Setting up MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS X using Wine

Hi, it’s Brian again. If you’re watching this video, you’ve
probably noticed that MetaTrader 4 doesn’t have an officially supported Mac version of
its trading software. Today I’m going to show you how to get set
up on your Mac anyway. Let’s get started! The underlying technology used to do this
is called Wine. It’s an open source product at Wine can run many Windows applications on
your Mac, but… some are more “supported” than others. Luckily, while not officially supported, MetaTrader
4 seems to work just fine running on Wine. While you could install Wine directly, it’s
kind of geared towards technical people and computer programmer types. 99% of people could follow the instructions
to get it up and running, but I’m going to show you a more user-friendly download
to make it a lot easier for you. Your nerd friends will scoff at you because
you didn’t drop down to the command line to use Wine, but just tell them you value
your time and you want to spend it making money trading instead of installing dependencies
to get fonts showing up correctly. What you want to install is called PlayOnMac. It’s a package that adds some nice usability
features to the underlying Wine software. It’s free. You don’t need to have a Windows license. Its easy to install and use. And MetaTrader 4 works on it. So go to and click the “Download
PlayOnMac” button to get the process started. Once the download is finished, you’ll go
to wherever your computer downloaded the file, probably “Downloads” and double click
on the PlayOnMac bundle. A new window will pop up and you’ll just
drag PlayOnMac to the Applications folder. Now, if you’re on one of the latest versions
of Mac OS, you’re going to get this popup window that says it’s from a developer whose
identity can’t be confirmed. You should always pay attention to this warning
and not take it lightly to avoid installing malicious software, but for this one, we knew
we downloaded it from a trusted source and can go ahead and open it. To do this, hold down the CTRL key when clicking
on the application and select “open” from the context menu that appears and then “open”
again from the modal that pops up. Go ahead and install the program. Now that you’ve got PlayOnMac set up, you’re
ready to download and install MetaTrader 4. Download it from your account in
the MetaTrader section of the Finances section. If you’re coming to this video with a Forex
background, you have a link in your account to download MetaTrader, as well. Now, once it’s downloaded you COULD just
double click on the executable and it would run through the install process. However, you want PlayOnMac to handle all
the application management for you, so it’s best to go through their installation processes. Click on “Install a program”, then click
on “Install a non-listed program”. Click through the steps, then select the Windows installation
file you downloaded for MetaTrader 4. Run through
the installation process. You now have a working version of MetaTrader
4 available on your Mac. It doesn’t really look that pretty, but
it’s fully functional. Let me know in the comments if you have any
hiccups during this process or if you have any questions. By the way, if you’re coming to this video
from the Forex world, stick around this channel for a while and check out my videos about
using MetaTrader 4 to trade cryptocurrencies, I think you’ll find it surprisingly similar
to what you’re already doing with a lot more opportunity.

21 thoughts on “Setting up MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS X using Wine”

  1. Tryin to setup on linux using wine. It's not working on 64 bit install. Tried 32 bit, doesn't even download. Then tried wineticks and it asks for server proxy username and password. Any idea?

  2. Im using a macbook pro, early 2015 El Capitan version 10.11.5,
    Went thru all steps at 04:40 it comes up with the message 'unsupported operating system! Please upgrade to Windows 7 with service pack 1 or later. Trading on financial markets requires maximum security and performance' ??
    Literally stuck in a loop what do i do?

  3. Ive gone through tons of video on this and i must say that this was the only one that was easy to follow and actually installed correctly

  4. hey, brian , i did install mt4 on my mac , but when i want to turn off or restart my mac , i can't exit wine.

  5. downloaded playonmac but right after the download ended a new window popped up and said that it needed a program called XQuartz to run correctly?? thoughts on that please??

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