Sell Tron TRC-20 Tokens NOT on Exchanges

so going in april of 142 crypto slow
cryptocurrency news and investing crypto so with more crypto gains what’s going
on guys tonight we’re talking about TRC 20 tokens and basically how can you sell
these when they are not listed on an exchange there are a couple that are
listed on exchanges such as Tron Vegas is on Kiwi decks but basically there is
not liquidity for a lot of these coins so what do you do the key is to use an
OTC over-the-counter service the problem is how do you find somebody that you can
trust well I have recently gotten involved in TRX divvy hunters and let me
just say the group is growing very rapidly and the guys are straight-up
legit they will help broker a deal between you
and another party to sell your TRC 20 tokens and you’re like well what tier C
20 tokens are you talking about well lucky you say that I have actually made
a list of TRC 20 tokens 888 anti Bob Bailey ROI gcx dogfish so a lot of
people don’t understand how this works so what you do is let’s say that you
have Tron link the first thing you have to do is add the contract to your Tron
link so let’s say that I wanted fish tokens to show up in my Tron Lee I would
grab the contract okay I go open my Tron link go to tokens and I would add the
TRC 20 address boom now my Tron link shows fish now if I wanted to I could
send TRC 20 fish coins to another Tron address so basically the way it works
is you find an admin in this telegram group such as tag ami son and you tell
him that you know you have in your discussion with people people are
shilling there are platforms and then you have the discussion he sets up a
private chat you send your coins other party sends their coins the deal goes
through and you know if you’re happy you give the admins a tip so that’s all
there is to it it’s pretty easy to do but I’ve left a link below to if you
open up this there is a link to the Divi Hunters telegram and also a bunch of
contract addresses if you have a contract address you think I should add
to the spreadsheet feel free to post it below but like I said the nice thing
about this is that a lot of these tokens are not on exchanges and by using the
the OTC over the counter you can still trade and sell these tokens so you’re
not stuck in any one project hope you like tonight’s content this is
crypto slow if you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking

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