11 thoughts on “Selling on Amazon | How to Pay Your Suppliers with PayPal – Amazon FBA for Beginners”

  1. Sup fellow drivers, it feels good to be back! Comment below and let me know if you have any questions regarding Paypal payments or paying your supplier in general.

  2. Your video was very informative and helpful. You offered a different perspective with branding modifications coverage. Thanks for sharing.

  3. hi david i need advise for payment question, the order is 35k,1st time order with this supplier. they say they pay 17%for Alibaba tread assurance and it will be to much for them if we use Alibaba for such large order. they want TT, im not willing to do money transfer especially since its 1st time in ordering from this suppliers. how else can i pay them to maximize protection ? is the only other option paying with a credit card using PayPal service? is that a good option since i also knew now from your vid about not being protected with paypal if im doing modifications. then with credit card, there is a time limit for protection as well and i think its a very short time, like 14 days(ive hared)??? does Alibaba tread assurance really charge 17% for sellers and 2% for i believe order less than 5-10k?THANKS.

  4. Question: when you pay through pay pal, you pay 30% meaning they will start manufacturing then they tell you to pay up the remaining through paypal when your product is done? Im new can you tell me the step by step process accuratley?

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