SFOX Crypto Market "Mildly Bullish" – SEC Crypto Guidelines – IronX Exchange – XRP & Litecoin ETPs

hey guys Tony here hope you're doing well it is Thursday April 4th hope you're holding strong in this new emerging asset class that is crypto currencies have some very big news to share with you this is of course not financial or investment advice if you're not subscribed to the channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button also smash that like button guys let's take a look at the prices here we know we were in that upward momentum and it was seemed like it was gonna continue to go upward and Bitcoin was over 5,200 like excuse me a theorem was over 175 dollars XRP over 36 cents but now we have a pullback and that's healthy you cannot have a continual run-up like that that's not healthy at all so there will be Corrections and I think minor Corrections not big ones along the way now unless they the same whale that pumped the market up dumps on the market again then we got problems right but right now this is a healthy pull back so bitcoin is over 4,900 a theorem over $157 x RP over 33 cents healthy and from an hourly perspective we are up for just under a percentage for the top 3 kryptos from a 24-hour perspective we are up about 2% already excuse me down 2% so healthy let's see where it goes from here cautiously optimistic let the rally prove itself we don't want to make rash decisions we don't want to get emotional about it it's great to see green it's great to see the prices go up but we got to be smart about this because there is manipulation as I said no one can accurately say you know who or what Oh what happened to drive the prices up like that but it obviously a whale somewhere in Asia did it right cuz it jumped I mean it was a Black Swan event so let's keep an eye on it let it prove itself and we will you know we'll keep a close eye and and you know watch it and see where we're headed from there but I think this sentiment is certainly changing from bear to bull and this is actually being backed up by some reports so sfox market index reads current crypto market as mildly bullish and instituted they are an institutional cryptocurrency prime dealer and they released a report that was published today and in the course of preparing to report the company collected data about price volume and volatility from eight major exchanges in March in order to examine the worldwide performance of six leading coins Bitcoin Bitcoin cash theorem litecoin Bitcoin sv ne theorem classic so this is interesting this is from an institutional crypto service here so they're reading and looking at the data as mildly bullish and I think that makes sense if you guys saw my video about are we in a crypto bulb are we in a bull market I talked about we are at the cusp of getting out of that bear market into the bull and I said if you guys saw that video I said it could happen in April or May right within the next two months so it seems the transition is happening we took a look at the wall street market psychology you know people a psychology of fear and capitulation and depression and then you know going into disbelief and so forth so I think we're in that transition phase and I understand these things don't happen overnight they happen in stages and phases right and this these are the market principles of the average Joe they don't think about and the market they don't understand market cycles and the media runs with oh my god you know with the fear and like don't know bitcoin is crash and this is the end of Bitcoin or crypto or whatever right but it's all cycles it happens in stocks real estate precious metals and so forth now crypto is more volatile because it's young it moves a lot faster right but you look at the stock market the US stock market it was at a ten-year bull run up and then finally corrected right so all cycles guys and patience is the key and and a lot of people don't realize this this is the game the smart money plays they can they have more patience than the average Joe who's looking to make money but not understanding these principles so count yourself lucky that you understand these principles they're so important because if you're just looking at price you're on a roller coaster ride you're an emotional roller coaster ride you have to look at the market holistically and this is great that things are looking bullish or mildly bullish now we talked about I believe of yesterday I did a video I'm talking about the SE C's new crypto framework however some are saying if it falls short of clear and actionable guidelines and I agree it's not you know full fully built out and and you should have been more detail-oriented and more of flushed out right but as I said in my video yesterday I believe they are waiting on the tow context on him yet which is going to guys it's so if that bill gets passed I think some big things are gonna happen it's gonna open the floodgates because it's gonna position crypto outside of the 70 year of security laws and also make like transactions under $600 non-taxable and many other things so the takeaway here I'll just highlight it it's big takeaways the SE C's new guidance outlines how it will apply to decades-old how we test the crypto assets once again decades old however their main excuse me the however the there remain a number of unanswered questions including how the broad definition of active participants might impact projects how startups based overseas are impacted when and how a token might no longer be a security while legal acts experts and industry participants see this as a positive first step the consensus appears to be there are so many issues to be discussed so yes it is a step in the right direction but there's a lot more work to be done here and I think it they might be waiting on the token texana MEAC so let's see if the token taxonomy that gets passed I know it's being reintroduced this week and man I hope it gets passed guys so fingers crossed on that one now we all talked about you know the amount of money investments being dumped into this market it's pretty pretty crazy but that's when smart money moves when the markets at his bottom right crypto currency exchange iron axe launches twenty six million dollar IC o—- so they launch following a twenty six million dollar IC o—- technology focused media outlet the FinTech Times reported iron X is a regulated trading platform that has jointly established by digital trading firm iron FX an Emer go HK developers of the ninth-largest crypto by market cap Cardno iron x users can now trade in both fiat currencies like US dollar euro Japanese yen and kryptos the exchange supports Bitcoin aetherium Puma pay I don't know what that is a da yo slight coin Neos teller reflects RP Tasos and the native token IR X so pretty cool guys we have exchanges popping up globally and raising a lot of funds a lot of investment happening in exchanges and different wallet services and you know apps and all kinds of things that big money is is working behind the scenes they're both accumulating cryptos but also investing in the services and technology behind crypto very interesting now we got some news here South Korea officials consider revision of the existing crypto regulations now as you know South Korea is a pillar a lot of volume comes out from this from this country the people are very Pro crypto they're very bullish and crypto but we got some news here they're considering a revision of existing regulatory frameworks regarding digital currencies speaking at the economy kind of conference in C all top government officials reportedly stated that the country has to re-evaluate crypto policies in order to facilitate the growth and maturity of the crypto market one official outlined the importance of creating a place where the industry financial institutions and government related organization could communicate and jointly develop relevant guidelines so it seems like it's a positive update that they want to make but we'll have to we'll have to wait and see but you know I think they've been pretty Pro crypto pro friendly there we see governments around the world are having a dialogue now looking at regulations and what they want to do so it's just a matter of time for them to get to that point where they release official statements and more Pro crypto friendly regulations as this market grows and develops and they get pressure from the big money and politicians and so forth now we got some news here by Nance Singapore by Nance Dex or decentralized exchange to launch in April so by Nancy Oh Chopin Zhao has announced the Fiat to crypto exchange by nan Singapore will launch sometime in April finance continues to expand which is a great sign they're one of the largest crypto exchanges out there I personally use them as well and they're doing some great things so further along the market and really setting setting the tone or set you know setting the bar very higher to standard very high for other exchanges which which is great and competition is healthy for the market so we certainly want finance continuing to doing and other players to follow and and try to outdo them as well now I had to talk to you guys about this I believe was last week where we talked about the International Association of trusted blockchain applications which is an organization that is basically you and one of the founding partners was Ripple we saw in a video from Brad Garlin house announcing this well we got some more details EU blockchain group launches with Swift ripple on board so Swift IBM ripple and over another and around 100 other firms and organizations have joined a new blockchain association to promote adoption and technology across the EU and we talked a bit about this I'm not gonna go into too much details but the fact that these companies are forming these association it's gonna put pressure in the government and politicians and so forth they're gonna be able to lobby these folks and this is gonna help to pass more crypto friendly laws and regulations so that's why I also say patience is important let these things come to fruition and maturity these companies are now coming together and that's a great sign I mean even ripple and Swift are competitors right but in in the grand scheme of things they need to come together work together to get the regulations so that they can freely operate and then compete against each other but you can't do anything if your hands are tied with lack of regulatory clarity and you know pushback from different divisions in the government but great sign a sign of things to come and we're seeing these associations and groups popping up everywhere now we have some news here exchange-traded products where XRP litecoin go live for EU investors exchange-traded products or ETS tied to the prices of crypto and crypto currencies XRP and litecoin have gone live in the Nordic growth market a subsidiary of bourse stew card exchange announced Thursday the four ATP's to 4x RP 2 for litecoin are available to investors based in the European Union according to x bt provider a firm behind the products XB x bt provider which is based in Stockholm has launched as a series of investment products tied to the prices of cryptocurrency since 2015 now this is actually in along the lines of a moon AG and six the Switzerland stock exchange they also launched their own et P so as you can see a lot of things being built out here by financial Giants and stock exchanges getting involved banks and a lot of these things I think you know a lot of the US folks want to have in place like you know the stock exchanges here but we don't have the regulatory clarity as you can see things are moving further ahead faster here in the EU and I hope the US can move faster I hope the token taxonomy that gets passed right guys and some additional XRP ripple news here coins dot pH which is one of the X rapid exchange liquidity providers it says here coins out pH wallet holders to receive Western Union money transfer so this is interesting I don't know if it will it's related to X rapid because Western Union is trialing X rapid still to this point and we know that Western Union money Graham many others what are they gonna do source the excerpt their liquidity of excerpt for x RP from the exchanges and then send the money but we have to wait on the details but this is nevertheless interesting there's a connection there right one is testing X rapid one is an X rapid exchange partner so you know one can guesstimate or you know see the correlation there what's what may be taking place but let's wait for official news on that and finally rational FX UK which is an international money transfer service announced they partner with ripple but they did confirm they're not using X wrapper they're using X current and as we've always talked about now all of these institutions will use X rapid which leverages xrp of course but the bigger ripples network and more likely at any point these companies want to expand or through the multi ha feature they could use X rapid for maybe a you know a specific transfer not all the time now there are there some of those like mercury effects and the others which will use it all the time because they're servicing certain corridors which have different currencies and they need that bridge asset right and their savings might be much bigger with X rapid versus X current so we just want a level set there and make sure you guys understand not all these folks will use X current that's fine but the bigger network they're better so guys what do you think about this news like I said here to market having a small pullback but this is healthy and let's let it play out let's see where it goes but I certainly think we the sentiment is changing and it is turning bullish and we in that track we are in that transition period from beer to ball it will take you know some time let's see maybe it takes another few months to fully transition to a bowl right guys but we know if there's many launches scheduled for this year and the Bitcoin having is next year also the SEC is reviewing Bitcoin ETFs let's see what they do with it they keep delaying and pushing back but what are you gonna do we got to be patient let's hope the token taxonomy Act gets passed I believe that will be a huge catalyst imagine we transition to the bull market and that get pet that gets passed it's gonna be big it's gonna be big so guys what do you think about this news leave your thoughts and comments below I want to hear from you thank you for your support thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already if you'd like to support the channel check out my donation links in the description thank you and I'll talk to you all later

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  2. I cant believe how long it took for the SEC to reproduce the Howey Test. Like what the f have you been doing?

  3. Token taxonomy will be passed. Similar to the forex market and looked what happened with that. This framework indicates that the SEC do not want the US to be left behind. Them releasing guidance before the full framework has been built is an encouraging sign. It will come this year.

  4. I've always thought …. If most of ripples clients are using xcurrent. Which handles settlements. WTF is XRP any good for? Switching from swift to ripple is hard enough, now they gotta go from swift->ripple->xcurrent->"multi-hop" xrp …. Makes no sense.

  5. Token taxonomy act is NOT BIG! Regulatory clarity is NOT BIG! Almost everyday we have BIG news in 2018 and early 2019 but the price is down. BIG news will not drive the price up. As I always mentioned before and I will mention again, BIG price to move up is when all of us don't expect it. Like what happened in April 1.

  6. Great adoption taking place. Price still higher than it was a week ago…a month ago…so we're doing good. Great things ahead

  7. Xrp was created by banks.. if you think it’s not true you’re a fucking Moron and I hope you just kill yourself.

  8. Evidence on the charts show that XRP started this pump could it be that this raise was because of the last release of the 1 billion monthly XRP from escrow ??? Ponder on this idea for a second…

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