SECRID Slim Wallet Max Storage Test You Won’t Believe..

A lot of people use the Secrid Slim
wallet to replace their regular wallet. You probably wouldn’t think so if you
saw one in a store. It looks more like a tiny pocket diary. Surely it’s too small?
Well let’s see. So first I’m going to remove the cards it’s packaged with and
remove the pretend cash. If you want to know more about the Secrid Slim wallet
in general check out my full video review. Next I put four embossed bank
cards into the center rfid-blocking compartment. You can put six non embossed
cards in here which are slimmer but it’s real purpose is to protect your
contactless cards data, keeping them secure from digital pickpockets. So in
fairness I’m going to call this one, and say that four bank cards would be the
maximum advised capacity remembering that you want the eject mechanism to
work as it’s designed. Next you have two credit card sized pockets. These pockets
don’t offer RFID protection and so this is where you would put other non
embossed cards such as your driver’s license or ID card etc. The manufacturers
say you can have six cards. Three in each pocket. As you can see putting three cards
into each pocket is a bit of a squeeze but that’s because it’s a new wallet.
Leather of course is supple and will adapt over time for a great fit. As we can see that fits
nicely and the Secrid Slim wallet still folds into its closed position. Next we
will fill the cash compartment. Watch carefully I’ll do this only once
because I’ll soon have spent the cash. First let’s try with five banknotes. They fold
in this fashion for the best fit and again the wallet still folds as intended
securing all of the contents as designed. One observation is that if you plan on
putting this much stuff into the wallet then you’d really be better off with a
clasp to keep it shut. In that case your better choice is the Secrid Mini
wallet which is exactly the same as the Secrid Slim wallet but comes with a
discreet press stud clasp to keep the wallet shut securely. Next we’ll try even
more cash. I’m going to double this up and try a further five notes. So there
you go, a total of 10 cards and 10 banknotes. In summary if you want to look
after your Secrid Slim wallet this is not the nicest way to treat it. I would
personally recommend no more than two cards in each of the leather card
compartment,s and around a maximum of eight notes in the cash compartment. And
of course you have a further four RFID protected cards in the aluminium card
protector center compartment. That’s a massive storage capacity for any wallet
big or small, all in a cleverly designed package

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  2. Why do you think the one with clasp is better? Is it uncomfortable with the clasp while sitting, if the wallet is in your back pocket?

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