Shopin ICO tokensale company pitch at BlockChain Economic Forum in New York

my name is Aaron the CEO of shoppin shopping calm and we're building a decentralized Amazon also interesting Lee we last week we were the winners of the best ICO at at Quinn agenda so what are we why are we doing this because the world of retail is broken c1 retailers going bankrupt a Manthan we have a really good understanding of why that is occurring 7% of retailers can identify their users across all mobile devices and platforms 7% this means that they don't know who the user is by not knowing who the user is how can you possibly service them and this pales an insert and these numbers parallel in significance into how people are lost in the process of search and summed for the for retailers to really band together because this man Jeff Bezos is coming to eat their lunch you know Amazon has an incredible data system they have all the retailers in one space and one and one shopper profile which means that they understand your purchase history it's not the behavioral history and anybody who knows anything about EdTech here and about e-commerce you'll know the behavioral just the rewards are not there but when you've got access to purchase history it's amazing when you've got access to purchase history from all the different retailers in context to a single usually not happens in an ecosystem like Amazon with 30% of the revenues of Amazon i tribute able to the product recommendation bar just to make to put that into perspective since amazon is 30% of the revenue on the e-commerce of entire ecommerce 10% of e-commerce today comes from amazon's product recommendation well isn't that awesome 89% Jeff Bezos says that 89% of their revenues attributable to personalization based on purchase data so why don't we tailors want to be in the space well really simple the moment they put their users on Amazon it's not the users anymore Amazon takes 25% off the top and squeezes your margins which makes your supply chain completely unsustainable every single time you're making a sale you're surrounded by your competitors and you have no control of your brand they do to your they do to your brand what IBM does to a website when it's a to a company when they buy them you just become this weird blank so what we do is that we take shopper verified preferences that we get through a little shopper IQ game when we unboard users and we combine it with the purchase history from all the retailers and give it to the user so shopping is a single Universal shopper profile for the entire web where the users own the purchase data and they have all the benefits on Amazon on every website that they go to and when they go back to their app they have all those other Amazon benefits plus more how does it work we work at the retailer to unboard their own users so we don't chase after the after the shoppers they go to their database and advertise to their database the user option and then we're our engine consumes the purchase history the SKU information and makes them play a little game a little shop IQ games identify the customer we take all that data and now we've create an enhanced profile we then go check with all the retailers who have joined us in our system or otherwise other people are coming on board and we call that data in and we give it to the user and this is the principle thing you have to understand is that we're not the owners of the data the user is the owner of the data and then what we do you have a great enhanced profile and this data is then pushed out to the enter or to all the retailers so our big question was why why not just make the Internet into Amazon and the purchases happen on the retailer site instead of in a centralized sideways someone is controlling the users someone's controlling the price point it's all happening at the retailers but the retailers know what you're buying at all the different web sites you know why that's important because imagine that you go to right and you look at a couple of shoes you look at a couple of pants you can look at a couple of shirts and then you go down the internet highway to edit your address and you buy a pair of pants for 30 days you're going to see Edwards from Nike okay for things that they don't really know you want imagine the bleed on the industry just from that alone then you buy that then you buy from something from Adidas and of course there's no signal that goes back to Nike so it's a really caught it so you can just see that this industry doesn't understand the user because they don't have total complete access to a shopper profile where they understand what's happening and we provide that and put the user in control can you play the video so I'm just waiting for a video to get played so you can actually see over here what a shopper profile will happen what looks like if can you turn down the audio thank you and this is kind of this is what happens on it says artic J Lindenberg where you can see a person's logged in and they're logging onto a just for you page where we serve product recommendations from their inventory based on the total purchase data of a user from across the web you can also remove items which means that the profile gets more intelligent about the things that you don't like and that is a signal that is five times more meaningful than actually liking something your size is pre-populated because we understand your size from other or from all the different websites you add it to the cart you click checkout and then you get one kit you can check up with a shop in and you get that one-click checkout experience that you get on Amazon you choose your billing information your shipping information there's no more filling out complicated forms anymore for across the web you're in control your data so we can pass that data on can you go back to the presentation please thank you so much so basically we're turning the open retail web into into an Amazon arc environment why do users and this is a real product by the way this is not a hypothetical product we have almost three quarters of a million users who joined with us in 30 days from two retailer integrations we have a feeling we know what we're doing I've had three exits as an entrepreneur one of your awards are Canada Nations World Summit award my but the real stars are my teammates de Vaca Riya Patti was the first and principal engineer at Priceline heid 14 years ago and for 14 years he created Priceline he architected the entire Priceline into the 100 billion dollar company that's you know in love today he managed hundreds of people to achieve this sitting alongside him is Mike Rizzo the VP of engineering of proud man for 15 years the lead engineer of Praslin as well who was there for 10 years to us awarded the annual CEO achievement award and some really other great people including Mike Herman Michael Herman was the global president of sales at Elie Tahari so how do we get to the retailers because we have Michael and we have a list of 55 retailers who he person he knows the CEO or the CMO and we know the key decision maker to drive deals he was all set Donna Karen DKNY and other amazing brands and we're supported by some incredible advisors everyone who've them who's incredibly functional in our business including Stephen Ari of one of the Akkad was the architect of the etherium ICO right through to people like Jeff Provo who's an investor and 350 startups we have over seven hundred nineteen thousand users from only two integrations with retailers for 30 days and we saw at wint almost at 22 percent lived in transactions when people got the product recommendations that they loved with Zegna a million people were emailed by zhenya and 130,000 people to opt us into their database joined within 30 days and it generates it saved 1.7 million dollars by going to the just-for-you page on zhenya and purchasing products and this was a 22 percent lift and transactional conversion of the users without the parent shopping recommendations and with Bed Bath & Beyond five or five hundred thousand people out of four million people joined within 30 days the interesting thing is that we have a cool feature where you can share your shopping profile with your friends and family well this is pretty cool now I can share my shop in profile with you you can switch on my filter and you can see the web through my eyes and by me the products I want and we saw 672 thousand users onboard 65 thousand other people no surprise by the way because statistically 88% of users want to actually have this kind of experience of personalization using their data but being in control what do the shoppers get out of it an activity feed to see who's got who's got access to their data and you control who has access to your data you're being retargeted by someone on the Activity Feed and you don't like it you switch it off this speech remai any retailer who sits with us instantly gdpr compliant secondly you basically have the perfect product recommendations on every website that you go to no more hassles of search the products find you you go back to your Thoreau to your shopping profile and you get all this Amazon benefits such as see all your purchases from 20 different websites and be able to control the shipping and tracking and returns one wishlist for an entire web and feature that you can share your shop and profile your friends and family who knows what the return rates at Saks Fifth Avenue is every day anyone come on there's gotta be someone who's gonna throw me a bone yeah ten percent of the back team send back 20% of the back 25 to the rand gentleman in the front forty percent forty percent of what comes out of sex with that in you every single day goes right back in in season sixty five percent why because people don't know these sizes from across multiple brands so they're ordered two or three of the same size we can solve that over time which means we make the industry more sustainable not just more profitable secondly you get the presence that you want so in gifting season when you share your shopping profile with your friends and family you get the gifts that you want that decreases returns and of course when you buy me something with my shopping profile it's my profile it gets enriched so when I share my shop and profile with you you don't buy me the thing that he bought me this is what happens when you have all the purchased data in the hands of the user and we bought it on the blockchain why because the data stored this valuable cannot live in a centralized location it will be hacked there will be an echo effect situation and the data that we're sitting on is more valuable than what echo techs are sitting on this is the total purchase data all the information on the user that is not actually in any central data store so we distributed across the blockchain so and it takes three keys to unlock the data so even if you managed to hack one user it's one user not all the users secondly it's a testable which means that when we launch our shop in token our shop and coin so that retailers can advertise to the user we understand what the purchase history of the user is and the margins and the returns a true lifetime value understanding of the customer that's love and you can pay for that with shopping tokens that they can redeem in stores of their choice exchange amongst one another and that will go up in value over time we this is a real product we've already built the ingestion engine ingestion engine can ingest 25 million SKUs in real time you switch us on we've just taken 25 million SKUs broken them the inventory items broken down down and them down to 25 to 36 key identifiers and made them clickable to you as a profile and reserved it directly back up into the area to the retailer site the way we're dealing with our tokenization is that we're launching 1.5 billion tokens it's a big market we're servicing 70% of e-commerce that's out there ostensibly more eventually we're thirty three percent has been kept back for the company and so and for the investors and for the team because our reward is not how much money we raise in a token sale our reward is making the tokens with a lot more the more that we make those tokens worth more for everybody else and we're more utility there is the that's where we are supposed to find our profit like a real you know tokenizing blockchain company 33% is being held is being held for the sale which is a 50 million dollar sale we're currently running a private presale which is over half subscribed by some incredible funds I'm happy to talk to you about it we are a venture backed company by the way and 33% is being held for a really interesting model because what we are starting to understand is this true lifetime value of the customer where we can understand how they purchase history over time is converting into real dollars and cents so what's backing the value of our token the converted dollars and cents at the end of the day for the retailer and what we're gonna do is we're gonna take the retailer contracts instead of selling them on a token ours model which they're never gonna come on board to instead we go to them and say look you pay for API calls on you know simple SAS model and we're gonna take the money that they're going to give us from the from those hundreds of thousands of dollars and we're gonna purchase the tokens out of the market in creating instant frothiness and utility in the market giving them to the retailers so that they can gift it to the users for loyalty to access their data to receive marketing etc and their users come back they spin those tokens against their purchases along with along with Fiat with cash and the retailer has the option to either sit on this asset which is constantly growing in value that I need to burners it's a real asset well turned to be to shape-shift it's an exchanger down into the market and then purchase more again so we create real utility and frothiness not just from speculators we have some amazing brands that were already working with to bring this into reality and the way the opportunity for folks over here today is we've got a five million dollar private spree sale that is closing soon over half of it is subscribed by some amazing funds and ranging from galaxy investment partners to NEMA capital passports some really phenomenal folks and we're giving a 66% bonus to your tokens on the ICO for investor for participation over half a million dollars below half a million dollars 40% and afterwards we will go into the public key cell where there's a 20% bonus on the first ten million dollars a seventy point five percent bonus on the next on the next ten fifteen percent on the next ten and then we go to occur to the ICO itself my name is Aaron and we believe in a decent in the concept of the decentralization where there's no person controlling the users no person controlling the margins pitting you pitting customers against one another but giving all the freedom of data to create that ecosystem that Amazon has on every website in the world and control and benefits in the hands of the user I hope that you'll join me on this journey thank you very much thank you and thank you very much to the conference for the opportunity of being able to participate in to pitch thank

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  1. Excellent presentation, was disappointed to miss the pre-sale our investors pool was keen on the concept and it is brilliant.

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