how does the boy decayed up boasts a Bitcoin and without further ado let’s make it do what it do here we go live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up it’s your boy be cake and then yo lightning you must not like money shout out to everybody rockin out with me live on the air multi-streaming and syndicated on two different platforms YouTube live Facebook live bout could soon be on twitch integrated on periscope as well there’s the boy BK Brendan Kelly crypto trader the boasts of Bitcoin and I welcome you to my personal crypto experience today we will be talking about etherium to the BTC order USD on a 343 complements at a boss method this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is DK known as that crypto trader and I’m boasts these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we just wanted to jump into some of the major bobblehead discussions you know not these guys these guys are the bobble kids other guys are actually pretty cool bobblehead discussions when you type in a theory I’m let’s just do it real quick right and go to news you know these were one of the articles that popped up right there crypto growth nears ceiling right and so that’s one of the articles I wanted to speak about just to get a little bit of the sentiment behind aetherium remember to market is controlled by humans humans are cyclical emotional and and very predictive so when you’re looking at an opportunity in the market the first thing you want to do is get a high level sentiment analysis how does the market feel what is their general sentiment as a positive is it negative do they like it do they love it do they hate it are they scared of it how do they feel and ultimately that will help you get a general idea as to what the market will be doing in the near and dear future so right here it says aetherium founders say as days of a hundred times games are over this was taken a snapshot from a interview with the founder of aetherium but Alec and he said the black 10 and keep in mind this is a quote right so this is just one line of probably you know a 20 or 30 minute conversation skewed to you know be present and how do I want it to be presented right so I don’t think it’s necessarily taken out of context but it’s it’s definitely put into context of a negative sentiment for it theory right essentially what they say here the black change space is getting to a point where there’s a ceiling in sight if that ceiling is the moon then yes I agree if it says if you talk to the average educated person educated person smart money versus dumb money keep that in mind we’re stupid they’re smart they probably have heard about the blockchain at least once there isn’t an opportunity for yet another thousand times growth any time in this space anymore that doesn’t really make sense there isn’t an opportunity for yet another thousand times growth in anything in the space so I guess he’s saying you can’t make a thousand times growth any more like he did founding a theory and I guess this is the part where I don’t necessarily agree they’re saying the next step is getting people who are already interested involved in a more in-depth way that’s not necessarily true because only 1% of the population owns cryptocurrency and probably of that 1% only 1% at oles successfully traded in the market so this is a skewed article assuming that aetherium has hit the ceiling 360 bucks last june that was it guys the party’s over right and and that’s what they want you to believe and so I don’t think that’s the case and that’s what we’ll be talking about on this chart so what we’re what we’re gonna do now is jump on over to trading view if you haven’t seen my page on there this is it you can type in BT Kelly 1203 everybody on Facebook let’s see I can’t click the link you can just type it in on on trading view and if you’re on YouTube you have a link right there in the description click that button type my name in and we will be using boss method to go ahead and do this chart so it looks like I actually need to sign in haven’t done that this is a brave browser window so now I’ll just take this off and jump on over to my Google Chrome window that’s already signed in there you go and this is what we’ll be looking at right so this is the thumbnail for today’s video and it’s on a daily the reason I had to put it on a daily is just so I can get you know the candles nice and thick for the thumbnail I don’t actually chart on a daily I think it’s good to see macro support for the smart money so to speak the industrial money because they trade on a daily and so when you understand where these big level are a lot of times you can draw some pretty big insights on the smaller scale so what we’ll actually do now I believe is jump down to a 77 right and all I did here and we’ll turn on our method seven and twenty one and a seventy seven again you can check out boss of Bitcoin dot-com for the official playlist chart like a boss to figure out how to use my method just click on that little tab at the top scroll down and that’s it right there sorry like a boss boss a Bitcoin calm right and it doesn’t look like the Facebook people can see this now so now I gotta open this up on the brave browser cuz they can’t see it so it’s good I found that out where you guys would have been lost in the sauce there so let’s jump back on brave let’s just sign in there you go all right so boss Bitcoin time for the playlist this is the chart that I’ll be highlighting during today’s discussion I already showed you how on the daily those yellow boxes and those red lines are kind of like the major support and resistance threshold areas or how the chart either broke down or broke out right and what I did here was I took a fibonacci sequence from this low point what I wanted to figure out was if we’re over here right we need to figure out what that means how does that correlate to the place from which we came there are three things that exist the past the present and the future right and it’s literally a straight line correlation where one plus two equals three and you literally just have to figure out how one and two come together in order to infer three so what I did was I put took a Fibonacci line from the low point of this 77 this run right here this this yellow circle right there right where that thing broke out all the way to where that thing broke down the reason I took a 77 is because again I know that the CJ B’s are slower they have more money right and I wanted this to be a macro correlation right the seven has to follow the 77 so if I’m able to figure out where the 77 is going that blue line well then I just figured out where everything is going right so you see it’s a major point right here that’s breakout that’s breakdown we just take a simple Fibonacci from – hi just like that and you see we actually passed that place right so now that’s fine I’m gonna take the intersection from the 77 and the 231 that’s a powerful intersection that’s basically where the hedge fund managers and the billionaires came to agreement at and that energy is set right the reason you know it’s set is because when you turn the seven on on top of it you start to get some very very very interesting alignment right the car Knights having all we got this breakout breakdown right right here on the one – it gives us a continuation breakdown on the seven on the one six it gives us a bottom reversal point straight on that line right on the three – we get a reversal of the seven and now we are coming up on a macro point between the four two and four six what I’m saying is this energy all the weight all the energy and etherium from 2018 is coming to a termination point right so something has to happen right there and it’s gonna start a new cycle as a result I don’t think the theory am is dead I don’t think you know Bloomberg is in the business of making you money and and now they say the theorems did so it’s going down to zero I don’t think that’s the case at all if you just do a simple support and resistance line we’ll go from here here I believe we can start to bring this thing together in three dimensions this is going to be our Fibonacci down more than likely that’s where we’re falling to because you see that that little band right there we broke down on the one six we continued on the three to more than likely will fall and catch ourselves right there between what does this order prices here between 22 and 16 before October 9 I believe will bottom out of aetherium and start to have positive energy moving forward last thing you do is a quick sine wave where do we want to take this bring it up slow it down right and again I think we’ll hit this maximum negative energy right around right around here you know so that the September won’t be good for etherion right it’s not gonna be good but October and definitely November should be a lot better and this is built into the chart right the problem we have now is that everything’s net negative right and when everything’s net negative it’s hard to get quick profits as a trader the biggest thing to remember as a trader is that when we trade when we exchange aetherium or Ansari when we exchange Bitcoin for aetherium we’re actually betting against Bitcoin we’re betting that aetherium in this hand or like coin – iota 0x whatever it is we exchange for is gonna help pace the growth of Bitcoin right and for the past you know nine months essentially all of 2018 that has not happened for etherium as a result this can be extremely frustrating this can you know be very a very turbulent period for emotional irrational investors and so this is why I tell you guys we just need to look at the numbers to understand what the numbers are saying understand what the data is saying understand what disciples are saying understand that everything in itself is a cycle of something else right energy cannot be created or destroyed it merely transformed from one asset class to another prime example the energy of the Sun the illuminating body in the heavenly skies that energy comes down to earth you know grows a tree the tree yields fruit and I use that fruit as my breakfast right and now that breakfast passes through me and I’m able to come on a microphone and speak energy into you all yawns and today right energy just continues to move so if we understand that the market is one single source of energy it is an infinite ocean of energy always in motion always moving and always in cool constant correlation and correspondence to itself there is no outside force in so far as the market is concerned there is no tweet that Vitalik can make to put the market in flux or in limbo everything has already happened and everything is happening at all times right just the same that’s you know I can’t I can’t jump you know in the middle of ocean and you know expect my little presence to you know wipe out the ocean that’s not that’s not gonna happen right one Twitter account one tweet one news article one pump-and-dump one whale one sell-off that doesn’t matter it’s just harmonics it adds and it flows it comes and it goes right it starts and it begins and the ending and it is indeed in itself the start of a new beginning and so that’s what I see right now is that all of the energy to quick cycle that it had between 2018 January 2018 and February 2018 that little growth cycle that energy is coming to a termination point what happens after that I think will be the beginning of a new positive cycle right so aetherium at a hundred and eighty dollars I do believe it may drop a little bit lower with this next pull back I think Bitcoin may drop a little bit lower 258 5500 and they’re somewhere in there and I think aetherium could drop another 10% but anything under 150 that’s free money you know and that’s what we need to look forward to it’s not so much what can we make right now it’s more so how can we benefit in the future right all too often I compare the blockchain to that bridge right there right everything over here is kind of the incumbents right JP Morgan Wells Fargo Goldman Sachs you notice that tree anchored in the ground over there is a land and built ERC tony tokens Iola waves Ashcraft things that don’t even make sense yet my platform no.1 saying things I mean came to get the cantina manifest yeah still being built in that fog over there so one of the things we need to be cognizant of is the candles are gonna happen they’re very chaotic but when you live in the intersections and that’s what I do on my analysis that’s why a lot of times they’re extremely accurate is because I’ve disregard the candles all together a time I look logic and the intersections and the macro momentum the brakes and the shifts the tsunamis of the oceans I look at those and I say okay so now me over here tsunami over here BAM break over there boom we write that to the next wave and we’ve been able to benefit greatly as a result we got eighty people live on the air what up you know if we got 40 likes I’m giving away some free theory and right now to one of you guys let me see i’ma jump on right now I’m gonna be 82 and we go see what’s happening we ain’t got it I can’t believe it I can’t believe the guys I can’t believe it we only got 36 and I just gave you one of them we go try it again tomorrow okay I can only do so much I came over here talking for 20 minutes to give you a minute I say I said we just need 40 lights we didn’t get it we didn’t get you an attached optic country out you know I’ll show y’all some love real quick before I get up off of here if you want to learn more about my methodology and how you can change your life with this type of knowledge check out the resources that we have on boss of Bitcoin dot-com go to that website right there you’ll see my man on the right hand side suited and booted looking like the American dream they say this a new cycle at all and this boy right here leading the charge esoteric engineer young Santa I let your boy scroll down a little bit click on chart like a boss watch this video right here 21 minutes it will change your life then you join some of our Facebook communities we have the boss a Bitcoin page on Facebook we also have the number one Bitcoin group in the world typing in on Facebook hashtag one Bitcoin 20,000 people come together to keep each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace it’s literally just that easy to get paid you just need to understand the cycles understand the residents connect to the collective eclectic that is which we are and all of us will be much more enlightened as a result um let’s see here I can pop this thing out say about to pop out of chat real quick so we can shout out our people how’s our stream faster than BK’s because I’m running like eight programs and it’s a natural leg when I’m the one that sending data it’s weird how it works but you know I stopped stop trying to figure it out myself um here we go alright alright so again number one Bitcoin group in the world there goes right there yes a client-side like here we go um iota that’s not that’s not a city VK your internet is slow it was on my cell phone guys so like when I look on my cell phone I reload the video that’s real-time data that’s just like you watching a video I wasn’t on my computer so you guys they didn’t you didn’t get it you didn’t get it you know I’ll try it again tomorrow come back in come back tomorrow that was a crime was it a crime no it was on my poem I literally did this like I clicked on my phone it wasn’t a crime I clicked on my phone we witnessed it somebody oh let’s do this I know saw wholeness um let’s see let’s see let’s see I just wrote boom boom boom BAM colleague in 3d flattered you to win her today men send me message me on either Facebook or YouTube send me a wallet and I’ll send you a couple bucks in aetherium for tuning in today they said they have 50 likes I’ll give it to you guys today you know but tomorrow when I when I go to my phone and it’s a 38 and we need 40 I’m doing it I’m doing it you know I’m saying sky affiliated was going on Nolan’s know you in the building Pohlman big melon Switzerland Bulgaria Flo Rida young-sam Flat Earth esoteric you know I’m saying Vedic cosmology and in the building as well rich from the UK Scheck Republic 702 the life-sized box in the crypto hood Virginia and one mole one mole sha-pow that being said everybody is that time on a date signing out bows your boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay and California all the way back out to jerk money good night more than a good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button I agree this channel needs to have a lot more views so we need some engagement leave me a comment down below let me know if you want a chart you know if you want to see a certain chart or a topic whatever you want let me know in the comments below do that for me you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y’all please

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