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full of information today we’re looking at the SEC delays the Bitcoin etf
decision again we’re going to be looking at coin based looking to add X RP and
who is manipulating the cryptocurrency market we’re gonna be looking at all
that as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but
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and check that out and then let’s get started with the news though first of
all some adoption for B&B now a lot of people actually recently came out and
started to dislike buying ads because of how well they’ve been doing the reason
for this is because they’re saying finance is looking to take a monopoly on
this market that isn’t something that they necessarily like but that aside
let’s take a look at the B&B token adoption because I’ve been saying I
think by Nantz coin buy a B&B token is going to be one that performs well going
forward now you can book four thousand four hundred fifty thousand hotels using
that using B&B token so this came from a REIT we or tweet that Suzy did
mentioning the announcement he said can’t wait to try this might check out
of my hotel now and use B&B to rebook many things for supporting B&B this came
from Trippi o who said we are pleased to
announce this to strategic partnership with bina’s from now on more than 10
million you abundance can make reservations for 450
thousand plus hotels worldwide using B&B so some great adoption news for it here
another thing that I saw was really interesting is Morgan creeks Anthony a
Palm Pre on Oh has declared that he thinks that bigger that Facebook will
build the most used product in crypto that down the line contrary to a lot of
people believe right now big in the end of Facebook obviously the giant that it
is the tech giant that it is is going to build the most used product in crypto
I’m going to be very interested to see if this does play out what exactly it’s
going to be how it’s going to work I’d be curious to see how everything does
happen I would not be surprised although it might seem surprising at first view I
wouldn’t be surprised that tech giants and people who are already huge in the
world today would if they have obviously an easier time to transition into
something and make it successful and so for Facebook to build the most used
product not something I think that would be out of necessarily out of the
question now go into the big news that I think a lot of people want to hear about
so the sec again has delayed the decision for Vanek solid x bitcoin etf
shocker not really now they’ve delayed it to February 27 2019 a lot of you guys
might think well isn’t that when it was supposed to happen no the the deadline
for the decision was actually earlier I’ve just been saying the Q 1 2019
February 2019 because that’s when I thought it was going to be delayed to
again now that is the deadline that they have set right now for the ETF now again
this is the ETF that most people are bullish on and people believe would be
the one that would get accepted if it was you know to get accepted now this is
the one that people think has the highest chance but again there’s a lot
of obstacles still that still need to overcome they think they need more time
to make the decision fair enough manipulations still around this market
it’s something that’s very present I think very clearly present it’s not even
you know I don’t think anyone’s trying to hide it at this point people when
they billion the market outlook any wasn’t necessarily trying to hide it at
this point it seems pretty easy for them to do so definitely something that’s a
red flag we have to wait and see q1 2019 a lot of interesting things are coming
with backed now you know the ether the ETF decision we have to see what exactly
comes out of it coming out lots of other things get law
are launching lots of other things that potentially could help us enter that
eventual bull run that everyone has been waiting for but guys this might be a
reason for the news came out sort of when big was already dropping something
this is the catalyst for the job I also don’t think this was surprising to
anyone it was like I said I’ve been mentioning a ton of times that I think
you want 2019 is when it’s going to happen because I did not think the
decision that was coming up now was going to was was going to happen I
didn’t think I was gonna happen so I can’t tell you guys I think he wants why
19 and so I don’t think a lot of people are surprised with what’s going on right
here now this is interesting this is a Reddit and this is from the
cryptocurrency reddit which says what is currently
happening crypto as someone who does force on this person does not have any
skin in the crypto game but they are talking to as someone who has done Forks
for a long period of time and can see sort of the trend that’s happiness
happening and it is fairly simple the market manipulators be a people
corporation or banks or all the above have one goal in mind and it’s to buy up
your coins for pennies so to sum up what they are saying is that they’re going to
drive the price right to the point where it is the spirit crusher for everyone’s
right to the number that’s the spirit crusher the moment you thought that it
would never get the price you thought it would never get – they’re looking to
drag the price right there so that they know that’s the price where everyone
gives up and then they’re gonna open the floodgates have the reversal and enter a
bull market and see it new all-time highs so this was interesting and I
thought obviously there might be some truth to it maybe there’s not obviously
we don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen in the future we don’t know
what’s going on with the manipulators what they’re trying to do I believe that
manipulators are trying to buy up your coins for pennies 100% I’ve talked about
this a lot of time so to me I think there is a lot more truth to this than
anything else I think they are trying to buy your crypto or your coins for paise
I don’t know if they’re gonna push it and obviously we don’t know what that
spirit crusher number is but I thought that brought a great opportunity to ask
you guys what price would you sell your crypto car what is your spirit crusher
price let me know that in the comments down below right now what is your spirit
crush surprise I know a lot of people are probably gonna say $1,000
that’s the one for most people like eight hundred to a thousand dollars some
people might say zero personally I’m not going to go away within the next couple
of years I know there’s a lot of people who have exit the market a lot of big
names not to name any names who have come out and exit the market because
this was too much for them but I want to ask you guys what is your spirit crusher
number if there is a number what is your spare crusher number that you would sell
everything get out of the market and call it quits let me know that in the
comments down below right now like I said for me personally I don’t have a
spirit crusher number you know I’ve done my research before entering the market
didn’t invest more than I’m then I’m willing to lose I’m willing to watch
everything go to zero before anything else happens and I know that’s easier
said than done but I you guys will watch it happen if it goes to zero I’m going
to still be here holding holding my Bitcoin and have my Bitcoin worth zero
this is good or you know a cryptocurrency in general all coins as
well now Bitcoin as via saw some pretty solid
gains while everything was down yesterday one of the only crypto
currencies that was up a lot of people this ties in perfectly a lot of people
believing that Craig Wright might be another part another catalyst maybe the
SEC decision was one thing that helped propel the price down I don’t think it
was that big like I said I think a lot of people are expecting it but
manipulation is something that could always bring the price down and well
some people are saying did Craig Wright sell a bunch of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash
to crash the market and then buy a Bitcoin sv so that it would have a green
day because for a moment in time Bitcoin sv was ranked you know bitcoins be was
raining let’s go to Macomb market right now we see Bitcoin sv at number seven in
Bitcoin cash number six there was a time and they’re very very close not too long
ago just a few hours ago Bitcoin SP was above Bitcoin cash so it still looks
like the pissing contest is not over yet guys if you know the difference is very
very small we could see a flip again tether breaking it in breaking into the
top five that’s how you know the markets are not doing very well when tether is
in the top five but still keep in mind guys uh we don’t know for sure if this
is what’s happening but I would not be surprised these guys have been burning
you know it was said that Craig Ryan Roger Vere in order in
for their hash wars they were brain between half a million to a million
dollars every single day just to win this physique andhe so would it surprise
me do I think they have the money to manipulate this market 100% I think
Craig Wright does have the money to manipulate the market especially at a
time right now when sentiment is already low volume is low market cap is low I
think he most certainly does have the possibility to manipulate this market
especially if the other theory is correct and you know people like him are
buying up cheap cryptocurrency or buying up cheap big coin at these prices still
at these price obviously and if as it goes lower as they manipulated lower
will continue to buy more combined your crypto currency for cheapest achill e I
think he has the I think he has the power to do it I think he has the money
to do it is he doing it not a hundred percent sure but again looks like we’re
not quite out of the hash board yet people you might have thought you heard
the last of Bitcoin cash but nope Bitcoin cash is here to make the news
once again but if we do look at the overall market guys 104 billion dollars
we’re getting closer and closer to that you know 100 billion dollar market cap
and maybe maybe and it’s looking likely that we are going to continue and fall
under that now Bitcoin dominance has gone over 55% right now and it’s just a
bleeding day in the market again things are down another red day nothing
surprising for people at this point at least you shouldn’t be surprised I’ve
been saying it here I’ve been talking about it in the in the trailer group in
terms of technical analysis Bitcoin still has more to drop i 100% believe
currently we’re being held up pretty much by the 200 EMA is a very very
strong support in terms of stocks as well that’s where being held up – that’s
what that’s the support we are at right now I think we’re gonna see 3,000 if we
break below that we still have supports lower than that meaning we could
definitely see Bitcoin continue lower and maybe that is that you know spirit
crush surprise maybe that’s $1,200 we have support there maybe that’s $1,200
in the spirit crush or price obviously I’m not giving you guys financial advice
I’m just letting you know that I’ve been saying I think $3,000 gonna be hit we’re
getting closer and closer to that still believe it’s gonna happen
from that we’re gonna have to analyze situation see where things are headed
and obviously I’m gonna keep the trade alert group in form but the biggest
Gator today was XY Oh network I don’t know what that is broke into the top 100
because of this game I don’t know about it but in the biggest losers well
there’s a few Els factum decks Bitcoin gold theta auger whack there’s a lot of
crypto currencies down guys I’m not even gonna go in name I want to give you guys
some good news xrp apparently even though it’s down 10% right now at all
sub 30 cents looking pretty good even though it is at minus 10% for the day
well good news came out because the crypto exchange coin base is exploring
support for ripple XRP now coin base is known for coming out and saying they are
exploring support for a bunch of things to try and manipulate prices well at
this point it doesn’t look like that’s the case even with the great news
everything everything in the market is still just absolutely plummeting so they
weren’t able to pump any prices at the moment but after months of waiting hopes
and dreams of ripple X RPS investors may finally be realized at some point in the
near future anyways yes crypto exchange coin base has confirmed that is
exploring adding support for the second largest cryptocurrency on its platform
as well as a multitude of other 30 other ones were also explicitly named so you
guys can take a look at every one of them right here there are a lot of them
like I said x RP in here a lot of you know pretty big-name crypto currencies a
lot of no very popular cryptocurrency Stellar’s on here as well obviously I
don’t think that is sir that’s a surprise to anyone Neos on here as well
engine one that will actually talk about but I do think engine has a lot of
potential golem is well another good one so definitely a coin base looking ahead
more codes where they said they were gonna do it hopefully we see it happen
hopefully we see XRP on they’re definitely gonna be a big big Mouse the
one that people have been waiting a long time for to see actually happen but guys
that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did
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  2. at 40000+ i will sell half and hodl the rest and then buy back in when bitcoin trends lower… 2020 halfing should b spectacular!

  3. I personally don’t have a spirit crusher. I don’t intend to leave. I knew what I was getting into before getting into the market.

  4. Honestly I don't think the "down to zero" is possible. I'm guessing some others here have taken some profits and are riding the dump on someone else's dime.
    There's way to much investment already taken place in this space, I think we're just getting started.
    Besides, it's refreshing that it's all worth much less as people actually give a crap about the tech. Crypto wasn't meant to make money, it was meant to be money ✌️ HODL hard breatherens

  5. What!! my spirit crusher is to buy more and Dollar cost average. I never sell my Bitcoins and ALTCOINS! Better yet *if anyone plans to call it quits, please dont sellout. rather send it to my wallet! I'LL make sure to put it to good use* ?☹️

  6. Any Ideas on Ether for the future. Been buying on the way down to lower my cost, just don't know anymore. I don't have a spirit crusher either, fully committed.

  7. I hope I win the giveway this Sunday , I'm dying to try to win something lol *If anyone plans to call it quits, please dont sellout to the big players. rather send it to my wallet! I'LL make sure to put it to good use* ?☹️ I'm not joking around it would make sense to send it to someone who believes in this space rather than giving it to the big players. all they want is to be rich. majority of the institutional investor are FOMOing in the market without knownledge. I'm init for the tech and what it can do be replacing Fiat in the long run.

  8. Patrick Corsino to be frank Am also not happy with the current market price but You can still make so much money despite the current fall in bitcoin .For me,I knew the price will run up more, then bleed off and go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, Its more like a time pattern , so i am sure that bitcoin will rise, for now all we need to do is invest what we’re Hodling and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, i stumbled upon a comment of someone who helped in increasing of Portfolio of a lady from having *1BTC to 10BTC in two months, So i contacted him, Behold I have made 7Btc in 1 months with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *Email/hangout [email protected] COM or via telegram/whatsapp: +1(914)529-5486 and thank me later

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  11. The market is tanking so rich people can be more rich, bloody joke, plus the SEC has no control over Bitcoin yet they are holding the world at ransom, another bloody joke.

  12. I'm going to hold all the way i believe in the projects and the tech behind them its going to change the world its just a matter of time

  13. At this point, I'm not going to sell no matter how low it goes. I believe in the cryptocurrency and will fall on the sword should it all go under. But I also haven't invested more than I'm willing to lose.

  14. Anything much under $3k would really shake me, but at that point, I can't imagine selling for so little. There would need to be some really powerful reason (aside from just a low price) for me to completely lose faith in the future of crypto.

  15. spiritcrusher price= 0 i dont have anything in it that im not prepared to lose and with my automated faucet collector i continue to accumulate multiple currencies

  16. my feet stand firm. I don't have a "spirit crusher" number. our society runs off of Market manipulation. To think manipulation is not a part of this game would be crazy! do not listen to what people say but rather listen to what they do

  17. Why people who bought at the top would sell their crypto now ? they have no reasons to lose more money… anyway, the crypto market is really exciting and i can't wait to see how low the bitcoin can go. i don't think we've reached the bottom yet. thanks Patrick for your videos, always interesting.

  18. There will be no spirit crushing here! The lower the price goes, the more opportunity there is! I am continuing to hope it drops and drops… and I will pick up more and more. How about a $100 BTC!

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