Sfomo – The Art Of Trading

100,000 downloads and more than 30,000 users just in the first month alone and still rising at an amazing rate welcome to s FOMO the only cryptocurrency app you’ll ever need to monitor the very latest crisis in the exciting world of crypto currency exchanges s FOMO utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and together with its unique machine learning capabilities it’s able to accurately predict movements within the cryptocurrency markets some very useful features of the app include the alert system which sends out a message every time a new coin is listed on the exchange and when a cash injected pump is expected this provides the trader with a huge insider advantage by knowing when and where to buy low and sell high to maximize profits crypto currency traders have for years been trying to access relevant up-to-the-minute data from the continuously changing markets including the major financial markets and even Bitcoin whale the S FOMO app platform allows you to do all that and more with ease 24/7 there’s also support to trade directly in s FOMO without having to access the exchange app designed specifically for crypto traders at all experience levels the app is fully secure encompassing the very latest encryption and cryptographic signature scheme technology it also comes with several built-in privacy protection features serious traders can now immediately and securely access crypto data including signals indicators and historical data from anywhere and at any time users can also access the very latest news and events relating to the movements of each coin that means never missing a unique opportunity to gain an edge and stay ahead of the current market trends all transactions can be carried out on the move quickly and easily right from the cloud-based app on the traders smartphone making S fomo the absolutely must have technology of today an open-source version of the app has also been developed which can be downloaded to Desktop for additional security with automated trading features running in the background s FOMO is a decentralized data sharing platform built on innovative blockchain technology and it’s here to help you get the very best advantage in crypto currency trading the app is now available at the Google Play Store and app store download and experience s FOMO right away a lot of unique features are yet to come

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