Securities Tokens: The next Crypto wave!

for more exclusive content from CNBC crypto trader hit the subscribe button now crypto trader is proudly brought to you by eToro discover a simpler way to trade and invest in crypto currencies and more Bitcoin takes a blow as the van eck ETF is withdrawn a big week for securities token as t0 launches its trading platform tron gets more criticism for its but turned fans tonight we speak to Justin Sun and get the inside scoop world leaders gather in Davos but this year the crypto narrative is very different it's a big week on the crypto markets and you're tuned into the world's only crypto currency investment show here on CNBC let's take a look at the big news making crypto news headlines Bitcoin took another blow this week when the CBOE was drew the application for the much-anticipated Vanek etf the story broke when my colleague Bob Pisani interviewed yon fennec on the etf edge show very excited the US government shut down as the primary reason for the withdrawal stating that there had been working very closely with the SEC to address the ACC's concerns but since the ACCC is part of the US government and they're now in shutdown a more prudent approach would be to withdraw the application and to refile it at a later date let's take a listen to 26 let me just pivot a little bit and ask about Bitcoin ETF you're one of the people that I the Bitcoin ETF application out with the SEC you told us this morning you're going to be withdrawing that application it was up for a thumbs up or thumbs down within the next month can you tell us why you would through the application yeah so technically well you know the SEC is as affected by the shutdown so we were engaged in discussions with the SEC about the Bitcoin related issues custody more communication prices and that had to stop and so instead of trying to slip through or something you know we just had the application pulled and we will refil and re-engage in the discussions when the SEC gets gets going again Vanek then went on to say something really interesting about the relationship between gold and digital gold and about the prospects for success around the ETF approval base take a listen I do think that bitcoin holds a little bit of demand away from gold last year in 2017 interestingly we just pulled 4,000 Bitcoin investors and their number one investment for 2019 is actually gold so you know gold lost a Bitcoin and now you know it's going the other way but I want to clarify but why you've pulled the application you're not saying you pulled the application because SEC is closed necessarily mean they they were very good cerned and have expressed their concerns about the inability to solve the custody problem as well as the fact that most bitcoins priced overseas where they don't control it those are still major issues I think you face the prospect they would they would have turned you down anyhow don't you think yeah yes sorry yes absolutely but we think we actually have pretty solid answers to those but we just need to really demonstrate it very very clearly and convincingly to the regulators and we were trying to do that but we obviously can't have meetings while they're shut down now surprisingly the withdrawal of the etf had very little impact on the price of Bitcoin which helped firmly above 3500 US dollars as the bear market enters its second year and most tokens have lost over 80% of their value there are some tokens that are managing to perform despite the downturn bear markets are famous for separating the men from the boys the weak from the strong and for bringing the cream all the way up to the top one of these tokens that has indeed risen all the way up the top is a token called Tron a token founded by Justin Sun and I've got Justin Sun with me all the way from Hong Kong Justin Tron has been one of these tokens that has performed well despite the bear market and it's in fact up about 30 percent this year alone for our viewers who don't know what Tron is tell us a little bit about what Tron is and why you think it's performing so well sure twice Wow of the war largest block calibrating system so we have like almost 200 Diabolique decentralized applications right now running on a Tron platform so it's just like Android and the iOS is more like a blocking operating system justin Tron talks about very first transaction speeds give us a feel for the type of throughput that you're achieving on the network on trial we have achieved 2,000 GPS which is 200 times than the e CRM and also right now for our daily transaction we can achieve like 3 Millions every day okay so now Justin you achieve these speeds using a delegated proof of stake model similar to your sis model and us has come under fire from the critics for compromising on decentralization now Tron has 27 validators if I'm not mistaken how do you respond to the same criticism Oh first of all I think we need to define the decentralization I think we we have several way to define the decentralization first of all it's the network controlled by a single party or a swore party I think it's not because the 27 people represent teams they have the equal rights and the day they are all elected by the people the second thing is is there like any authority they can approve like anybody can run for nodes or run for for the election so basically we have like not proper entry barrier so that's also different from yours you look like right now in the EOS they have this kind of the arbitration committee who can through our lots of the rulings that even the super representative or on de car is like blocked users must take out those rulings so we don't have we also don't have these so every super representative have equal rights and nobody can doing anything without the super representative gray under just in these 27 valid who are they so basically first of all it's very decentralized they are super sensitive facing la Canne sessemann see they are doing amazing job they doing like payment on the triangle system and the fun loss of the tee apps we also got peoples from South Africa his name is critical guys in ta and also we got people from Romania from Europe also in United States in China in Japan in Korea so basically it's very worldwide and the diversification so Justin I do want to talk to you about bit torrent but before we get into BitTorrent give us a feel for the type of depths that are being developed on the Tron network give us a feel for what's going on in the network basically mainly ran out the apps play on from platform is the game loss of the game right now come on bore every day we got like three to five the ABS playing I'll get on board like every day so right now is 200 plus we think their next mile is gonna be double so loss of the game right now some of the game for example is like I'd okay so it's like just like the Royal clash so basically you can just build your custom build your infantry and then invade in in others people's Kingdom so they are also my PvP game P we keep game is more like player versus player so they can feel they are different armies and then they think I'm fighting each other so there is also some other games like pass racing games like blood shank et so it sounds promising but as we stand today are they any depth that have a lot of active daily users yeah definitely I think wrong right now we got almost 40 K users right now every day but we just start like two months so so basically I think we already a you could have double and even triple net that next month so it's like even though Rena is 40k but it is increased like dramatically okay now let's talk about the big story and that's of course BitTorrent for our users that don't know what BitTorrent is can you tell us a little bit about BitTorrent bit Horan has been around like in 2003 this is a very successful p2p network responsible for the p2p file transfer sharing and also the same time we have like over 100 meaning active users around the world in 138 countries so when you talk about a hundred million active users how do you define active users is it people that have logged on in the last year months in a lifetime how do you define active user oh so basically it's monthly active users so every every device like download like the files in the past month is considering like one of the users just up until now how have people been trans acting on the system or paying for the downloaded files oh so basically I ran now I think well the biggest the problem of the BitTorrent protocol is everybody is sitting on goodwill so there's no reward for the sitting at all so lots of the software in the people on BitTorrent protocol even help you to disable the uploading when you finish the donnelly so that's why we want you provide this like a new way with tokens to incentivize the people who can seeding the files and at the same time skating and get a reward now justin is it not a risk to take a business model that has traditionally been free and then to try and migrate it to become a paid model I mean people have been using the system for free since 2003 and now you're gonna tell them to pay Oh first of all I think is a is a opt-out solution so like a backward compatible so like anybody who want do not want to use this function they take and disable the and Dickens you use like BitTorrent very well this is first thing the second thing is we actually axilla accelerates the speed of the downloading so if you don't speed spare money you can you can use the Big Horn completely for free you don't need you pay you don't need to pay anything so uncertain is actually because we provide incentive plan for those people who do city we're expecting have more of a swarm primary tracker and and sitting in the future so basically it will make the bit hard protocol better just in trunk both BitTorrent from the founders what did you pay we finish the acquisition you 140 million dollars okay and are you gonna put BitTorrent on the Tron blockchain is it effectively going to become a DEP and probably the biggest death on the Tron blockchain definitely I think right now Vittoria is definitely one of the largest application in the Tron network because also the token official token of the BitTorrent protocol called btg it's also a TRC ten token running on the Trump hair forum Justin you've come under a lot of fire from the critics lately and especially from expert torrent employees the biggest criticism that you face is that they believe that the Tron network can't handle BitTorrent volumes is this a fair concern definitely first of all it's a fake criticism and then the second he's just like the ex-employee has like no any relationship unlike the paternal ownership or any level and also the third is we are actually using a hybrid solution trying to guarantee on speed but also like the decentralization of the transaction so we guarantee the boat for our users tell us a bit more about the solution how does it work technically so basically the hybrid solution is work like this way so for like the small amount of the transaction we will put some more more like a payment channel level so it's like they do the cleaner II at once and then they upload the final result into the bloodshed so basically a 1/1 once I take him put all the burdens on the side chain on the other side they can guarantee the results on the mansion so when can we see BitTorrent live on the Tron network we supposed to have a very good test version in q1 and we will rule out in q2 and in the q3 majority of the BitTorrent users they can also gets the beetron airdrop so basically they can get the token to start using this function so it does sound like retard maybe that magic application that brings the next hundred million users into Krypton yeah definitely and then I think in in this year lots of the BitTorrent users we're starting find out oh I got crimson right so that's also one way of we can put massive adoption oh it also the massive volume into our industry I think the whole industry gonna be a benefit from this now Dustin buying a decentralized network with a hundred million users and then crypto fiying it sounds obvious what was your thinking behind it what was the genius behind it so basically the thing is I think the bit Horan has struggled for for the last 15 years for trying to monetize on the ass right so that's why I think it's the wrong direction I'm thinking of Pete Horan is one of the largest decentralized protocol it should be like come by with the blockchain because blockchain is also one of the greatest achievement of the decentralization so that's why I think puts the Tron protocol and Pete Horne together will be a perfect fit Justin why I run BitTorrent on Tron why not create a a new block chain for BitTorrent or maybe even just for Tron oh definitely so first of all I think because like trolley is already one of the fast blockchain in the world so it's no reason for us to choose like any other blog channel and then the second thing is we want the trunk and the BitTorrent you benefit each other so for example for Trump protocol the Bighorn bring lots of the users into the Tron protocol and then on the other hand BitTorrent is also benefit from the strong infrastructure and the blockchain ecosystem and also trunk and also bring lots of the blockchain users are born into the bit Horace's ecosystem so basically it's a mutual mutual benefits so that's why we come by this cube protocol together Christian Christian Christian buddy come sit over here now the advertising offers have been flooding in look at the pile of offers I've got here for you look let's just take a pic picture this you're hiking through the Rocky Mountains okay and you're carrying gorgeous rose wood designer door on your back and you uh look into the camera and then you say oh no no yeah you're right it's terrible turbo light for the next one you'll be carrying a refrigerator on your back environmentally friendly refrigerator and then you're lying is well actually it's just one word will put them on a nice okay yeah oh this is a hot dog chain you're carrying this huge hot dog under enough I've have it no more carrying no more saying that word ever again I'm a serious actor I have depth why can't you get me something with like at office with the tie for example bitcoin is crashing puddle Hoggett I have to find a new agent today marks a pivotal day not only for dr. Patrick Byrne and the T zero team but also for the world securities industry as a whole just a few moments ago t zero the world's largest blockchain securities trading platform began trading for the first time holders of the T 0 token can now trade their tokens on their newly launched trading platform through a partnership with a broker dealer called dinosaur Patrick welcome back to crypto trader when we spoke last time you're optimistic but you were nervous as to whether you could get through Wall Street and through the regulators but it seems like now you're all systems go and T zero is live all systems are go and just minutes ago we enabled the platform and have sent investors emails to tell them that the rewards are now live trading is now enabled the first security token you know is our platform as an ally ok Nick's actually talk about what's live when the platform what tokens are live on the platform right now currently there's only one token and that is the T 0 token itself which we sold to accredited investors in last year in 2018 and it's basically a royalty on the on the revenant of the top line of the t0 platform so people invested in it if they thought that the t0 platform was going to have security tokens we're going to take off this this is a piece of the adjusted gross profit or of the platform so that's the nature of that security token it's I'm like it's not common stock it's not a piece of the underlying profit share it's something off the top off the top line Patrick does this represent the dawn of a new era for the Financial Industry where we'll see a whole lot of new types of instruments because just this instrument that you've describing now wasn't possible in the old days I mean in the old age you could have date and equity and now you're talking about a completely new instrument that gives you a percentage of the top line I think it is the dawn of a new era if we love we like to say that three years ago the first private bond we did a blockchain instrument it was a bond that was like the Wright brothers flying in Kitty Hawk then we got a blockchain security to the public called OST KP that was the Chuck Yeager moment this is probably the Yuri Gagarin moment this is the first orbit of the earth it's a really big step it may even be the moonshot there's a book by the intellectual name Francis Fukuyama called trust and in his own quarter of a century old but it was been how you can understand different societies based on how they solved the problem of trust and some societies are high trust some societies or low trust societies etc with security tokens done but ultimately you have different kinds of institutions and social patterns to achieve trust security tokens let mankind achieve trust in this brand-new way have trusted exchange where the trust isn't guaranteed by some third party or some schmuck that we really don't know if we can trust it's guaranteed the trust is achieved through an algorithm that was protected cryptographically which relies on sort of the deepest laws of mathematics so no one can buy it no one can buy it off we can have honest institutions that are impossible to buy or anybody to buy off it's really quite a new era for Humanity Patrick last time we spoke you anticipated multiple challenges from the regulators and multiple hurdles from the incumbents on Wall Street how was the process with the regulators I would describe it as fair and you know I'm sure dad ecce de go I was a huge critic of the SEC and had a lot of interactions with them but I have to say it's actually quite I expected quite a different time working with with I'm working interacting with the SEC they were super professional and quite fair Patrick now that the platform is up and running what targets have you set yourself for the platform are you looking at a new number of tokens are you looking at a total market cap are you looking at a trading volume what are the matrix here we don't don't have any targets like that yet we are building the institutional side of our business that is going to interact with the companies who have been knocking on our door for two years saying when can we get tokens out to so it's so we're building that side or hiring at the senior level with we have hired wonderfully some wonderful folks and into the company but I also say well next is although we can start having other companies join join us you know we are vetting them we don't want to just be like Emily what's happened in the crypto world this year I we knew that was going to happen Buffett was out there saying it was going to happen just this we don't want it bubbles and pops that's horrible for the long-term prospects of the technology we want so well we have a deal with Boston Options Exchange one of the 13 lit exchanges in the country a wonderful deal lisa fall is running it it's a joint venture or we're taking our technology and there they have applied to the sec to open an exchange around with basically our technology at the guts of it and that's so getting that live is exciting because then we can start taking listings so that's Patrick Vernon he's super excited about the launch of t0 as it should be because they have been working pretty hard at it now let's cross over to Psalm nurse alele who's the CEO of t0 for the more practical side of things so I'm a huge day for you today a few moments ago you sent them out to all t0 token holders that they can start trading their tokens let's take a look at the more practical side of things if people want to start trading their tokens what's the process so they go on for a platform which is partners in ship through dinosaur a broker-dealer they've on board there and they're tokens would get uploaded into their brokerage account at that point they can go sell their tokens they could also deposit cash and do buys some some people got tokens and they elected to have them sent to a my ether wallet or some other theorem wallet can those people freely transfer their tokens they can transfer them but where if they actually want liquidity or the ability to trade they would have to go on to our brokerage account in partnership with dinosaur some whose dinosaur and how did they foot it to the picture so then we needed an introducing Broker Dealer so our approach to building all of this was let's get all the right actors in the group and take a very incremental approach to releasing this technology and so we needed a broker dealer and we found dinosaur it has a great reputation and so their onboarding our investors and allowing them to trade using our technology can anyone trade these t0 tokens or are there only four credited investors yes so once you onboard they do the accreditation check and if you are accredited you are then allowed now that's in a one-year lockup period so we're following the regulatory laws again here but after that one year it's going to open up to the masses to trade to buy and sell tokens so this is obviously a great first step in a long journey what can we expect for the rest of the year can we expect a whole array of securities tokens coming online on the exchange yes definitely so 2019 really is the year of scaling this business so 2018 was the year of focusing on the platform and developing the product this year we really plan to onboard issuers so both through our own pipeline with which we've been developing but also through supporting other platforms to onboard high-value tokens and digital assets and as well as onboarding investors on the on the customer side now a big part of this must be educating the operat world that securities tokens are now a real option do you have any initiatives that are teaching Wall Street and old Street that security tokens are not out there and are now a practical and real option yeah we're actually working with some firms to to do just that in addition we're looking for strategic partnerships from the traditional world to come in and start doing security tokens so we're talking to you for example investment banks to do just that so now that the exchange is live what are the next hurdles for you what are you focused on I think it's really building the two-sided network of getting quality issuers to come on board and have their tokens on the platform as well as drawing that the investors that would trade those although we have quite a bit of expertise on drawing in customers from our parent company overstock so we have a pool of quality people from the digital marketing world that can help us draw in investors to download our applications and enter this world some if I'm not mistaken you guys raised about a hundred and fifty million dollars what was the average price per token in the race I'm not well can we disclose that I'm not sure we can but if you know it basically started at around $5 and when we have different tiers and ended at around $10 this week saw an array of announcements in the world of security tokens were securitized also announcing that there had been selected to join the IBM accelerator joining me on the line from a very cold New York City is Carlos Dominguez Carlos it's an exciting time in security tokens with the launch of t0 what are you expecting from the launch are you expecting big volumes and lots of tokens so yes we're very excited about the launch of t0 especially because as you know liquidity is one of the big promises of security tokens and so far there's only one exchange that has launched open finance and to others that have done live test search post and hair swap but you know it's still very early days in terms of liquidity and we think that a big player like t0 is gonna start changing things and making the promise of liquidity or reality okay let's talk about open finance because you mentioned him you talk about liquidity is there a liquid market for securities tokens on open finance right now oh no no not yet so first they open at the end of the year and they still you know approving investors to go into his chains second there's only two tokens currently traded the blockchain capital will be kept talking and spice we see both their power bi or digital Security's protocol for compliance but the tokens is not enough to attract a big audience of people we're looking at listing more tokens racin with them and as well as you know with t0 and another player's okay let's get back to t0 did you expect the platform to open with just the t0 token over the whole array of tokens well I don't expect to be an array of tokens from the beginning particularly because there's not an array of tokens that have been issued to start with so we retire a hard unit last year like look at how many in real security tokens have been issued there's a lot of like ongoing security token offerings 5060 some people say 100 but real tokens backed by an asshead that have raised money and that you know being issue on the blockchain this very few is made like a dozen that that we can identify so definitely there's not gonna be an array of tokens I think they'll probably start with their own token and then periodically start listing some of the other listed tokens like pickup and spice VC and and some of the upcoming ones that we're gonna be listing on both changes do you expect zero to be the biggest company in the space well they are the biggest company at the space if you look at the amount of money they they raise and and the the length of time the mineral exterior is not a new company they've been around I think since 2000 15 or 16 and they pay for a bunch of companies so certainly they're a big player today these are all big players there that may enter the space but some really enter like circle or coin based so yes the maunder they're a very big player and and that's a good thing right because we need you know properly funded big companies entering the space to make it grow let's look at the more technical side of things is a security token essentially an ER c20 token no no it's a bit more complicated if you just issue a plain vanilla or c20 token then you're gonna have a problem that you know you can then transfer the token peer-to-peer with in restriction so I can just be maybe go to instant Buy or go to an insurer by a token and this doesn't represent security right so it's a financial instrument that is regulated and then if it's just appeared here c20 token then I can just say to my room from my wallet to your wallet and suddenly with transacted with the security which is illegal because maybe you know how to hold it I'm allowed to sell it whatever so all that protocols out there including ours they're kind of like modified versions of ERC 20 this they keep compatibility with the RC 20 which is important to be able to use existing infrastructure like wallets etc but they all like to have different ways of basically implementing transfer restrictions that look at the regulatory framework of the other particular security to be able to implement those transfer restrictions and decide at the protocol level in act if you want decentralized way on the box and whether a transfer is legal or not so I guess what I'm asking is is a security token a token built on the etherium network oh yes yes these are all as far as I know all security token started a building on top of the Theroux Network I know these are not people that think the theorem is not suitable and I'm the first one that I suffer of the problems that the theorem has in terms of scalability etc but today the reality is that the theorem is were they you know the ecosystem is and the tools and the developers accept I think that you know they fix their own problems or someone else some of the other block chains that are emerging like the US you know card I know I'll go around etc they'll they'll take over this icky talking landscape I was in the old world there was a centralized entity that kept a share register and controlled the transfer of all shares in the new world where does this function actually live they they token the tokens live on the blockchain and the blotting contains and it's my contributions my comeback is no no more than and this market for a token is just basically like a list of pairs of the of tokens on wallets right so that's kind of like the third register the concept of a Central Depository like you haven't a tional securities doesn't exist and really and then the other concept that exists intuition securities which is the transfer agent is the person they say that approves the trade for a private security this is done on the blockchain again so this transfer agent is basically a set of smart contracts that you know it's deployed on the blockchain and that approves all these traits automatically Carlos I have a whole lot of viewers that have a very specific question in the utility token world investors used to pull their money and bind to icos together and then when they got the token they would simply distribute the token from the primary wallet to all the individuals that invested how does this work in the new securities world that's a very good question so I'm first you know if you're if you're investing on behalf of others and a security you know you have to do the KYC all the way till the end right so so who's gonna be the and holder so even if there is like a syndicate there you still need to have visibility on the other ones because and you have to kind of prove all of them individually because otherwise you will not be able to distribute these securities because these are not utility tokens there are securities and therefore the concept of pulling in terms of aggregating fund-raising works but then everyone has to be individually like verify that can hold the security after the investment has happened Carlos this has been a huge week for security tokens and you guys it secured us also made a very big announcement around a relationship with IBM tell us a little bit more about what you announced oh yes this is a very exciting week for us we're here in New York participating in the first week of the IBM blockchain accelerator IBM basically has an this program is I think the word accelerate is with misleading because so companies that we're there with all revenue generating companies that has ratio is B so it's not really like early-stage startups but these are mature companies that you know are building products on the blockchain and that iBM is interested to partner with them to help them grow from the sell side and look for a particular use case that we can work together and then put it on the hands of their customers and in our case the the use case that we have jointly selected with IBM is the issuance of corporate debt which as you know is a huge asset class 84 trillion dollars is you know barely digitized it's all paperwork and there's hundreds of steps that it takes for for a company to issue corporate debt and to manage it so it's very prime example of how you know blockchain can actually help digitize and kind of like consolidate all these dispersed information in one place that everyone can share Carlos it must be a great time for you I mean I've been watching you for a while and you've been talking about the launch of securities tokens on the blockchain for a long time you'll be doing this before anyone even thought it was possible after a week like this we've seen so many announcements and we've seen a launch of t0 how do you feel on a personal level it makes me feel you know very proud and happy right because as you said when we started first with tokenizing our fun spice PC before security eyes was even born it felt very lonely to be talking about security token C like everyone was things like what would you bother like just figure out a utility for your you know fun token and you know sell it to retail investors like all the funds actually did back then which you know I remember back then we had like a list of you know balls for the project on one of them is not to go to jail so so try to do things in in a legit way and then quickly we realize these are securities and if you want to sell them it's great there you wanna leverage block them to issue them is great but you have to do it in a compliant manner and you know we couldn't find anyone that was interested or was doing anything in the space the only company that had already launched was polymath but they still didn't have a working product so so I kind of let us do the thinking of okay let's build our own platform and see what we need and with our build securitized first for for our own needs which i think is a great way of building a product and then subsequently a span of the company in a separate company call us I'm gonna let you go on a much more controversial not do you think that this is the end of the utility token is the utility token gonna be remembered as this short term fare that passed and left a whole lot of casualties everywhere no I don't think they will see that the death of utility tokens will probably see the death of unregulated ICS which is a different thing but I still am I'm a firm believer that you know in a decentralized environment where truly there has to be an incentive mechanism for for the participants to be on the network talking it's actually a great way to do it the problem I think is to fall right so one is you know first a lot of these ICS were clearly selling securities and we're you know sold to investors for profit and therefore you know that's illegal right so so they still the utility talking could be there but the IC would not be done the second is that out of all the utility tokens out there I would argue that 99% they are really not needed right so I think I usually like to refer to you talking to an incentive token right so it has to be a token that incentivize people participating on a network the fact that has a utility because I can pay for a service with a separate token to me doesn't make it something you actually need you can just pay as well with you know any stable coronary cryptocurrency or any any other form of payment right so I think we're gonna see a lot of UT tokens dying but the legit ones that have a real you know in work as an incentive mechanism that still be there and we'll see new ones okay staying with securities tokens there is one company that has been making waves in the security token space a company called Planet digital announced this week that it would be launching a new token that would give investors a unique opportunity in the gaming industry the company is made up of a whole lot of industry veterans each with multiple successes in the space joining me from the ski slopes in Austria is Kelly Sumner Kelly thanks for taking a break from the slopes with all the big news around security tokens in the last week you guys also made an announcement who is planet digital and give us a bit of background about what planet digital is actually doing so we launched an item a token last week planet digital partners is a collective of industry veterans wedded with a group of crypto guys and we looked we've been looking at blockchain technology and how you can introduce that into video games and actually not just securitized them but actually make video games much more interesting and we've come up with a range of ideas that we're going to launch into video games coming fall of this year Kelly you talk about we and you talk about industry veterans who is on board and what is their track record okay that's a good boy well I'm on board I've been in the industry nearly 40 years it'd be 40 years in June my pedigree I worked at Commodore I was the CEO of take two the guys report in Grand Theft Auto I was the CEO of red oak and the guys with what you gets fire hero we have Chris Dearing who was a the you headed up PlayStation for the whole of Europe we have a guy called Dave Rosenbaum who had the largest u.s. distributor of video games in America plus a whole wealth of other guys okay and what are you actually launching what will the product of Planet digital actually be okay so we're actually going to be filling video games and as I said the first one comes out fall of this year and these video games will have embedded within them blockchain technology so yes you can play the video game as it is or you can add or you can play it with the technology we've already got three titles which are part of our roster which is Cooking Mama Basshunter and Kabila's between them they've sold over 300 million dollars worth of games historically and we will release another seven games further to that and the idea is that the people will invest in the token and they will get a dividend on all the games that sold so until we will give we will pay 80% of the game sold net profits to you until you recruit 100 percent after Humber's 100 percent we will pay you 40 percent and then we will pay you five percent in any sequels and we will start paying dividends as early as the first quarter 2020 so it sounds like you've created a new instrument doesn't sound like this instrument is actually equity what is this new instrument alright sorry no it's not equity it's your work what you're doing is investing in a portfolio of games that we will III that we already have or we will develop for for the token and we expect those games that say to be on sale from fall this year and the games will you will get lifetime revenue on those games so if the game sells for five years you will get dividends for five years and any sequels to those games those first ten games we will pay dividends up until 2025 Kelly you made a bold statement earlier you said that blockchain can enhance video games how does blockchain improve the video game experience it is I mean obviously this is security thing we know I don't think I necessarily need to talk to your reviewers about that but let's look at some practical ideas so for instance if you and I were playing a game and we had friends that were viewing this game stream in it and you had me in a corner I'd run out of all ammunition I have nothing left and you're about to go in for the kill so to speak if one of our friends was actually had some ammunition in their wallet they could pass that through to me and I could use that ammunition because previously you've not you upset that guy so you can so viewers can interact with streamed games which they couldn't do before also you've got a unique key we'll obviously around the game and around user and user and as you play the game the game will understand how you're playing it and so the game that you played today may not be the type of will not be the same game even though it's the same game but set the style and the way you'll play it it will understand how you playing it and it will change for that in the future Kelly you set your sights on an ambitious raise and especially in this kind of beer market how much are you raising we're racing for thirty eight million dollars and it's one dollar a token okay and for that thirty-eight million dollars let me make sure that I understand what investors are buying are you saying that investors are betting that the next ten games that are launched will make just over forty five million dollars in profit and if they do then investors will make more money than they invested that is but that's basically it absolutely now if you take a game so currently a box game or downloadable game is Nessen us $15 net profits so a game will have to sell 300,000 units across multiple platforms now I mean that isn't a lot of Units and your take we're not taking into consideration that we discover you know the next grand theft or Guitar Hero which has been discovered by you know people that I'm with and me so you know we need we just need solid games and a solid return you know the three games are already already part of our part portfolio as I said Cooking Mama kabila sand bus they've already generated 300 million dollars in sales historically so it's not a big bet I don't think and as we wrap up tonight's show it would be a miss of us not to talk about the World Economic Forum in Davos and as world leaders gather in Davos this year to discuss the biggest economic issues it seems that there are two things that are very different this year firstly there is no American delegation in Davos which may make any big decisions rather difficult when it comes to implementation and then it seems that the crypto narrative has changed significantly last year there was a large crypto delegation with a whole lot of branding and a whole lot of great sentiments while this year it seems that the bear market has changed the sentiments so far we've heard that Bitcoin may go to zero and more recently the CEO of PayPal had this to say about Bitcoin Bitcoin what do you think prices drop materially last year listen I have always thought that crypto was more of a reward mechanism for implementing blockchain as opposed to really a currency and we're not seeing many retailers at all accept any of the crypto currencies but I think the underlying technology is still very intricate yes they'll all be back mixture with a different narrative and I'll be back next week with the same narrative until then I'll be on Twitter at crypto man run and you trade well my friends crypto trader is proudly brought to you by eToro discover a simpler way to trade and invest in crypto currencies

21 thoughts on “Securities Tokens: The next Crypto wave!”

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  4. Haven't you heard ? Bitcoin Diamond the son of Bitcoin is the only crypto to issue a Chinese New Year greeting card

  5. Haven't you heard? Insiders are swapping Bitcoin for the son of Bitcoin…Bitcoin Diamond.
    Jimmy Song the CEO and advisor of Bitcoin is now backing Bitcoin Diamond !!!

    He is now the key advisor for Chimpion, a project run by Bitcoin Diamond.
    Jan Van Eck, CEO of Van Eck Associates, suggested that Bitcoin (BTC) investors have moved to gold during an interview with CNBC published on Jan. 26.Van Eck declared that he thinks “that Bitcoin pulled a bit of demand away from gold last year, in 2017.” Afterward, he concluded:

    “Interestingly, we just polled 4,000 Bitcoin investors and their number one investment for 2019 is actually gold. So gold lost to Bitcoin and now it's going the other way.”

  6. Haven't you heard? Jimmy Song the CEO and advisor of Bitcoin is now backing Bitcoin Diamond !!!
    He is now the key advisor for Chimpion, a project run by Bitcoin Diamond.
    How about Chinese make themselves strong by creating their own crypto currency?

    I am backing Bitcoin Diamond from Singapore. I just emailed their team…

    Dear BCD team,

    Now that BCD is launching its Chimpion project, it is high time to pitch your outstanding project and highly undervalued BCD coin to high profile strategic investors eg. hedge funds. We need more big investors to hold big stakes in BCD to drive FOMO from small retail investors to push up the price of BCD.

    Have you approach CZ of Binance ? He has billions of cash and liquid assets and very supportive of your project.

  7. Take the time to watch this AMAs, it's worth it:

  8. This is how good performing token in bear market looks like:
    Not Tron…

  9. 42:30 That's such a stupid use case. Would make the game boring as hell. Just get a few friends in the game and let them watch me play and whenever i'm out of money someone pumps new ammo in my bag.

    Why not insert some cheat codes and hack tools as well? omg

  10. Is 2019 the year of STOs? In Switzerland we see a lot of various models, mostly share rights or shares, mostly infrastructure projects and some sector specific. There are still very little standards and a lot of experimentation, e.g. this is one of the leading STOs and they decided to went for a cooperative model and phased implementation of DLT

  11. Bittorent a lot of users but the brand is dead. Adding Bittorent onto iron as one big platform and dropping the name "Bittorent" is the way to go. Keeping it separated will eventually end in misery.

  12. Thanks for publishing this ITW.
    You did address a lot of the questions that I had myself (re: Bittorrent seeding/payment, centralisation and platform capabilities).
    All in all, TRON is marching towards people who know nothing about the blockchain Tech, unlike many other projects out there.
    I have been following TRON since inception (I was one of the early enthusiasts!) and it surely has picked up a quick pace in a small amount of time.

    Nevertheless, TRON doesn't cut it for me anymore because it is so focused on going mainstream too quickly: it is somehow veering towards more simplification of protocols and sacrificing robustness. I fear it might soon be the subject of attacks/hacks that it is not yet ready to contain/survive. All in all, TRON needs more thorough development of its blockchain platform: it should not just rely on the little work/specifications that have already been done because these will never be enough (i.e bugs will keep creeping here and there). 🙂

  13. What I like about the TRX hate is that its obvious butthurt. This isn't a subjective sports discussion on who's the greatest athlete. The numbers speak for themselves. TRX is growing damn fast. period. Developers are leaving EOS and ETH in droves. If Ethereum's Constantinople doesn't make it better than TRON – ETH is doomed. Basic math

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