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welcome to cryptocurrency explained in this lesson I’m going to show you how to interface with the etherium blockchain using a service called my ether wallet my ether wallet lets you send your aetherium based tokens from one address to another address now you can use my ether wallet comm but there is also a similar service called my crypto comm which also exists and provides a similar user experience now my ether wallet is a web-based interface for your aetherium blockchain address my ether wallet only interacts with the etherium blockchain and aetherium based tokens all etherium based addresses begin with 0x just as a little note for you so before sending any token to your wallet you need to understand which blockchain it lives on bitcoin is on the Bitcoin blockchain etherium is on the etherium blockchain neo is on the neo blockchain etc etc and those are rather obvious examples but the situation starts to get a little bit trickier when we start talking about tokens and apps things like basic attention token or 0x for example by the way both of those live on the etherium blockchain but you will need to do a bit of research on any asset before sending it so we’re gonna come over to my eater wallet dot-com I would highly recommend that you make sure you’re on the correct website that you do have the little lock icon up next to the web site address this is a website that is frequently attacked or people make mirror websites of it so always be sure that you are on the correct website now we’re going to go to access my wallet so we’re going to access my ether wallet using a hardware wallet this of course the safest way to do it so we’re going to go to our ledger nano X and we are going to open our device and then we going to navigate to our aetherium application and when we are on our theorem application push both buttons to access the app now we’re going to see a range of addresses here these are all fresh addresses you can choose whichever one you want we’re going to choose the one on top here agree to the terms and access my wallet now there is no aetherium currently in this wallet so what we’re going to do is we’re going to copy our address so we’re gonna come over here to our Exodus wallet and send some aetherium across to our my ether wallet so we’re going to send our aetherium gonna put the address in that we just copied there now check the last three digits here so we have db6 let’s make sure that matches with what we see over here on my ether wallet yes that is db6 so we’re gonna send 1.5 etherium over click on send click on send so that will come through momentarily to our my ether wallet we can see now that our aetherium has arrived so we have one and a half ether as our balance over here on my ether wallet so we can send that aetherium for example we can send a little bit of a theory and back over here to our Exodus wallet that is very easy to do so we’ll just type in the address and we’re going to send point one aetherium back across to our wallet so we’re gonna go ahead and click here and send transaction now on the ledger wallet is going to say review transaction you click the write button it shows you the amount that’s being sent Ethan it shows the address that’s being sent to and says the fees that will be paid and finally you can click accept and send by clicking both buttons and then back on my ether wallet you can click confirm and send and that’s it it’s been sent so we can check the status of that transaction over on ether scan dot IO now ether scan dot IO is basically the same as blockchain comm except that it is for aetherium and aetherium based tokens and I just heard the little jingle so we can see that look at that it’s already come back over and now it’s still pending so it still needs a few confirmations but it has come across the blockchain that quickly now it’s actually been confirmed already so that aetherium transaction is now finished now I just went over and swapped some etherium for some power ledger tokens on khyber swap don’t worry I’m gonna show you a tutorial on how to do that as well but I just wanted to show you in a separate way how we’re actually going to be sending tokens so I’ve added an extra wallet over here on my Exodus so I’ve added the power ledger wallet you can always do that by clicking add more down the bottom here so this is our power ledger wallet on Exodus I’m gonna click on receive I’m gonna copy the address and we’re going to send some power ledger tokens across here so we’re gonna choose the address we’re going to choose the asset so this is the type so we have aetherium or power ledger and we’re going to choose the amount now I have 650 power ledger here so we’re gonna type in six fifty point four zero eight two zero eight so we’re sending all of it across now in order to send that transaction across the etherium blockchain what we need is ether so aetherium is used to pay the gas to send these tokens from here to their next destination so we can actually set that gas limit manually if we want so we can try and make it go through a bit faster by setting a higher gas limit but we don’t actually need do that we’re just going to take the standard gas limit that is available right now so we’re going to click on send transaction it’s going to ask us to review the transaction on our ledger nano X so review the transaction we’re sending power ledger tokens this is the address that we’re sending them to confirming that address the fees that we’re gonna have to pay and I’m going to accept and send and that I confirm it here on my ether wallet and that’s it very quick and very easy to do and we can see that it’s just come through over here on our Exodus wallet as well so now I have those power letter tokens sitting there and ready to use sometimes there will also be new assets that are going to be live on the blockchain but have not yet been listed on my ether wallet and you will not see them when you scan for tokens in this case you’ll need to add a custom token to be able to see it and to be able to send it you can do that by clicking on add custom token up here in the top right corner so you’re gonna get the token contract address now I’m going to give you the example of power ledger once again even though this is already in our wallet we can still add this custom token so we’re gonna go over here and copy the contract address come back and put that in the token symbol the token symbol is powr powr and the decimals for this one are 6 and you’ll always find that information just here on the ether scan of any given token we can click Save now it’s telling us here that the token already exists but this is the process to add any token that you may want to do in the future anytime a new token comes out basically the first day or two maybe even the first week or two it may not get added to my ether-wall especially for some more minor tokens they may take a while to actually get added in here thank you so much for watching check out the next video in this series to learn more about cryptocurrency and feel free to post any questions that you may have down below in the comment section there you will also find my recommended list of wallets and exchanges and if you found this video useful then please hit the thumbs up button and remember to subscribe to the channel if you are new around here long live the blockchain and peace out til next time

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  4. Good work lark…so many scam sites if I'm unsure of a web address for crypto I usually check them out on Twitter and look for the blue tick. Most have the official web address listed in they discription

  5. Lark, thank you for doing this vid. QUESTION- IF we have IOST on MEW, (on the "top" address on MEW), but NO ether to MOVE it to another address, do we SEND ETHER to the SAME top address where the IOST is?? Hope you can help me, thanks!

  6. everytime i type in the address i want to send to and the amount i push send transaction but it doesnt let me comfirm the only app i have is mew connect so idk what to do i cant send my eth to bitskins a website

  7. Thank u very much for this video…. just one question, y is the site always timing out. I can't connect to it man……what u think?

  8. Please do a guide to send tokens off a paper wallet via a created offline transaction with json or private key using the new MEW V5. I,m at a loss

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