27 thoughts on “Shapeshift.io Tutorial: How to use the Shapeshift.io App and Cryptocurrency Exchange”

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  2. Law enforcement has been using this app increasingly according to an article on cointelegraph. They also said the darknet has been using crypto more than ever. Makes me wonder whats up.. Are they selling guns and drugs that they conficate and hiding it this way. I quess the only way to know is to look at the blockchain transactions. Furthermore I wouldn't be suprised if they confiscate crypto in favor of other privacy coins to cover their tracks. Could be a good time to stop flaw endorcement from receiving pay in this shutdown?

  3. I want trade ether for different coins that are not on coin base, like ether for digibyte dgb. How do I do that and how do I watch it. Is there an app like Coinbase but with all the coins??

  4. hey thank you for the video .if you wanna change Bitcoin into Ethereum and looking for a shapeshift alternative, take a look at an App Called "Bitcoin Change“ for Apples iOS and Android Play Store. highly recommended ,have a good day 🙂

  5. Lots of people are looking for Shapeshift tutorial and tutorials like this one. Nice Shapeshift Review, what about looking into the simple Shapeshift alternative for iOS and Play Store called „Bitcoin Change“? developed for anonymous Bitcoin Exchange Would be Interesting.

  6. Investing apps tv,
    Do u think Shapeshift has better reputation than Changelly?
    Thanks for your advice!

  7. Hi, great training thank you, I was doing a exchange on Coin Cap, LTC from my Coinbase for Ripple but I made a mistake with the total of ripple I was exchanging so my LTC total $40 are seating at BlockCypher and I dont know what to do. can you make a video showing how to recover your coin from BlockCypher? Please,

  8. Why do you have a different destination ether address in the 2nd step on the computer version? I thought we were supposed to have the same destination ethereum address mentioned in the first step as the final destination address in the second step?

  9. what about its one that ain't on coin base like ripple or something how would I do that as ripple doesn't show up on coin base. make video how to do that

  10. Are there any Multi-Function wallets out there that will do the samething. instead of having one wallet for every coin, or is it best to have a single wallet for each coin

  11. The problem I have been having with Shapeshift is this. The say because of the network the transaction didn't "fail" but was "resolved" and instead of getting the XRP I was trying to exchange .18714534 ETH for 185.47108392 XRP. I just got my ETH back 0.17670434 ETH minus .0100441 ETH they say for fees. This has happened 3 times in the last 5 days about 40 – 50% chance this will happen. Never mind the fact that I didn't the get XRP I wanted. Shapeshift and miners are keeping my ETH for doing nothing.

  12. I’ve transferred Rs.5000/- bitcoin through Zebpay to litecoin through ShapeShift…I actually don’t have litecoin wallet…now I don’t know how to get back my money to zebpay wallet.. can you please help me..?

  13. I'm trying to exchange my lite for ripple using poloniex. It is asking for a destination tag. What is that exactly?

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