SEC looking to hire another crypto legal expert, regulations to be sped up?

hello and welcome to the cryptocurrency and news channel today we're going to talk about how the SEC is seeking to hire another cryptocurrency specialist it is a job posting on USAJOBS this is a government port an official government portal so I doubt this is an this is a April Fool's joke and the SEC has been wanting to hire like crypto people for a while now so it's not really that surprising so one of the key responsibilities that new hire would be to apply their knowledge of federal securities laws to digital securities and crypto matters whether it's a broker dealer exchange clearing agency or transfer regulations exchange product applications sales and training practices the successful candidate would also serve as divisions lead and SE C's FinTech working group and as a liaison with the financial stability Oversight Council they will also serve as the divisions point of contact for us and international regulators market participants and the public according to the ad so these are the requirements for the role they must possess a JD or a Bachelors of Laws LLB degree it must also have an active membership of the Federal Bar Association and be in good standing it must also have four years of post JD work experience as a practicing attorney so you have to have work experience with focus on interpreting and applying laws governing the securities industry and in particular the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 among other regulatory areas the role may be offered initially for a two-year period and offers a salary range of a hundred and forty four thousand eight hundred fifty to two hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred eighty seven a year and the closing date for applications is April 12th this is a notable job application and it's the second notable one by the SEC in regards to cryptocurrencies in the last year they also hired a crypto czar who was Valerie I can't really pronounce that last name I think it's is as panik as a associate director of division of corporation finance and senior adviser to digital assets in innovation so they are really getting serious about cryptocurrencies hopefully the speeds the regulation along I still think the regulation is going to take a year or two at least to resolve in the United States because we're really slow about these things but the SEC is really looking into it and as we go on into this year and next year they'll have better and better clarification or crypto currencies when they hire a couple more of these people we might actually finally get that ETF we also might get some securities rulings which will help the entire industry as a whole I think they're moving towards that but it'll take a year or two because they are the SEC and this is the US government we are talking about they don't really do anything back quickly and especially in the matters of legal stuff like court cases and stuff can take years to resolve so it's still pretty good progress for the SEC as a whole it's still quite a bit behind but I think I think mounting pressure from legislators and government officials will actually force their hand and eventually they'll have to speed this up but I do expect it to take another year or two for the regulations to come into place but they are hiring something else someone else and it's 144 K to 238 K year based on your experience so it's not a bad gig if you are a lawyer look this up if you're interested and that's the report for today check out my Twitter and also like and subscribe and also retweet or rebroadcast us on social media if you like my content thank you and have a nice day

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