Shorupan Reveals The Strategy For GXToken

Hey GX world Shorupan here I wanted to
make this video to talk about the GX token strategy as we head into the
fourth quarter now based on the previous videos i’ve made
you guys have probably got an understanding about some of the
advancements that we have brought to the table in terms of GX token the primary
advancement being the fact that we’ve been listed on an exchange and we’re
actually in the process of getting listed on more like multiple exchanges
both in North America but also across the remainder of the world and so I
wanted to take this time to give you guys somewhat of a framework on how you
should think about your liquidation or your acquisition strategy for the GX
token so the first thing that I want to say is it’s never intelligent to sell
tokens as soon as they get listed on an exchange unless of course they’re
suspect to being pumped and I’m telling you right now that’s not the case with
our token what is the great news about what we’ve realized is that we have
listed the GX token on cracks 24 which is a modest exchange at best and what
has happened is that there is a natural by order book forming hundreds of orders
have been formed on the buy side and that’s without the ability for our
brokers to be even able to sell their tokens or any of our early token holders
to sell their tokens because the token has to be swapped on September 1st
because they’re able to trade which means all of this by side pressure is
coming from the exchanges customers and today we’ve realized even more by site
pressure and so what’s going to happen is that as less and less people start
start purchasing from you know a global exchange directly they will then buy its
form a secondary market on third-party exchanges which will drive up the price
of the token that is what you really have to wait for you have to wait for us
to list on multiple liquid exchanges we’re talking some of the biggest names
in the crypto space as well as waiting for there to be external demand sign
pressure like we’re seeing on craig’s 24 that might take one month that might
take several months after we list but at the end of the day for those who bought
in phase one two and you are set to make quite a bit of an
upside if you can wait until that same exposure is given to everyone who’s not
a broker I mean we all understand that the fundamental value of the GX token is
what allows you to become a broker and maintain your brokerage but we haven’t
calculated into the price the the in the effect that all the speculators from the
exchanges will have which could dramatically drive up and change the
price so I just wanted to make this video to kind of give you guys a game
plan that wait until there were multiple exchanges holding GXT
we will keep continue to keep you updated on every time we’re in the
process of announcing a new exchange and then wait until this demand side
pressure from the exchanges itself because the brokers are gonna create
their own pressure by selling more brokerages since we have a fixed amount
and so that combined with another video I’ll make on how you can leverage the GXT in the GX markets will give you guys a timely strategy on how to position
yourself well remember this is not a tomorrow thing we are building a very
infrastructure heavy brokerage network that could pay incredible dividends to
those who understood the value of it early

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