Setting Up Your Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

what's going on vlog today I'm gonna show you how to create your own personal Bitcoin wallet how to sync it with your mobile device all using the Jax app here we go so the first thing you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to go to Jack's dot IO Jack CEO is gonna bring you to the Jack's website we're gonna find the download now button you're gonna want to download the newest version of Jack's we're gonna download the desktop version as you can see there's Android and iPhone versions as well download save file excellent now that it's been downloaded we're gonna open it up and install it the Mac all you need to do is slide it over to the Applications folder to install now that we have it installed we're gonna unmount the installation disk and we're gonna open up Jack's the first time you open up the Jack's interface it's gonna tell you about its newest releases in case you're already a Jack's user and you want to know what's happening on the newest download we're gonna click continue from here we can see the Terms of Service and the policy we're going to accept it and work we're gonna do is we're gonna create a new wallet if we were already using a Jack's wallet we will be able to pair it we're gonna get to that later on in the video click continue and we're going to choose the express option from this screen we're gonna choose the types of currency we want the wallet to accept it's important to know that clicking each one will enable a new private key and a new public key per type of currency that you choose once you choose the types of currency that you wish to install you're going to take me to my wallet and there you have it your first Jack's wallet with multiple currencies ready to accept or send payments it's important to know that each public key sits right here and every currency has a different public key you can also give away your QR code up in the top right corner we have the wallets allowing you to choose between the different types of currencies we also have currency here allowing you to see the total your cryptocurrency to be I live in Canada so I'm going to choose the Canadian dollars well and now I can choose back and forth between the US dollar and the Canadian dollar for the total of the current price of your cryptocurrency in the menu we're going to see settings where you can choose the mining fee I do not suggest ever going to slow this could take several days average is fine fast is more expensive here you can reset your Jax cash in case for any reason your wallet is not synced with the blockchain you can erase your cache and allow it to resync with the blockchains on all your different crypto currencies your final option here is your security pin allowing you to confirm changes in your wallet like sending a payment once your PIN has been set up you're ready to go here in the Tools menu you're able to backup your wallet display the private keys for each currency pair your device or transfer your holdings to a paper wallet remember when I talked about the public keys for your currencies well your currencies also have private keys here you're able to see the private keys for all of your wallets this shows you a countdown allowing you to confirm before wanting display it if I hit here it'll go forward and show the private keys for each wallet I don't want to show them to you so I'm not gonna do that if you want to backup your wallet you may want to save your private keys your private keys will help you in case of a fork and the currency however with all of these private keys and all of these different currencies it can be very hard to pair your wallet with another device Jax has made that a lot easier here in the backup wallet option you're able to view your backup phrase your backup phrase is given a countdown and I understand button just the same way before I don't want to display it here if I were to hit I understand I would see a 12 word passphrase that I could use to sync my wallet with any other Jax wallet this twelve word passphrase is unique to you you do not want to share it first time you see this passphrase you want to write it down three times by hand you want to write it out by hand and you want to hide these things and very very secure places if you ever lose access to your computer this is how you will access your funds again treat this as you would the keys to a safety-deposit box now that we know about the 12 word passphrase I'm going to show you how we can sync that with your mobile device so now that you're set up on the computer let's sync it with your mobile device the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna find the Jax app in your mobile device store you're gonna download that open it up once downloaded we're going to allow it see our camera so that way we can stick it using the QR code associated with it hit continue we're gonna accept and we're going to tear the device we're gonna scan the QR code I'll be right back once you've scanned the code or punched in your 12 word passphrase you'll see the wallet settings you're going to want to activate the same ones that you had activated before they initialize your wallet and then we are synced it's as easy as that now you're connected with your personal Bitcoin wallet thanks for watching everyone if you've got any more Bitcoin questions or anything to do about wallets blockchain leave a question down below if you like what I'm doing click one of the links to support the channel remember to subscribe thumbs up and give me a share on all your favorite social media channels until next time peace

7 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet”

  1. I read this today about Jaxx. Just wondering are they sponsoring you?

    "I strongly advise against using Jaxx. The code is not developed openly but rather dumped crudely on their website. This means there is no significant review / community involvement.
    It has been hacked and the seed phrase extracted. The nature of the hack (absurdly poor decision to use publicly available encryption keys!?) as well as the CTO’s response further adds to my concern.
    I personally looked through the source code on their website and saw many indications of poor coding quality and missing functionality. This suggests to me that only a portion of the code was published".

  2. Jaxx Wallet SCAM !! I tried recoveri my money back and sent back to BeisCoin from the wallet jaxx The wallet is not working I don’t want to allow to send back you don’t allowed to send anywhere he saying always sending failed, on chrome on App I windows
    And after that I must do use of line private key to recovery my money watch at this wallet is really bad

  3. Funny Money is getting Banned in Many countries . Don't Give Scammers real money for funny money . Money does not grow in Computers !

  4. Keep posting and you will get there DJ, i see you put work into it! What do you think of my vlogs? Leave a comment on my newest video! Become a part of the Story Family! 😀

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