SEC Wants to protect investor. Tokenpay new wallet. Brave browser in HTC Phone

hi everybody and welcome to a new episode of Krypton investment Network today is December 11 2000 18 so I wanted to begin with this reduction from yesterday's episode we had a article talking about KFC taking well it's beginning to accept – as payment for their you know products because of a problem with their currency that they're having right now but we have a new article today that says that they did KFC denies a setting – payment so the CEO KFC's Venezuela Antonio San Pio has denied a recent announcement that it will star cepting major all coin – the spanish-language crypto media crypto noticias reports so there's a little bit more information into it but pretty much she's saying that we're not gonna accept it but there might be a deal in the works to actually be in a setting – so I'm gonna put their news below like always the link so you can read into it a little bit more it's a lot of news today well I mean every single day it is but I'm gonna try to cover them as fast as possible so I don't take all your day not everybody wants a big coin ETF so many traders of course a lot of us want to have a crypto ETF because we see it as an approved product that is gonna bring a lot of institutional buying an institutional money into the market and try to help us out out of this bear market that is being killing in our portfolio so if you already bought if you are getting in just right now while you're getting a great deal but as some of us are underwater and our portfolios then you know we're we're hurting a little bit but people that is been in the market in the cryptocurrency market for a while says that Bitcoin ETF is not an actual thing good thing for the market or will not pack the market as many people think it will so they say that about 2% of Bitcoin liquidity might be the only thing that is going to be affected by the ETF and yeah they accept and welcome the new product where you can buy Bitcoin from and use it but that it's not going to be as impacting as mostly people think but at the same time there's a lot of other people that think that bitcoin is not gonna get approved the Bitcoin ETF he's not gonna get approved like most people think so here it's a long article so of course I will put it down below so you can read it if you're interested in it but a lot of people are just afraid that a Bitcoin ETF is not gonna be as good as people think and it's just because they're starting to reach where you know they want anything any looking for anything that will help out the cryptocurrency market Jesus like coin 23 bucks Oh Lord geez okay let's go with the next one so Mike Novogratz many people know outspoken bullish galaxy fund investor Mike Novogratz compares current Bitcoin markets to methadone clinic so he's very outspoken and bullish guy on Bitcoin he did on Bitcoin for a little bit but he says that uh he characterized cactus excuse me characterized bitcoins enormous growth in late 2017 which peak at $20,000 per coin and drugs so it specular mania so he says well I went prices go like that he sells so and now he's buying little by little now in the first three quarters of 2018 his firm has lost over a hundred and twenty eight billion dollars so there her as well but uh you know he thought he truly thought that $6,200 was the bottom for Bitcoin he was gonna start going back up but then the Bitcoin cash fork happened and the I CEOs that the SEC was going after the news would just happen to come out at the same time that Bitcoin cash debacle was going on so that kind of brought a lot of more even more fear to the market which pushed Bitcoin out to where we are at thirty three hundred bucks so he was asked about the ICOC if they he thinks he'll they'll come back and you know I CEOs have unfortunately has bad blood right now we I see us and investors on the streets so that's a tough one but other than that that was done with this one u.s. CFTC asks for comments to improve understanding of it even blockchain all coin so let's just talk a little bit about this one really quick so the CFTC you know most of these guys in the government they are not very blockchain smart they are smart these guys are smart financially smart they just don't know the technology behind it well if you guys didn't hear like two or three months ago when even the the senators and the representatives we're asking Mark Zuckerberg how does Bitcoin oh sorry I'm not Bitcoin how does facebook makes money you know I'm sure you've seen the meme or you seen a little clip of the video you know he kind of smart smiles and then says you know they run and of course us young guys we know how how Facebook makes their money right they kind of sell your personal information and then they run ads well these old dogs they don't know how how that works for us for younger generations for us it's easy to understand this these are technology that is coming out and Easy's here for to keep up but think about your grandpa or your father if your older guy imagine them trying to understand blockchain it's gonna be a little bit hard in there into the computer systems do you know they will understand it faster but most of them are hurting so the cftc right now they're asking for input from the communities about everything especially regarding aetherium because the theorem is a little bit more complex than Bitcoin because they run smart contracts and all that so they're asking for help in other words so the end the government is still gonna keep asking for help in the future they just they just don't know bottle block chains are good so ABI talib you rain proof estate sharding to make blockchain a thousand thousand times more efficient now imagine if a lot of times cryptocurrency is being compared with the internet right if you look at how Amazon look back into the aim 1996 you know the website is nothing compared with what they're going on what they're doing right now it's totally different that's how blockchain it's gonna be how etherium it's gonna be you know it there might be like a million transactions per second in ten years from now but then you know we are like twelve or fourteen or excuse me however many they are they doing right now they're gonna be like man remember when cerium was only this many this many transactions per second and now we are like a hundred thousand where million per second Wow what those who are today's so it's pretty much what's happening right now so he says he's talking about how the new code for big theorem they're gonna go through the fork and a new code will be implemented they're trying to push the power plan prove a stake right get away from proof of work because they you know as very power hungry they're burning to a power a lot of power and they don't want to do that they want to help the environment they don't want to kill it faster so he says uh Vitalik he put a bunch of twitch tweets just lately and they are extremely long but you know he's pretty much talking about you know the scalability advances how it's gonna be more more transactions per second and the fees are gonna be you know lower as the you user experience gets better in non-financial applications and then will be bigger for stories excuse me he also explains how the computers have become a trillion times cheaper per unit computation wise in the last seventy years while human labor has gotten anywhere from two to ten times more expensive so of course that that does not account for you have to unfortunately go up in prices in with I'm talking about the people's paychecks because of that thing that we hate the most I can't think about it inflation Jesus Christ inflation so inflation goes up price the layman goes up and you know paychecks gotta keep up so that he's not taking that into account but he's saying how Kaspar the new uh the new code for running on the POS is gonna be a hybrid between proof of stake and proof of work and that's gonna help in to eventually move from provers work to prove mistakes so that's what my friend but Alec was talking about vitally so happy okay we're at home in crypto in crypto winter Winklevoss brothers launch crypto training apps so Winklevoss were the owners of the Gemini uh exchange which by the way is one of my favorite exchanges there is printer pretty good so they just launched a mobile app where you're gonna be able to track cryptocurrency prices on Bitcoin aetherium like coin bit coin cash and see cash also you will be able to put a functionality letter recurring by which is awesome excuse me and also they would you be able to do trading and everything out of it so the crypto market bear that is being happening in this whole year you know they they if you guys remember last year if you were in the crypto currency market diferencia that happened at the end especially in last two months a lot of the exchanges they had to stop accepting memberships for people that wanted account with cryptocurrency exchanges because they could other their platform cannot handle that much volume but now now that especially in the last 10 months that we be in on a bear market they've been able to build and increase their capacities and make their platforms better and make it more efficient so that's what's happening while a lot of people and us we freaked out and I say Oscars you know I you know I forgot once in a while when I see my portfolio go down in value they they they're getting better at everything they're doing related to cryptocurrencies so of course we want the price to go up but in reality we need the the market to mature and he hasn't done it so unfortunately it's gonna take time jabo Gibraltar blockchain exchange insurance is crypto assets with local brokers so the Gibraltar dear Julie bara excuse me you brought our blockchain exchange and now that it's offering insurance on all of these assets listed on his platform the the insurance will be in : hot Wallas of course they only had to a twenty eight point five million dollars in worth of trades currently placing the 60th place in McKoy market gap but regardless you know this is a big step for cryptocurrencies now insurance companies are covering for assets and if the Gibraltar blocks in exchange they get hacked you know they're telling their their users hey if you get stalled your coins stolen we're going to replace them with insurance so Gemini okay again like the Quinto both brothers they are they have the same thing they they actually had their accounts covered by another another insurance company called firm AR so another thing that's another good thing for cryptocurrency Samsung dismisses Galaxy S ten cryptic Wallet reports as rumor and speculation so the Estee encrypted wallet samsung has been putting in some patents for the blockchain cold storage and stuff so a lot of people were talking about that they were trying to do the competition for the Dafina phone and what the HTC Exodus 1 that's what it's called yeah so they were gonna do that but they're saying that it for the Galaxy S 10 it's not gonna happen so we'll see eventually you'll see you guys see that Samsung and iPhones will have it but as cryptocurrency starts growing if Samsung or iPhone doesn't also offer that in the future they're gonna slowly stay behind so for a little bit of time don't get me wrong for a couple years this they'll stay on top but if they don't start offering cryptocurrency wallet it's cold storage especially on the phone as a mass adoption of cryptocurrencies happen they're gonna slowly install lowly step start backing well they're gonna start losing market share and other companies that are gonna be launching phones with blockchain cold wallets integrated so I will start taking over but you say yeah they'll gonna know they're gonna see it it's Samsung and iPhone and Apple guys they're not dumb these guys they will see the that as cryptocurrencies are you know taking over and they'll offer that I promise you that's gonna happen they're not gonna stay behind so two ice eight-six bitcoin mining rigs remain profitable in current markets so as you can see right here and this way this website is called a cig miner value calm it's a says which miners are the only ones that are making money so as you can see here they're all losing money every day these are the only two that are making money and there they are running the sha-256 algorithm which is for Bitcoin Bitcoin cash and a lot of these other trash has full Forks that forth out of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash so that's just one of those things man a lot of people are losing money so not many people making it so talking about the Exodus phone that we just talked about in a couple of minutes ago the they're a brave browser which by the way view guys haven't noticed this is the brave browser that I'm using here you know I got a I got a support blockchain – I got a support support cryptocurrencies they will be using the brave browser the same one but just for the mobile app and he's going to be the standard one so if you want to use any other kind of browser for the internet and you're gonna have to download it but this one will be the the one that is the first native blockchain browser that is gonna be on your phone so which is great news for brave and you know brave if you guys don't know anything about the brave browser and their beb 80 touken basic attention token or nothing if you guys want me to do a coin review on it let me know in the in the description below I'm gonna leave all these this stuff but give me a comment and if you want me to cover this and do a honest review of the coin hour and the project I will most likely do it so he just if anybody's interested I would do it I am a holder they give you 25 basic attention tokens when you start using their platform so I guess I got 25 so so you guys know I don't want to chill a coin that I owned what's this oh I click it by mistake J clean so if you don't know who Jake Lane is he's the chairman for the sec so you got a chairman that that's him and then you got four other guys both late there's a two ladies and two guys that sit the board so he presides over so it's a sec is balancing crypto innovation and investor protection so right now the biggest issue that SEC has is that one they don't fully understand flushing technology and the cryptocurrency market they're learning they're eager to learn because they know that blockchain is going to be huge and it's gonna change and pretty much everything we do but at the same time that you have all these bad actors in in the industry that have been committing fraud and doing all these scams and stealing people's money and that is what is it's it's clearly innovation really and that's what making the SEC so sour about cryptocurrency because all these people that are stealing other people's money and he sucks but they're trying to push the etf this is clay told the committee he expects the Commission will look into recommendations to adopt a final ETF rule in 2019 so they can focus on the other ETFs so that are in the pipeline so there's a bunch of other stuff here that I'm not gonna cover because the video is starting to get a little bit longer but here I'm gonna put it down below so you can read it and you'll tell you I mean he says he sounds very bullish towards blockchain he's just he's not happy about all these scams and who would be I mean you got to put yourself in DUP and all the people is getting scammed what would you do if you lose thousands of dollars so okay the next leg of Bitcoin a Bitcoin crash is here so this guy Clem chambers he's talking about how he thinks that bitcoin is gonna go to twenty five hundred and to tell you the truth guys I am not I don't disagree with him I actually think the same thing I always say that I mean I'm I am a hundred percent bullish long term a big winner I think bitcoin is the future for sure believe me I got a lot of money on cryptocurrencies but I think it's still gonna keep going down so he explains why he thinks that he's gonna happen before actually starts going back up so if you guys are interested and you can read it on down down below I'll put a link also so if you guys have followed my channel since I started I'm a huge talking pig let me post it okay I'm a huge talking pedophile and I think that talking pay you know is the future and they have a great great future ahead of them so I'm gonna click this really quick this is their wallet there's no talking so I can talk over so as you can see here they this mobile wallet it just came out recently and if you're a token pay holder you can definitely let me show that down really quick he's playing here how he he's using the the mobile app to pay for whatever do his transaction well he's trying to pay 11.5 three-three talkin pay so here he's confirming the transaction and transaction was initiated and booked transaction was done so it's a payment successful so next time you guys go to let's say Walmart or whatever just think about how long it takes you for the time you put your credit card in the machine or you swipe in to the time that you get your receipt and compared to this and you'll see how much faster it is to do cryptocurrencies so this one is fast if you guys see the electron IAM one that one is also fast that one is really fast too so this project still they still building they're still pushing so but that's it that's about it guys for today so thank you so much for joining me in my channel in this episode and if any questions any comments leave them down below and I'll try to to answer them as much as possible unless is sub true then I just ignore you so have a great day doh bye

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