88 thoughts on “Sex Workers Answer Questions About Legal Prostitution”

  1. Can’t believe women are promoting this to children. Very soon being in relationships with children will be normal

  2. She's paying 6 figures in taxes…..
    What the flying fornicating frog…!!!

    That's like being the CEO of a MNC… Jesus.

    Money… Jesus… Money… Jesus…..
    I'm broke

  3. it maybe a legal job but its not a real job, once you join its hard to turn back or quit, from what i believe from research and stories on internet, they wont be abole to get into normal jobs with all drama building up on their past work as a sex worker

  4. was this at the bunny ranch? the two women seem like intelligent, kind people and it's great to see sex workers portrayed in a different light but this felt a little scripted.. and this isn't the reality for most people who become sex workers to escape poverty and don't really have much of a choice..

  5. How many customers have you had that are rapists? How do you live with yourself knowing that your a sex puppet for the most unworthy of men?

  6. If you have daughters like I do would you really want them listening to these bitches no I wouldn't want my daughter to think selling her body is okay never works out they get beaten think it made to have to stay there they don't tell you A lot of these girls become prisoners in the brothels I just don't like to be bullshitted myself or others would you really want your daughter selling her body these two bitches make it sound so good and so great and oh come on down and there's no problems

  7. It needs to be legal nationwide. This would protect those women who choose to do this outside of Nevada.

  8. Kinda confused as to why legal sex work is only an option in Nevada, when there's porn shoots all over the country?? Does it only count as "prostitution" for lack of a better word, if there's no camera? I mean in both of these professions they're essentially getting paid to perform sexual activities. Weird.

  9. “I’m usually treated with a lot of respect” baby…. I don’t think you understand what true respect is.

  10. My concern is this…. would you have sex with these people without the money being involved? If so, your in alignment with yourself cause your not doing something just for money. But if you wouldn’t… I think we can all see the emotional and psychological issues with that. I care about self love, and I my gut tells me most of these women and men would never have this much sex with this many strangers in an ideal world where they had nothing or needed to gain something, but their own enjoyment and joy.

  11. Good for them. It is a choice. I personally would be traumatized and cry every night. No matter how nice a client can be there is just that cringy feeling that you are disrespecting your mind and body. But as long as they are happy doing what they do because that line of work can cause some serious mental issues.

  12. If she's paying $100,000 this woman has to mk about $200,000 a year( in order to say she loves her job)
    Hmm I wonder how much that is per week?

  13. Lol this seems like an ok career… I don't get why people think legal sex workers are bad. And I'm very surprised and happy that they're so confident about their work.

  14. Alice is very articulated. I can she her becoming either a sexologist or relationship therapist after the peak of her career as a sex worker. Hope both of them have bigger plans for after this phase.

  15. sex workers lol
    Not prostitute?
    People actually are applauding these women
    Wtf is wrong with the west
    I understand if someone does this to earn living in bad situation
    But…this? Get lost
    Those same people saying they do this on their own will and its perfectly ok to be a prostitute are the same people putting hate comments on a hijabed muslim women…..
    Think about your mother suddenly telling you that she wants to be a prostitute?
    If you are okay with these girls you should be okay with your mother being like them too

  16. ? and the thing good to them is no need to ask about "Speed" ? No need To Say.. "Should I Gentle Slow or Fast, or Faster".

  17. wow how nice..legal bitces…i see little diference between them that work in a house and others that are doing it illegal in other places or in the street…you still a prostitute , you seel your body for whatever dirty pervert or dirty old man that happend to pay. Degrading…

  18. I never understood why prostitution is illegal and porn is legal. You can't pay someone to have sex with you but you can pay two people to have sex with each other as long as some one films it?

  19. I know alot about this industry it's hard folks don't go their for your own sake it's not glamorous

  20. I feel like everyone should be respectful of people life choices. It’s very brave of both of these women to speak out about their experience in their career choices. Once it’s not trafficking then we really shouldn’t judge.

  21. What. Is this a recruiting video? So sad little kids have to think allowing others to use your body is OK. So sad. I wonder how this women will feel when they stop decieving themselves about their jobs.

  22. while there is nothing wrong with the service they are providing. but speaking from experience, oral sex with condom or dam seems like no feeling for me.

  23. I'm gonna have sex with my books after running. Sounds like reading is easier with this. memrise's triad of comedy, horror, and sex, lol. Well, it's just studying after workouts. or another thing.

  24. Again, another weird YouTube recommendation. It's interesting alright, I respect these girls and their choices but redhead "Alice"? her facial expressions spoke differently from what she was saying. I'm confused. Now, if only I got paid to have sex with the guys in my past, I'll be filthy rich too. ?

  25. What's the issue these women pay taxes and get paid for their time like most working people; If you and I can leave our homes to go provide a service for someone in exchange for money why is that we have a problem with what these women are doing?

  26. Dental Dams?, Condoms? even during blow jobs? That's not very fun, I bet they use dental dams with kissing as well.

  27. So here is my question that nobody (including lawyers) have been been able to give a reasonable answer to. “How come prostitution is illegal, but making a porn is legal?” Think about it. In both cases people are getting paid for sex. The only difference is in one occasion it is filmed in the other one it is not. Can you name any other illegal activity that suddenly becomes legal just because it is filmed? Now please don’t make the argument that for porn both people are getting paid because that’s clearly not always the case. There are plenty of “casting couch” videos where guys pick up girls, pretending to be some successful porn producer, then pays her and f* her to “test” her porn star abilities and films the whole thing. Curious to hear your thoughts.

  28. Wow. The amount of people on here who speak as though sex is a terrible thing is surprising. Sex is actually very healthy for the mind and body.

  29. free to choose?! ? so they mean if somebody asks them they wanna be a teacher or a sex worker? they gonna choose to be a sex worker!? yeah yeah, you FREE to choose!!!

  30. I worked for a summer at the bunny ranch in 2010 as a legal sex worker. I felt very safe the whole time. I got to pick who i was with and i didn't mind it at all. There were lots of men who treated me wonderfully and spoiled me. It was a comfortable environment.

  31. Sex work needs to be decriminalized everywhere. Legalization will prevent sexual assault and violence towards women and take money away from organized criminals and sex traffickers.

  32. Tomorrow onwards iam gonna work in this field ,so iam watching this video i don't want to work but what to do money problems

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