Should You Buy Bitcoin?

hello ale Xers this is a special series we're doing before the end of the year where we'll be answering some of the most common questions you guys have asked us over the past twelve months we wanted to do something like a QA for awhile now as always the answers might not be exactly what you want to hear but we'll be honest and somewhat to the point if this is your first time watching one of our videos welcome click the subscribe button right now because we're providing massive value for the following days and you don't want to miss it with that out of the way here's today's question should you buy Bitcoin this is one of those questions we've been getting every single week since Bitcoin hit $5,000 has of writing this script Bitcoin is somewhere around $13,000 apiece now before we dive deep into this we feel like we need to mention that we actually own some Bitcoin and aetherium ourselves just for the sake of being fully transparent regarding the question of whether or not you should buy Bitcoin at whatever the current price is when you're watching this video the answer is yes but yes from a learning perspective and not necessarily as an investment we believe that everyone should learn about cryptocurrencies and the revolutionary technology that is blockchain this thing will probably change the world so the least you could do is spend a couple of hundred bucks just to see what it's like to buy crypto how you store it and what you can do with it from an investment perspective it's hard to tell what the future holds but as more and more people find out about this technology the easier becomes to buy some for yourself while the price per coin will keep increasing you might hear analysts or other people throwing around numbers like Bitcoin will reach $190,000 or even 1 million dollars per coin but that is because bitcoin is valued like art it's worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it even with that we don't think we'll ever see Bitcoin at under $5000 ever even buying it under $20,000 a coin you're still technically an early adopter we have had a couple of friends who won big on Bitcoin they went in ha early on waited for the price to triple then pulled out their initial investment now whatever happens happens we're applying the same strategy whatever you do be smart about it and never risk money you can't afford to lose will Bitcoin be the gold of the future we're not sure we'll just have to wait and see what happens someone could exploit a vulnerability in the code rendering it useless and all this hype could move on to another crypto either way we think the technology is here to stay no matter what coin will be trading in so do we answer your question or not what do you think you can add on this subject let us know in the comments if you want to ask the question yourself you can do so by going to a LOX comm slash question and click the submit question button we hope you're enjoying your holidays if you haven't subscribed already you better click on that a Lex logo and do it right now and do we pick this video for you to watch next because it's just what you need after watching this one and click the blue box to ask us a question thanks for being an a laxer see you tomorrow

42 thoughts on “Should You Buy Bitcoin?”

  1. Hey Aluxers, we feel like this needs to be said: NEVER INVEST MORE MONEY THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!
    We've read about people mortgaging their homes. These people are not sophisticated investors and unless they get really lucky they could end up losing everything. If you're going to do it, do it smart!

  2. You may also covered Dagcoin and why this cryptocurrency company called itself "the most usable cryptocurrency in the Univerese" ?

  3. The way ALUX answers the question of this video reveals that they discourage taking risks and staying on the safe video,as well as their doubtfulness on crypto currency,along with their materialistic believing esscence in all their videos,WHICH OF ALL I ABSOLUTELY HATE,IYS MY PERSONAL OPINION EVEN IF YOU DONT CARE

  4. Hi Alux; check my blog article on bitcoin and let me know what you think about it

  5. ……….hey………today 2/15/18………..bitcoin is NOT at 13000 bucks you lie….i look RIGHT NOW and bitcoin is at 9.900 bucks did not hit 13000………. VERY IMPORTANT ATTENTION……….inside info trading……….bitcoin will NOT ever go pass over 15000 bucks again…that was a one time thing only…any person with a BRIAN will know if a investment you buy and can drop and lose 50 percent PLUS in just under one month is the worst place you can put you money in and a losers game and NOT a investment…nooo one got rich off bitcoin in 2017…more people lost money in 2017 and 2018 than made money off loser bitcoin…remember 2017 you go take a shower or eat dinner come back and bitcoin drop and went down one 2 or 3 or up to 5000 bucks…i can a sure you 90 percent of people SOLD bitcoin when that happen and that happen a lot 2017 and loss money…you can not make money when something moves up and down a LOT like bitcoin…if bitcoin can drop one up to 5000 bucks in 1 hour or one day is a ridiculous stupid investment…and will disappear very soon…if you know nooo crypto in history has ever survived and disappear…go look it up and see for you self dumb ass…thats why you poor and i am every rich…bitcoin will go right back DOWN AGAIN 1000 percent guaranteed i promise….inside info trader….here to help you and teach you…

  6. Bitcoin won't last as the transaction fee's are too much. What do I think will be big – Electroneum, Token coin, and I like litecoin too.

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  8. I would buy bitcoins if Ionly was old enough to do it. I'm 17 now so I'll just wait a year and hope the hype hasn't died down-

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  10. Bitcoin? No. If you have a time machine, yes. Otherwise, she stated the truth. It’s speculating. It’s perceived value. It’s gambling. I had a clever guy try to explain to me. It makes no sense. Transferring money underneath the government radar using puzzles and powerful computers? I thought I was being punked. What’s its use to me? Also, aren’t Bitcoin used for moving money illegally and human trafficking? Stay away. Pass this one up.

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  14. No one knows what this will become in the future but like they say, Cryptocurrency is here to stay. I will invest in it, but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

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