43 thoughts on “Should I Buy Bitcoin Now… or Wait For Price To Drop?”

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  3. Mark, this is so awesome. Its saturated with investing tips and wisdom. This is one for my archives. I am going to watch it over and over and over again……DCA for me. Cheers Mark.

  4. It's DCA for me right now because I used to be part of that 90% who kept losing money by trading with emotions and timing the markets wrong.

  5. Super great video, Mark! DCA until/unless it drops way low again, then a one-time (maybe two) LSI. Side note: I love the lighting in your book shelves. 🙂

  6. Another advantage of DCA over LSI is that with DCA you can start at any moment. If you not yet in the crypto market right now and want to get in, LSI might make you miss the boat while you're waiting for the next drop.

  7. Hi Mark, I'm a D.C.A girl… I feel better when I add small amounts in my investments regularly. Doesn't seem to be as painful.?

  8. Hi Mark! Nice work, really love your videos. I personally started investing in crypto during the peak in 2017. I do the DCA and it has been working well.
    Mark, would you make a video about the potential of having passive income in crypto (especially for retail investor)? I would really love it.
    Anyway, thank you for the videos!

  9. You and your brother Jacob both are knowledgable and very good at investment strategy. I recommend both of you!! BTW trying to apply DCA after losing my position with small profit!

  10. Thanks for this video! It confirms I made the right choice in strategy lol.

    At the end of 2017 when I found bitcoin I felt it was near the top because prices were going parabolic. I decided to save every week and try to time the absolute bottom after it crashed.

    After a few months though I learned it would be almost impossible for me so I decided to set the 200 Day MA as my buy signal. My buy in ended up being ~$4600 and now I'm up close to 100%. Not the absolute bottom but I'm happy with it and now I've shifted into DCA as we are still early in this cycle 🙂

  11. Great analyse! Thanks ! DCA seems the best way…… my plan: buy now btc and hold 2 years before selling using DCA again! Are you on twitter?

  12. Great topic! Nice delivery. Need better lighting tho.

    May I share my three part rule:
    1) DCA,
    2) Only invest what I am ok with totally losing (i.e.can still pay my bills and recover in a year),
    3) If Bitcoin immediately drops -50% after my purchase, I’d still be OK with the purchase and HODL on.

  13. Very solid and fundamental advice.
    Patiently and thoroughly presented.
    Worth hearing again, by even us seasoned investors.
    Thanks Mark.

  14. great video Mark as usual! investments are tricky and sometimes people think there is only one way to invest.. i agree with you. decide which strategy is best for you and follow it. i use DCA personally and have had pretty good success in crypto market

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  16. Love your stuff Mark. I'm a fan of DCA. Been accidentally doing that since 2016. I just bought all I could at the time. LSI. But then I did it again. And again. So it's kinda like LSI over time equals DCA. Heh. From here on out though, I'll DCA.

  17. Think DCA is the better option and makes more sense but the urge to lump sum when times are good is super hard to resist. Might try a lil of both lol.

  18. What’s your thoughts on Digibyte? The tech behind To me seems like a coin you just want to throw 1M coins on a ledger nano to make them rare being the Risk/return ratio

  19. Hi Mark!

    I began buying crypto in October 2017, and continued buying all through 2018. I decided I would allocate 10% of my total net worth in crypto which I completed that allocation by the end of 2018. I am HODLing crypto for the long term.

    The majority of my wealth is in the stock market which is quite high. I want to diversify some of that capital into real estate, but the real estated market is also high. I am delaying buying real estate until the next correction.

    I am considering moving a portion of my money into a tax advantaged fully funded life insurance contract so I can get it out of the stock market into a vehicle which provides a decent compound interest return, but has a floor on what it can drop. I want something that has liquidity so I can invest in real estate during the next correction.

    I am retired with a pension, social security and a required minimum distribution from my IRA that far exceed my living expenses.

    What are your thoughts on this strategy/

    Thanks for all the great content Mark!

    Mike Baum

  20. Any opinion on eos, everyone always seems to be bashing it. If it was such a poor asset I don't believe coinbase would list it , in my opinion. Especially since they seem to have a strict asset listing process. I've done a little research myself it seems centralized and has a 21 block producer voting system or something to that effect. Apologize if its a silly question just curious.

  21. @Mark I have been DCA for a year now. Recently I have starting buying BTC dips along with my DCA weekly buy. I have the extra money to do both. I this a good idea?

  22. One more thing, Jamie "Demon", Peter "Schill", and Buffett rain too much fire down on cryptocurrency for Derrick to think they are buying on the low. You judge….

  23. One more one more thing. "DCA" and not putting in more than you can afford to lose works wonders. That's all Derrick does. Let's see where that takes me….

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